Two Things


17-11-2007 20:58:50

First, why is my dossier summery not displaying my most recent promotion?

Second, alot of useless entries ended up on the history outline portion of my dossier. Who would I talk to about getting those erased?

Kaine Mandaala

19-11-2007 09:57:00

1. What was your most recent promotion? You'll probably have to talk to the MAA and your CON.

2. Useless? Do you mean like the RM appointments/resignations and all that? You can't really delete them, just filter out appointments.


28-01-2008 15:57:16

Before the site change I couldn't even get into edit my relationships, but now I can but when I try I get the following message:

Name (autocomplete) OR Pin # in second field
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch: 'AutocompleteFormatRelativeMember'

/dbjedi/a-dossier-MemberRelationshipAdministration.asp, line 427