26-06-2009 20:38:08

I believe I may be banned from that channel or something, because it isn't working for me on IRC.


26-06-2009 22:45:42

I think #tarentum in on that list too

Mr Palermo

26-06-2009 22:57:21

I have the feeling that #db and #plagueis happen to be on that list as well.


27-06-2009 03:44:24

I think you might be right, Gio.


27-06-2009 14:40:20

yes, you are indeed banned in #naga_sadow, don't ask me why since I don't know but I assume that the one who banned you had a good reason.


01-07-2009 14:40:18

You can add #outerrim to that list as well.

Tarax Kor

01-07-2009 19:07:13

and #taldryan


12-03-2010 21:55:59

i cant do anything on the acc... it brings me one of those page can not load things.... just wondering whats that about