JA map doesn't work with JA+ mod


24-09-2006 02:00:16

Umm, I just downloaded the JA map for DB sever but after that, some of the moves and animations in JA+ won't work for me... And after I have deleted the file, JA+ worked again...

So umm, can anyone help me? I want to play with JA+ mod in JA map.


26-09-2006 01:51:06

Oh nevermind, I found my darn mistakes... Sorry for the trouble :)

Kaine Mandaala

26-09-2006 09:23:20

Could you post how you fixed this - in case other experience the same problem?


27-09-2006 02:47:25

I'd say one of the best ways would be 'Don't use JA+'. :P


27-09-2006 12:04:02

Well, the problem isn't with JA+, it's the walking animation mod. Don't use the walking animation mod, there's some bug within it. Although the creator said that it's JA+ compatible but it's best that you don't use it.