Changing Names on your Own?

Kano Tor Pepoi

30-03-2011 23:48:07

I read in the old name change topic area that you can now change your own name on the forum. I am having trouble doing this and would like to know how. I would of asked in the old name change thread but it is locked now. Help please and thanks.

Orv Dessrx

31-03-2011 07:06:41

Click on "User Control Panel" at the top right of the forums. Once on the control panel, click "Profile" in the sidebar. Then click "Edit Account Settings" in the sidebar. You'll see the Username field...just edit it and save! Let me know if you run into troubles with it!

Aidan Kincaid

31-03-2011 16:31:49

I sense Orv wizardry, because the name part was definitely locked the other day when I checked :P

Orv Dessrx

31-03-2011 19:29:07

If wizardry == Orv forgot to do something, then yes.