IRC Question

Ark Dowell

06-07-2005 23:59:04

Ummm... I have several questions about the IRC.

1. First, is it free? I don't have a Paypal nor credit card and was just wondering.

2. And are we required to get it?

3. Do you have to get it to compete like in XWA and JA/ JO?

Sorry for these quetions. Hope they're not annoying. I looked in the guides, but they didn't say anything, so I came here... Thanks for any info. :)


07-07-2005 07:56:49

1. Yes, it's free. If you download mIRC ( it will ask you to register after 30 days, but you don't have to and it works fine.

2. No, it isn't required although it is a great way to communicate with your Clan as well as the rest of the DB

3. You do need it to compete in MP competitions, yes, since that is where you meet others for the games. It is a must for the gaming nights, although for certain sanctioned ladders I'm sufre you can arrange other methods, but in all honesty, IRC is the best and most conveniant way

Ark Dowell

07-07-2005 08:00:09

Oh, wow. Thanks... I was wondering about for some time now... Thanks again!

Drodik alTor

17-07-2005 04:37:17

anyone know whats wrong with Undernet. the site isn't working for a while now

Ark Dowell

17-07-2005 05:41:30

I have trouble getting on mIRC, too. I just wait it out and get on when I can.


17-07-2005 08:57:07

I have trouble getting on mIRC, too.  I just wait it out and get on when I can.

where do u live ark? if u live in the US go to files in the left hand corner and go to recent servers, then click random US servers, that way you get the best possible connection. the same if you live in Europe, just select random EU serrver.


17-07-2005 20:59:30

i can't get on the IRC server or the website

Ark Dowell

17-07-2005 21:14:23

Ok, cool. Thanks.

Zhilvinas, maybe you should try Mozilla Firefox? It didn't work for me on Explorer so I swapped to Firefox. Just a suggestion.


17-07-2005 21:18:36

*has firefox*


19-07-2005 16:21:21

the web page might be down for a while, zhil. have you tried just letting mIRC attempt numerously different connections? i had the same problem once and sometimes u just need to let IRC find whatever it can connect to


19-07-2005 16:31:59

Some of the members of Plagueis who use the webchat feature on have not been able to connect to it for some time. I myself have not tried it as I downloaded IRC, but those who can't may be having troubles with the site. As far as I know, it has been going on for at least a week.

Drodik alTor

19-07-2005 21:42:02

it hasn't been working for nearly two or three weeks I think. Undernet is all I get and I havent been able to use it in a looong time.


19-07-2005 22:30:53

Don't know what to tell you besides you get what you pay for. hehehe :P


21-07-2005 16:25:02

its never worked for me,


21-07-2005 20:18:22

its never worked for me,

what sort of problems do u encounter jaymz? maybe i can help, just email me about it or post it here and ill try my darndest :)


27-07-2005 10:00:13

I don't think darndest is a word. And thanks for the help you gave me last night, but there is no way I could download anything thats 80 MB's on my computer it would like kill it. But thanks anyway.


09-08-2005 23:02:27

I think I'll make a nice little IRC package for the DB members. Though I'll have to run it past Khaled first.

Trooper Kale

20-01-2006 11:26:04

i am having problems connecting to the java IRC can anybody help.

Tarax Kor

20-01-2006 12:08:49

The only thing I can think of is that Undernet itself is being stupid. It's been having numerous amounts of netsplits this past month, and it could be that the webchat can't connect to/find a server because of that.

(FYI: A Netsplit is when the servers become out of synch.)

Trooper Kale

20-01-2006 12:20:44

sweet avatar. k thanks i will try again later.


27-01-2006 02:51:39

wtf? is up with that avatar?


28-06-2011 00:26:36

i have downloaded it and it is working fairly well. the only problem is it is version 7.19 and not letting me connect to the server the irc guide said to connect to. do i need version 6.16 or will 7.19 work? if it will can i get help figuring it out :?