How do I change my FORUM name, not my DB name?


03-05-2005 13:48:07

How do i change my forum name? Cause i changed my DB, and want to change my forum one.


10-05-2005 13:45:32

Wow, either noone knows, or nooone cares. Hmm......


10-05-2005 14:05:22

Maybe nobody answered because you already asked this question before. Not only that but someone answered. Not only that but you replied to their answer.

Just PM one of the administrator guys and they'll change your name. Don't do it too often though ;)

I'll do that thanks

That was 4 days ago. So you know the answer to the question already. Besides multiple threads for the same thing are frowned upon.


11-05-2005 20:34:28

you need to chill