Alllegiance Primer


06-03-2005 19:51:16

Dark Brotherhood Allegiance Primer
By DA Khobai


Step 1: Go to and sign up for a login name and password

Step 2: Login to the above website, then click on the "Play" link at the very top of the site. Download Allegiance.

Step 3: Go to using INTERNET EXPLORER (you have to use Internet Explorer or else it wont work). Make sure all the dots are green. If they are skip ahead to Step 5.

Step 4A: Download Microsoft Framework 1.1

Step 4B: Disable your Proxy options (open internet explorer->tools->internet options->connections->LAN settings->uncheck proxy option if its checked)

Step 5: If you have Framework 1.1 installed, you can now install Allegiance. If you are unsure whether you have Framework 1.1 or not, then download it from the link above.

Step 6: Configure your router. You'll need to open up the following ports on your router to play Allegiance.

80 (TCP)
2300-2400 (TCP)
47624 (TCP)

Try if you need information on how to configure your router for a static IP (if your IP is set as dynamic) or forward your ports.

Step 7: Disable your software firewall. Make sure your Windows firewalls is disabled (control panel->network connections->your internet connection->properties->advanced->uncheck firewall options).

Step 8: You're now ready to play Allegiance.


Step 1: Double Click on the Allegiance Icon on your Desktop. This will open SGSC (Secure gameplay system client). SGSC is an anti-cheat/login program for Allegiance.

Step 2: Click the button on the far right to expand the window. Request a new account.

Step 3: Login to SGSC with your username/password and press "sign in". SGSC will then start a program called SoVLogin... this program tells Allegiance to connect to the new public lobby instead of the old MSZone lobby. After a few seconds Allegiance should start.

Step 4: Click Free Games at the bottom. This will take you to another screen where you should begin downloading an update for Allegiance.

Step 5: Once the download is complete. Click Games List to see a list of public servers. If you get a message that says "cannot connect to lobby" then the most likely problem is that your router isnt properly configured.

Step 6: Play Allegiance.


Often times, people in the DB, may want to host thier own server rather than use the public lobbies. To do this you need to download a program called SoVRoute. This program lets you connect to LAN servers running Allegiance.

Download SoVRoute:

All you have to do is start SoVRoute, put in the IP youre connection to, then start Allegiance normally. Then click LAN games instead of Free games. And the server should appear.

If you have problems with SoVRoute go here:

additionally heres information on how to HOST a lan game:


1) Try reinstalling framework or allegiance.
2) Go Here: (
3) Check the freeallegiance forums, the topic helpline.
4) Post your problems here and ill try and help