Unread Thread Icon

Andan Taldrya Marshall

09-12-2006 19:27:04

I've noticed the at when I read a topic that had unread posts in it and then go back to that same forum later (usually a few hours later) it will still have the 'new post' icon on the forum even if there haven't been any additional posts. Refreshing and clearing the cache doesn't change this.

It's a minor thing, but I thought it was still worth bringing up. Has anyone else noticed this?

*Edit* I can spell...


10-12-2006 00:10:33

Yea, I notice it all the time.


08-01-2007 15:06:01

Prolly an invision bug, there's a "mark all boards as read" at the bottom of the forum index if I'm right... that should remove the new post marks.

Kaine Mandaala

08-01-2007 16:16:40

I was thinking it may be a skin issue. This skin isn't the default, and sometimes non-default skins go screwy.


28-03-2007 23:12:09

Its not the skin I'm pretty sure. I believe it was an error that was found on some lager forums and they released a fix for it at somepoint. Invision is just too expencive.