Uhh... help?

Tarax Kor

03-03-2005 19:14:35

Ok, well.. I'm not sure if this would go here, but the board description didn't say it HAD to be forum-related. :ermm:

So, I've downloaded Appleseed 2004 upon Chi's recommendation (and my own desire to see it), but, I get no audio. Nor subtitles (even though the file description said it was subtitled).

However, along with the .avi files also came .srt files. I'm wondering, what do those files do? If they're the audio backup file/whatever, how do I integrate/load them?

It kinda sucks being 15 minutes into the movie, and having no idea what the people are saying. :P

P.S.: If this topic doesn't belong here, can it be moved to the Soap Box?


03-03-2005 21:07:01

What kind of media player are you using to watch it? It probably has nothing to do with the file itself, but the program you're using to view it. You probably need to get an update or sound codec of some sort.

Honestly I recommend you download VLC Media Player. It plays everything, and I've never had a problem with it whatsoever. Never had to update anything. Here's a link:


Tarax Kor

03-03-2005 22:53:54

I've actually found out that the file extension is for DVD-type subtitles. Odd, since the files are .avi, and they play in Windows Media Player. But yeah... they apperantly need to be added/archived to the files. How, I have no clue. :mellow:

Btw, thanks for the advice, Blade. Downloading/installing the player now :)

EDIT: That VLC Media Player works wonders. Apperantly with that player, if you open a movie, you can also add the subtitles files that go along with it. Which is exactly what I needed to do. I watched the movie, and while the subtitles weren't that great... I at least understood what was going on. :P

Now only 99:99:99 till I download the 4.5 gigs worth of Rurouni Kenshin.


09-08-2005 23:26:10