What is your engine?


09-09-2005 14:00:29

Mine is teh Google, but I'm curious if anyone else uses a different one, and their reasons for its use.

Ark Dowell

09-09-2005 16:49:49

Alltheweb. com. I chose 'other.' I like it for no real reason. Looks nicer, I suppose. The search page has a blue background. :D


09-09-2005 19:13:53

google for me, dunno why really.


10-09-2005 04:41:03

Truely all the engines run off the same code as google in the end and alot just use a diffrent interface that in the end reads the data from Googles sytems. Google is also the most advanced engine coded so far and is the most powerful. I've had the privilege to read the google source code and I own a google server of my own *yay* Google also is the biggest search engine company, they have international offices and their data centers out do microsoft. In short Google is teh pwn!


10-09-2005 06:19:49

google.............so easy and quick

Drodik alTor

13-09-2005 22:55:23

I just use yahoo. So easy......


26-09-2005 19:04:18

Gogle, cause it gets more images than those wannabe sites...:P

Kaine Mandaala

26-09-2005 21:03:23

No clutter, no pop-ups, no bs "user friendly" crap that secretly infuses spam.
Just barebones search engine that works. Quick and precise.


28-09-2005 20:22:25

Google all the way, baby. It's fast and with the right search terms can be really eerie in its' precision.

I thought this thread was going to be about car engines. :P

Ark Dowell

29-09-2005 20:47:16

Well, I'm still all for Alltheweb. :D


02-10-2005 19:26:02

CAUSE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Ark Dowell

02-10-2005 20:47:23

But Alltheweb looks pretty. It has a blue background on the mainpage. :P

Kaine Mandaala

03-10-2005 09:35:41

Alltheweb is pretty much the exact same thing as Google.
The only two things I can see as a down-side to it are:

1. AllTheWeb is a lot longer to type/recall than Google.

2. In a comparison search, the relevant link for an important news story was right at the top in Google. It was 5 links down in AllTheWeb, below travel and lodging info for the region in question. It seems that though it's priorities are a little off.


11-10-2005 03:53:03

google looks pretty too. Plus google has alot of diffrent styles these days. GOOGLE!!!


11-10-2005 15:34:09

Plus, Gmail, GoogleTalk, GoogleEarth, and all those things. So awesome...

AND theres like 50 Googles. All from different countries. Very fancy.


16-10-2005 22:25:54

Also, the little pics that Google throws up for specific days of importance. I've learned about 10 new mini-holidays from Google that way. :D


17-10-2005 00:11:47

I think its obvious that Google is winning by far, everything that has been said is so true. I'm just so used to using Google! I also love the way they change the logo on holidays.


23-12-2005 20:55:42


Salth Khan

24-12-2005 12:41:10

Google, simply because. >:)

Tarax Kor

24-12-2005 14:57:11

Google was, is, and will always remain the best.

Oh, and because they're becoming the largest internet-oriented company in the world. They'll simple crush everyone else.

Trooper Kale

17-01-2006 12:20:51

i just like to use yahoo.