Remaining logged in?


03-02-2005 23:22:30

Despite the fact I do check the "Remember me?" check box, I always have to type in my login info. This is not the case with any other website I frequent, so any suggestions?

I'm using Firefox by the way.


04-02-2005 09:38:32

I had that problem for a just seemed to stop happening, without me doing anything. My advice is not to do anything different for a few days, and see if it works later on.


04-02-2005 10:17:42

Mine has always continued to see me logged on whenever I return. Dunno...



04-02-2005 11:08:54

I'm also using Firefox.
No problems here...


04-02-2005 11:30:30

it might be the difference between and

Board saves the remember cookie on the latter URL so that might be why you aren't remembered by the first.


04-02-2005 11:40:29

That makes sense..the problems did stop when the link appeared and I didn't have to type the URL.


04-02-2005 11:42:40

Ah yes.
Now I remember. I did have the same problem when I used


04-02-2005 11:44:19

Dunno if it would work for you guys too..but when I got my invision forum, we had problems for 'Remember me' when the .tk redirect was entered as opposed to the main URL. I asked someone about this and they gave me a few lines of code which fixed the problem. Lemme know if you want it..


04-02-2005 11:53:01

err sure.. but I doubt it'd work as your forum is quite a different version than this one.


09-08-2005 23:33:13

thats the #1 problem I get reported with invision actualy, and yes james got it :)