Approved Martial Art Forms?

Majestic Walnut

13-04-2014 15:40:36

So I've recently been promoted to Protector, (really not trying to brag), and I am in the process of updating my character sheet. Thing is, I want to add Jakelian form to my primary martial arts, but I don't know if I can do that. Judging by the way a member can learn a primary saber style, I would say no, but again, I'm not sure.

If any of you guys could help me out, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the read.


13-04-2014 16:02:01

I think at the moment, it's anything goes. If you can see it in the drop down when you're making your CS then you can go ahead and use it. I have a feeling new forms are sort of... added, as you rank up; but until the new saber and hand to hand guides are done, (I assume) these are all approximations.

I also don't know of any list to tell you what is added at what ranks.

Majestic Walnut

16-04-2014 21:56:59

Thank you for the reply Headmaster, by any chance, do you also know what the progress is for the ACC?

I only ask because I would like to challenge my writing and earn some rewards.


19-04-2014 18:19:01

There was a beta recently, and I think I heard that an upcoming event is going to make use of it. So I assume the answer is "soon"? :P


19-04-2014 19:47:29

Beta is still ongoing technically, but my sources in the ACC have reported that the status has upgraded from "soon" to "very soon"