Wiki Question


29-06-2011 15:54:18

Prolly written somewhere, but is it ok to redirect search terms to your djb wikipage?

Muz Ashen

30-06-2011 02:42:17

Provided the search term closely fits your page and not a bunch of other stuff, I don't see the problem.

For example: Setting 'Lion of Tarthos' to redirect to my wiki page would be kosher, while having 'Sith Lord' redirect to my page would not.



30-06-2011 07:11:19

I was thinking of setting my doss# 12436 and "JSRB" to redirect to my page.


30-06-2011 22:06:46

Common names or nicknames are generally used for re-directs. So using JSRB is probably ok...using your dossier number probably isn't. The reason we even have re-directs is to help people find your page. If they know your dossier number, I'm pretty sure they would also know your full name or your initials even easier


01-07-2011 08:30:20

I guess I have my answer in the wiki. I was going to delete the "12436" page come to find out that both pages had already been deleted by someone because there's no need for them.