Stealing Email Addresses


29-07-2005 05:49:28


Just been thinking about something. I know that a member has to be registered on the DB and logged in to see members email addresses, and a members email address isn't available on their profile till they pass the initial exam in the academy but what I was wondering is from a viewpoint of companies gettting email addresses of the site to hassle people with adverts for insurance, viagra and the like does a member actually have to pass the basic academy tests to get to apprentice and see emails or can they see them as soon as they register?

The thing is if they don't have to pass a test first to view addresses is this something that needs looking at as it's easy to create an account it's not as easy to pass a test first so that might make people less inclined just to trawl the site for email addresses.

Protector Malisane of House Kreesh, Clan Naga Sadow


30-07-2005 00:02:42

We also get into the problem of people putting list and personal email addresses up where these spammers can get to them easy. This is why when you read reports that include a persons email they do the whole telonam[at]sbcglobal[dot]net thing. Yet some people don't do that, I'm one of them, and unfortunately sometimes clan list addys get put up on clan sites. So it's actually easy for spammers to grab emails without even joining.

Now for the good news! With the clan lists there will be changes with Rebirth that will stop spammers. There's already a spam filter hooked into the main site but even regular members have trouble with that. So expect to see a much better spam filter soon. Yet if people, like me, put their entire email address up they'll still get the spam.

I do like the idea of not allowing INIs to see email addys until after they pass a test or two. I think that's worth nudging the coders about. Ok I'm done now :)


30-07-2005 18:38:44

I've never really had a problem with spam, and the stuff I get its related to me putting ym email adress all over the internet. :P But if other people do get spam, then hey it's a good idea for security and whatnot.


09-08-2005 22:59:38

*pets his personal web servers*

Truefuly we have a fairly secure system here of hideing emails, but also we are not well known enough to attract the attention of spider bots like that

Kaine Mandaala

27-11-2005 01:25:35

There are certain actions y ou can perform where you'll see a list of e-mail addresses without being logged in. It's a loophole I keep meaning to bring up to Jac... I think I'll do that now.

Aidan Kincaid

27-11-2005 01:33:08

Aw not the loopholes! I like being able to get peoples addys without logging in by viewing their character sheets :P

Sephiroth Kali

29-11-2005 07:26:35

I haven't had to much of a problem with spam, but every once in a while i get an email, however i have no indication that the DB is to blame.

Macron Sadow

29-11-2005 18:13:53

Hmm. I have seen a spam surge in the last week.

Sephiroth Kali

01-12-2005 10:36:49

Oh shnit! I just found anouther loophole!

You can get the email's of battleteam members without being logged in by going to the team roster.



01-12-2005 18:59:01

I just use the charactor sheet loophole.

Sephiroth Kali

02-12-2005 07:44:11

Well youre not supposed to be using it are you?

BTW Malisane, You need to change your signature. It says: "Protector Malisane of House Kreesh, Clan Naga Sadow"

I believe you are a DJK


02-12-2005 21:32:54

It does say DJK. :P The PRT part is because he posted this topic in July

I still like using the loophole. If I need to email someone I dont like logging in to have to look at their email.


14-02-2006 08:30:43

actualy i recieve a fair ammount of spam pertaining to be from the DJB


14-02-2006 16:49:59

spam saying its about the DB?
I have not heard about that.


15-02-2006 04:52:38

its spam that says its from the DB web groups such as arcona, or its adverts for my charactyer to sighn up for stuff, or its just crap saying its from the db