Tridens QUA Report #01


30-01-2005 03:51:24

Tridens QUA Report #01

House Tridens of Clan Tarentum
Quaestor — Dark Side Adept Pyralis (
Aedile — Obelisk Prelate Zekk (
Rollmaster — Dark Jedi Knight MERLANCE (

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dark Greetings, House Tridens --

“Who are you, and why are you e-mailing me?”
I’m Dark Adept Pyralis. I’ve been a member of Clan Tarentum for about six months – so many of you already know who I am. I’ve been a member of the Dark Brotherhood for over 7 years now and joined while we were still a part of the Emperor’s Hammer. Hmm. I started out as an Apprentice like all of you. Over time, people were crazy enough to promote me and give me other positions of responsibility. I’ve been around the block a few times and have to say it still hasn’t gotten tiring. Today is just as fun (if not more fun) as it was many years ago. So, this past week, someone was crazy enough to give this really old guy a leadership job again – that’s why you’re receiving this e-mail. My job is to serve you, House Tridens, and regain the glory of days past or secure a glorious future that none can yet imagine.

“So, now that you’re QUA, what is one big expectation I should have?”One major change compared with the last couple regimes will be reports like this. QUA reports will be sent weekly. My goal when writing these reports is to update you on new members, transfers, big news, stuff you can do and have fun with, promotion/award recognition, activity reports, and miscellaneous other stuff I want to include. Reports will generally be e-mailed near the end of a week or on the weekend (such as Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). You should use these reports to get a lot of info that you don’t normally hear about on IRC.

“Give me some more info!!”
Circles – Yu Circle will remain the only open circle in House Tridens until we have at least 4-5 more active people in Tridens that are willing to join a circle. Currently, Yu Circle is almost nearly full again. However, We won’t open a new circle, like I said, until there are at least 3-4 people to start it.

Recruiting – There will be a drive in the near future to a) remove dead weight from Tridens and b) rely on Dark Fury as well as recruiting efforts by Tridens members to bring in a large quantity of new members. We expect that most of these new members will be JO/JA gamers. However, everyone is certainly able to write and fly too if they have the platforms. Indeed, we as the House Summit will provide these activities to appeal to everyone’s interests.

Competitions – Currently, we’ve got quite a few DB-level competitions. There are currently no House or Clan level competitions. In the future, expect this to change. Surprisingly, there’s actually more administrative stuff to get settled and figured out. Once that’s done, I would like to get some fiction stuff going to supplement all the gaming that’s going on.

Promotions and Awards – On a weekly basis, activity records will be reviewed. These give me an objective listing of what members have done. When members have achieved a certain quantity of activity, the record is reviewed. The House summit will then decide if a member is now worthy of a promotion or an award – if an award, a level of award is also decided. The more active you are, the more medals and promotions you get! It’s quite simple.

“What can I do to have fun?”

If you are interested in multiplayer gaming, check these out:

==Tuesday Gaming==
February 1, 2005, on mIRC in #GMRG – this event lasts for 24 hours on Tuesday

==Thursday Gamng==
February 3, 2005, on mIRC in #GMRG – this event lasts for 24 hours on Thursday

==ICTE (interclub training event)==
February 5, 2005, on mIRC in #outerrim – this event lasts from 4:00pm – 11:00pm EST on Saturday

==Sunday Tournament==
February 6, 2005 on mIRC in #GMRG – this event lasts for 24 hours on Sunday (you must play in at least one gaming event in the last 2 weeks prior to this event to qualify)

If you like doing Trivia, do this!:
==Clan Trivia==
A weekly event hosted by Ma’ar Tyrius Ga-Tir (smoke20), Smoke sends out trivia to the entire clan. The first people that reply to him at ( with the most correct answers will receive a Legion of the Scholar (LS).

If you like writing, go here!
==Krath Rite of Supremacy==
Read about Part 2 of the Krath RoS:
See what events are available (Fiction, Poetry, ACC, Graphics, Webhunt):

If you want to talk with other Clan members, go here:
==Post on the Clan Message Board!!==
Click here:
If you aren’t yet a member, click here: and follow the instructions.

Big welcome to APP Tavin Longspear. Tavin knows Smoke20 and will certainly be a great addition to House Tridens. Welcome, and make yourself at home. Tavin Longspear has already played 6 matches in the ICTE. This is a wonderful start - someone buy this guy a drink!

Congratulations Ivillius on his promotion to Acolyte! Ivillius has played in the clan competition and a few DB gaming events. Great work!

Merlance has been one of the more consistantly active gamers, and competes with a good attitude. He's always looking for opponents, and always offering himself for games, to anyone who's looking while he's around. He's a good sport, and more importantly, an active, good sport. I'd like to commend him for his efforts, and I think he's worthy of this symbol for his actions. Congratulations, Merlance. -DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae

GRAND CROSS OF THE DARK SIDE – Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir (smoke20)
Ma'ar-Tyrius, a.k.a. Smoke20, is another one of those people who has a good attitude, a high level of activity, and a constant effort to improve himself. I enjoy knowing him, and I love seeing his enthusiasm when it comes to gaming. Since he joined the Brotherhood, I can't remember more than perhaps two or three instances where he has not been involve in the Gaming Nights, or the Sunday Tournaments. His efforts are commendable, and I believe him to be worthy of this award. Congratulations, Smoke. -DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae

Merlance helped greatly in getting the recent clan competition off the ground. He was able to inspire another DB member to make a mission for it as well as testing that mission for quality. He also helped create a second mission and test that one as well. He had a good amount of activity during the whole of the competition. - Telona

For second place in the SP missions for the clan competition. – Telona

CRESCENT W/ EMERALD STAR – Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir (smoke20)
For third place in the SP missions for the clan competition. – Telona

For third place in the run-on for the clan competition.

Observed Activity:
DA Pyralis: 3 matches Thursday, 5 matches in ICTE
DJK Merlance: 3 matches Tuesday, 6 matches Thursday, 7 matches in ICTE
JH Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: 6 matches Tuesday, 8 matches Thursday, 12 matches in ICTE
JH Nit’Chu Tetsuo: 3 matches Tuesday, 1 match Thursday
PRT Vardar: 5 matches in ICTE
PRT Moridin: 3 matches Tuesday
APP Tavin Longspear: 6 matches in ICTE

Tridens Activity Ratio: 8/31 participating (25.8%)
Yu Activity Ratio: 6/7 participating (86.67%)

Note, it is always possible that we have omitted some activity. If something you have done has been omitted, please contact DJK Merlance (, OP Zekk (, and DA Pyralis ( Sorry for the inconvenience!

May darkness guide you, dark brethren.
DA Pyralis

In darkness, unity...
Dark Side Adept Pyralis
DA Pyralis (Sith)/M:GM-QUA-EP-ICTE/Tridens of Tarentum [KSOE: CCE] [ACC: SKR]


31-01-2005 13:13:53

You call this a report! :sick: :flower:


03-02-2005 13:16:49

Sheesh, Pyralis, posting your reports on the MB? You trying to make me look bad?

I think the DB site is sufficient enough for the postings of reports :P


03-02-2005 16:13:48

You think people actually read the reports I paste on the database? hah! :P


03-02-2005 19:26:05

No but do you really think people will take the time to read the reports you paste here? And dang that one was just too long.


03-02-2005 19:39:34

...It's like trying to read one of Goat's MB epistles. :blink:


03-02-2005 22:35:19

Well, there's certainly no reason to stop writing these. I've receive more replies on the message board than I received via email. Someone must have read it. hehe


03-02-2005 22:46:47

Hehe, nice report, Pyralis. Bit short, though. ;)


04-02-2005 11:12:12

Ah, but how many of these replies are from people in your house?


04-02-2005 15:07:43

Ah, but how many of these replies are from people in your house?

Well consider this #1 from the House of Tridens, Pyralis good work on having the Report here on the message board btw. And yes there is people that will actually take the time and read all there QUA reports

Aidan Kincaid

04-02-2005 17:57:19

Nothing wrong with advertising the sexiness of ones report. If anything it gives other people a chance to see how different Houses do thing. Might even make people want to change Houses? Who knows? Still a good idea.