House of Tridens Report #10


24-04-2005 19:23:45

last weeks report was too small for posting as nothing was really going on.
here is this weeks....

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
For April 16th thru April 24th
By: Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

• There are some new members that are coming into the House of Tridens and Gladius, which are looking for mentorship. Id like to ask for those that can, that are over Dark Jedi Knight to please step forward and use your skills and talents be put to good use and help the new recruits out.
• Let’s all take a second to recognize a new member that has been promoted in the last week: Acolyte Reaper2004, congrats on the Promotion from Apprentice to Acolyte in 2 days time, and also your placement on Battle team Yu…good work!!!
• Well it’s still pretty slow in The House of Tridens.
• Later Today all the information for each of the three comps will be sent out, remember that they will be only one week long for the time frame except the poetry one that will run two weeks long, and send your submissions to
• Congrats goes to Dark Jedi Knight Merlance for winning another round, he’s got one more person to play…wish him good luck, and if anyone has time to help him out feel free to play him some XWA.
• For all the members of Tridens, Id like to ask if there is 4 writers out there to please step forward, I have a good opportunity for you to join Tridens newest battle team, your rank, and order does not mean anything, for one lucky person I will have you lead the battle team, and it’s a beginning for a shot at leadership for those interested please email me at I have one person thus far for a writing battle team, but id like to see 3 more signup.
• The Independence Games 2005 will begin on April 26th and will last 4 weeks….good luck to all who partake in them. Just as a reminder, this is a good opportunity to earn some serious awards; you will play against a lot of different people and different clubs as well.
Here is the spiel from Kaiann:
With Independence Day now behind us and a lot of people having earned some deserved rewards, it's time to give everyone a new opportunity to earn reward for themselves. And this year, the Independence Games present something new - the first

Yup, that's right. Independence is not only a Brotherhood concept but also one quite well-known and well-appreciated by the Rebels, so we are joining forces with the Rebel Squadrons to bring you even better and more challenging games.

What is new?
- You will be competing against members not only of our club but also of the RS. All events are open to all members of either club!
- Half of the events will be created by the RS, half by the DB, so expect a few things you have not done in a long time or may never have thought of at all!
- Competition is now on three levels: Individuals compete for the title of Grand Champion and MVP against all members of both the RS and the DB, Units (DB Clans and RS fleets) compete against other units within their club (as unit sizes are quite different, it would not be fair to have units compete on an interclub scale) and finally, the DB and RS compete as "national teams" to resolve the old question of whether the Light or the Darkness is currently dominant.

What is (mostly) the same as always?
- Every leader in the DB (of AED and higher status) will still have a chance to submit and run their event, however this time around we cannot guarantee that all events will be taken as only 20 DB events will make it on the final roster. So make your proposal a good one!
- Every member is still free to play any number of events for gold, silver and bronze medals that will at the end translate into nice, shiny Crescents (of quite high levels)
- Every participation and placing will net you points towards the final Grand Champion honor - and this time it's the honor of being champion of not one but two clubs!
- There will be events all over the scale from quick "get a Crescent before dinner" competitions to the elaborate. Oh, count on a good platform mix too!
- The proven web-based submission system is of course still used to handle all the submissions.
Event creation begins today, play starts on the 26th of April and is scheduled to last four weeks (although we may increase that if we get a high share of long events).
Are you ready to show how Darkness reigns supreme, how good your Clan is in a diversified competition setup and how flexibly you yourself can deal with a multitude of different events? Honor awaits if you are, a place among the defeated is for you if you are not.

In celebration of our continued Independence from the Empire,
Dark Jedi Master Kaiann Yetaru Entar

House Comps:

Funny Picture #2: Edit the picture or add comments to it…..make me laugh and receive a Crescent with 5th level Star.
Start date: April 25th End date: May 2nd

Tridens Poetry #2: Topic is “The Light saber.” 15 lines minimum length.
Awards are Crescents with 4th level star for the top three entries; these will be graded by another member on Tridens.
Start date: April 25th End date: May 9th
Any style of poetry is welcome….

Tridens Name Scramble #3: Has two parts this time.
Awards for this will be Crescents with 5th level star for the top three submissions.
Part 1: Unscramble the Dark Council position
Part 2: Place a name with the position that is the current person holding that.
Start Date April 25th End Date: May 2nd

Don’t forget that the Krath Monthly topics are still going on till the end of the month. (poetry) (fiction)

No Clan comps as of currently.

Reaper2004: submitted character history, MSN SA exam, Sith Core SA exam, and general gaming with several people.
Merlance: general gaming with a few people, submitted to Tridens Poetry comp #1
Ma’ar: Qua Reports, envoy emailing, 3 comps, and general gaming with reaper2004

Medal Report:
Zekk: 4 CF’s
Zig: 1 CF
Ma’ar: 7 CF’s, Crescent with Sapphire Star
Merlance: 4 CF’s and a Crescent with Emerald Star
Nit Chu: 13 CF’s

Gaming Activity:
Ma’ar: 3 matches for ICTE on 4/23, 1 match with Reaper2004
Merlance 2 matches (1 with Ivillius, 1 with Reaper2004)
Reaper2004: 3 matches (1 with Merlance, 1 with Smoke20, and 1 with Shan-long)

Gaming Days
Every Tuesday: from Midnight to Midnight, in #gmrg channel
Every Thursday: from Midnight to Midnight, in #gmrg channel
Every Saturday: Time is questionable, usually after the DJB meeting, in #outerrim channel.
Here is the link that does some explanation of things a bit more:
Every other Sunday: from Midnight to Midnight, in #gmrg channel
This also benefits the clan as well as yourself, you receive cluster of fire for each match you play win or lose, but also you gather points to buy some items as does the clan as well.
Here is the link for the tournament items and info:

Sunday Tournament’s Dates thru June:

May 1st
May 15th
May 29th
June 12th
June 26th

Useful webpage’s:
(House of Tridens) (really outdated)
(Clan Tarentum)
(Tour. spreadsheet)

Current Tridens Battleteam Roster: “Yu”
• Commander Jedi Hunter Nit`Chu
• Dark Jedi Knight Merlance
• Jedi Hunter Vardar
• Protector Yemmer
• Acolyte Reaper2004
• Acolyte Tavin Longspear


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cha ching!!