Message Board Question


05-06-2005 17:58:44

What are the different ranks on this message board, and how many posts to move up one? :huh:


06-06-2005 18:41:11

Start posting and you'll find out :)


06-06-2005 18:47:42

Really none of us do. So my awnser to your quesiton is just post and when you get promoted you get promoted. If you really would like to know then click my assistant on the top of the forum and click admins, then send them the question in a pm.


04-09-2005 19:50:35

i asked a similar question in soap box and got the answers. check it out

Ark Dowell

04-09-2005 22:08:36

Or if you're too lazy to check (Like me :P), here is the list.

0 Apprentice
10 Novice
50 Hunter
100 Knight
500 Warrior
1,000 Battlelord
2,000 Master

It should be something to that effect. :)

Trooper Kale

17-01-2006 12:19:10

just post like crazy and u will go up in the ranks

Andan Taldrya Marshall

17-01-2006 13:43:06

Spamming will make the MB Gods angry though, and they will smite your post count.

Trooper Kale

18-01-2006 13:15:13

but that is only if u spam where u are not supposed to spam. u can spam in the spamity spam section all u want so as long as u spam there u will not get in trouble.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

18-01-2006 15:09:51

The post count is disabled on the spam boards for that reason ;)

Trooper Kale

18-01-2006 17:22:43

The post count is disabled on the spam boards for that reason  ;)

true true but yet there is a certian empyness on the boards but not on irc yeah.


21-02-2006 08:56:02

Actualy the situation has changed as far as i am aware with the spam board, for more information see the pinned topic on the board