House of Tridens Report #11


22-05-2005 06:23:55

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
For: April 25th thru May 22nd
By: Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

General News:
1. Well what can I say it has been super slow for several weeks, but I’m hoping with the IG games here, that will pick things up?
2. I have to apologized with my lack of reports for all, with the activity reports getting revamped and will be instituted come June 1st, and all the new recruits we have been gathering, its been a bit hectic.
3. I will like to ask the House of Tridens for a bit of help, as I struggle to find ways to get some of you active and out of slumps, and some of you seem to have some outstanding ideas. Id like you all to email the clan summit, with a bit of information on my performance, as this will two things. One it will give them a idea of my faults and strong points and will also decide my outcome as the lack does show not good on my part as me not being able to lead you, I’ve discussed with Rekio tonight the finer points of leadership and well it got me to thinking, am I doing the best for Tridens, or is it best that I step down? And Two if there isn’t something I’m not doing I should be.
4. Well a bit ago it was brought to my attention that we want some gaming comps, well Id like to run some but in actuality Im a bit apprehensive to do so, since the IG games are here, I did try and run a small bracket tournament but it didn’t gather a good following. So I will try again, even though there is the IG games I will run a Bracket tournament in the three following platforms Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, and X-Wing Alliance. Heres the catch, Sign-up is now till May 31st. I have noticed that there isn’t a lot of MP gaming, and some people I have heard will not be doing the IG games, which is fine, Id still like to see as many if not all members of Tridens partake in the event, Rekio will be awarding on a per person basis for your efforts, just like the Krath RoS. So feel free to sign up and do what you can.
5. Id like to take a moment and welcome all new members into the House of Tridens, So welcome feel free to jump on IRC and chat away.
6. Congrats to the following members on there Promotions: SW Meralnce, GRD Sephiroth Storm, PRT Rayf Bynne, ACO Menschenhai, ACO Duriel, ACO Imrik, NOV Timthetim, NOV Lan Talos, NOV Xanatos97299. Congrats guys/gals well earned!!!
7. As some of you may know or not know, we have added another Battle Team to the House of Tridens, called “The Circle of Rei” its currently headed by Commander Sephiroth Storm. This battle team is going to be dealing with writing so for the writers or poets out there this is a good chance for you get on a small group of guys, and get noticed just a bit more, feel free to email Sephiroth Storm for more information at ( )
8. We also still have Battle Team Yu or referred to as “The Circle of Yu” its currently headed by Commander Nit`Chu Tetsuo. This battle team is dealing with gaming and some writing here and there so for all you gamers this is also a good chance to get noticed just a bit more and join a good group of guys feel free to email Nit Chu for more information at ( )
9. Aedile spot is in the discussion phase, and yes you heard me right.. Rekio and Anshar have decided to begin talks about the position. If you’re interested then by all means approach me and the clan summit and give us a reason to consider you.
10. We have had some informal matches for gaming going on in the after hours and off days of gaming nights. Ivillius, Merlance, Rayf Bynne, and I all have doing some much needed practicing for fun.
11. Well our Merlance has done a outstanding job, he finished a Joint First place with Rakhai, he was awarded a craft of his choosing, and the Clan gets a squadron of Tie Defenders. So big congrats to Merlance on that accomplishment.
12. Don’t forget we also have a outstanding gaming training program to all members with help in only 2 different platforms (JO and XWA) feel free to look up Frosty Romanae, Dox Romanae, and Welshman. Let them know you need some help with those two games and then email me that they helped you. I will also be awarding members that also even slightly help others out with some other platforms, but I must be emailed on this.
13. As soon as the IG games have concluded, I will be running and massive comp for either the whole house of Clan titled “Arcopolis Games” it will span several weeks, and several platforms, for more information look on the Forums board in House of Tridens section under Competitions. Feel free to add anything you wish to see happen for gaming or writing.

New Recruits:
Apprentice Sturmer
Apprentice Arkane Hoff
Apprentice Lan Talos
Apprentice Timthetim
Apprentice Mendicino
Apprentice Sturmer
Apprentice David_Valentine
Apprentice Imrik
Apprentice Torment
Apprentice Ulviir
Apprentice Nydarvien Rau
Apprentice Teranusmirr
Apprentice Gam-An Shmia

Currently Competitions:
• “Yu Wars” running one week long for the members of Yu, and the house summit(Im only doing this to help out!) Link:
• “Your Ideal Ship” still running as it was extended, for all members of Tarentum Link:
• “Puns and Allusions” still running as it was extended, for all members of Tarentum Link:
• The Independence Games 2005 running till sometime in June. Link:

Gaming Activity:
Merlance: 1match (4-30 ICTE), 6matches (5-7 ICTE), 7matches (5-15 Sunday Tourney), Unknown matches in 5-21 ICTE
Ma’ar-Tyrius: 9matches (4-30 ICTE), 31matches (5-1 Sunday Tourney), 3matches (5-14 ICTE), 18matches (5-15 Sunday Tourney), 12matches (5-21 ICTE)
Rayf Bynne: 2matches (4-30 ICTE), 10matches (5-1 Sunday Tourney)
X-Pilot: Unknown matches in 5-21 ICTE
Ivillius: Unknown matches in 5-21 ICTE

SA Exam Activity:
Rayf Bynne: SA Exam: Test of Endurance
Sephiroth Storm: SA Exam: Sith Core
Timthetim: SA Exam: Sith Core
Duriel: SA Exam: ICQ Studies
Lan Talos: SA Exam: Sith ISET, Sith Core, Obelisk Core, Sith ESET, Conflict Meditation
Imrik: SA Exam: Sith ISET, Sith Tactics, Sith ESET
Xanatos97299: SA Exam: Dark Meditation, MSN Messenger

Promotions and Medals:
Rayf Bynne: 4 Cluster of Fire, Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Quartz Star, Star of Antei, Promoted to Protector, Legion of Scholar
Sephiroth Storm: Scroll of Indoctrination, Promotion to Guardian, Dark Cross
Ma’ar-Tyrius: 42 Cluster of Fire’s, Legion of Scholar, Crescent with Sapphire Star
Merlance: Star of Antei, Crescent with Emerald Star x2, Crescent with Topaz Star, 11 Cluster of Fire’s, Dark Cross, Legion of Scholar, Crescent with Sapphire Star, Promotion to Sith Warrior
X-Pilot: Crescent with Emerald Star
Zekk: Crescent with Sapphire Star, Star of Antei
Menschenhai: Promotion to Acolyte
Oberst: Steel Cross, Dark Cross
Ivillius: Dark Cross
Timthetim: Promotion to Novice
Duriel: Promotion to Acolyte
Imrik: Promotion to Novice, Promotion to Acolyte
Lan Talos: Promotion to Novice
Xanatos97299: Promotion to Novice