Start up issues


11-08-2005 19:18:14

i just leave my pc on all the time, hardly turn it off and last night i just heard it start beeping. It i a constant beep for about 3 seconds then nothing for a few seconds and the beep again and it just keeps going. the screen was blnak to.
i tried to restart and it did the same thing as soon as i turned it on. ive tried flashing the bios but it still wont start up and keeps beeping.
any help would be great.

Mike Halcyon

12-08-2005 02:38:03

Check your motherboard specifications. Newer motherboards give audio feedback in case of problems. It rather sounds like a software-induced noise, however. Is it a PC-speaker beep or a software (soundcard) beep?


12-08-2005 11:45:13

check your ram and viedo card. one of them is 3 beeps I forget which.

Kaine Mandaala

12-08-2005 18:04:27

Video card is three beeps. I'll never forget that noise from when my 3D Prophet died.


13-08-2005 02:17:44

thanx for the help, it was a pc speaker beep ont a sound card one, but i found the problem......
somehow my bios changed with out me doin it, it set my frint side bus speed way to high so i had to change it and i turned the bios auto update off so it shouldnt do it again..............i hope.


14-08-2005 13:27:32

Tricksy F*cking Bios' :P

Salth Khan

18-02-2006 19:11:14

Might want to check your bios battery too. If your settings are mysteriously changing, then its an early indication that your battery is about to die. Fortunately those things are only $2-3 in cost. By far the cheapest thing to fix on a computer. LOL