Medal Cases

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

27-10-2006 06:45:46

I was looking at my dossier, and my Crescent with Quartz star and Dark Side scroll don't show up in my medal case. I know the crescent should, because I already have an emerald one..Can someone tell me whats wrong?

Kaine Mandaala

27-10-2006 08:22:22

There are a lot of medals that were created after the Medal Case was programmed. These medals typically do not show up in there.

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2006 19:21:17

plus...the crescent shown is the highest you achieved...the Emerald one is more important than the Quartz it overrules.

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

27-10-2006 20:18:40

Ahh...Okay. Thanks