DB login


08-03-2005 00:59:57

Is there anything wrong with the DB site? I can login to the Shadow Academy to grade tests, but I can't login from the main DB page login. I enter my dossier and password and then eventually this message appears

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e31'

Timeout expired

/dbjedi/includes/functions.asp, line 72


08-03-2005 01:05:52

And now it is working...crazy thing. I'll take bets on how long it lasts.

Well, it didn't last long. Stupid site. I'll just wait until tomorrow.


08-03-2005 07:44:50

/me hates microsoft


09-03-2005 21:30:53

It seems to be a daily occurrence...probably around the same time or so. I blame Kaek :P


09-08-2005 23:15:27

*hates resale servers* :) PEOPLE DONATE SO WE CAN GET A DEDICATED *cough*linux*cough* server :)