need help for jk1


06-08-2005 22:57:43

X-) I need help for Jedi Knight: dark forces 2 multiplayer.
I'm not sure if it's since I have WinXP but I tried to host a game (all the rules were ok, the connection was ok) then after the download of the map my pc close jk1 and say like: "jedi knight have encountered an error" or something like that.
I dunno what to do please help me! :blink:


07-08-2005 08:08:13

Kinda sonfused here... you used a custom map for JK? Or Jedi Outcast? Cuz Dark Forces 2 is usually Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight 2 is Jedi Outcast :) And only JO allows you to dl maps as JK has no servers.


09-08-2005 22:56:01

You need to copy the EXACT error message here then we will be able to help you.