Continued IRC Woes...


11-10-2006 17:03:45

Alright. So, IRC has been giving me an excessive amount of trouble since July. The problem?-- I can't get onto it. Connection always fails or times out. I have used the Brotherhood Webchat, the Webchat, as well as IRC for MacOSX, TalkSoup, and Snak. The latter two were recommend for me when I asked for help on Undernet's forum.

They worked.


It won't let me on most of the time, and only lets me on every once in a great while, sometimes after repeated attempts on different webchats using the /server command and going through the various choices. It's really frustrating, and partially blamable for a decrease in my communications. I used to like hanging out on the iRC while I had other things going on in my browser, but it gets so frustrating taht I don't even try anymore. >.<

But there are things I need to talk about with certain people, so yeah...

Anyone have any idea what could be causing it to like me some days and hate me most others? Or, more importantly, how to fix it?


30-10-2006 13:40:44

Give me exact copies of the error messages.

Kaine Mandaala

30-10-2006 16:03:06

It sounds like you're on a Mac, so try