subscribing to ACC


19-07-2011 21:35:39

I took the ACC basics test at the shadow academy and passed and then I clicked subscribe to the ACC and it said that you are currently UNSUBSCRIBED so i click subscribe and it shows a white page with the words:

error '80020009'

/dbjedi/a-accmemb.asp, line 36

Sooo plz help


19-07-2011 21:48:14

There have been some issues with that feature, so I have manually added you to the ACC roster. You should now be able to challenge someone for training or qualification. Good luck


11-10-2011 17:11:18

Could I also be manually added, I am getting the same error message.

NOV Blarex (Sith)//Galeres of Arcona


11-10-2011 21:35:57

Done and done