ACC Fundamentals and the ACC Guide

Aidan Kincaid

26-12-2013 22:17:34

As posted by Mav:

Greetings all! Thanks to the hard work of various ACC staff members, as well as Solari and Sarin, we've now got a brand new ACC exam all ready for the taking, so head over to the Shadow Academy and check out ACC Fundamentals! Special thanks for Wally for writing up the course!

This is the first of two courses that will be required to participate in the ACC. The second course will be available soon, as well, and will be titled ACC Qualification. We’re taking a new approach to qualification in the ACC, and hopefully it’ll streamline that process. We’ll get you guys more information on that soon.

As you'll notice, this course is accompanied by the brand-spanking new ACC Guide! The basic structure of the guide was done by Wally, with some significant work on various sections by myself, Halc, and Shadow. We also had a ton of help with a variety of editors from around the Brotherhood. This guide will give you a glimpse into what you can expect in the ACC itself very soon!

So if you’re interested in the upcoming ACC Open Beta, make sure to update your Character Sheet, complete ACC Fundamentals, and keep an eye out for additional updates!