You dont know me but....


07-06-2005 15:57:05

Soon I will be playing Star Wars Galaxies. I wanted to have everything for my future guild. I saw the picture of 2 jedi fighting in the shadow created by someone on this sight. I need a logo and I was wondering if anyone could create on for me. If someone is able to accept my request I would like a Jedi in front of a moon. Most of his body and the moon covers the whole picture. You cannot see his face and his hood on his robe is up. He has full red eyes and the robe is a light black, details on the robe, and the face is all black, like a shadow. Its like looking at someone in front of the moon but you only see a shadow like figure of that person. Please help me.

If someone is able to do this for me e-mail to me at


07-06-2005 17:15:28

It also has to be 200x90 pixels


13-06-2005 12:11:48

Technical Support doesn't seem the right board to ask questions like these... Also, the DJB has its own SWG Guild, so you might want to post in one of their forums on this board.