IRC App for a Tablet?


15-12-2011 09:01:29

I was curious if anyone uses an App to run IRC on a Tablet (iPad specifically). I plan to run it while playing SWTOR, but would like the ability to hop on while away from my computer.

I did a quick search in the App Store and found a few potential options, some Free and some for like $1.99. I was just curious if anyone had found one they preferred before I started downloading them all.



20-10-2013 09:39:48

For anyone else looking for an IRC App, I've found that Limechat is a pretty easy to use one for Apple products. I currently use it on my iPad and iPhone 5, with no real issues. It supports both joining normal channels and joining channels with passwords, so that's pretty nice.

I think it ended up costing 4 or 5 dollars, but its completely worth it imo. Hope this helps someone else who might be looking for a good IRC App!