House of Tridens Report #9


10-04-2005 13:22:30

House of Tridens QUA Report
April 2nd thru April 9th
By: Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

1. House of Tridens Poetry Competition:
2. House of Tridens Name Scramble #2:
3. Clan Tarentum “3rd Sith War Revisited” SP missions:
XvT: , XWA: Tie:
4. April Krath Monthly Topics:
“Poetry” ,
5. I will also be doing another Crossword puzzle. I just need to do the copy it over to Excel
6. Clan Trivia, I will be taking a break from that, and our Clan Summit will be running it for the next few weeks…..Congrats to Zekk, and Nit`Chu for taking 1st and 2nd place’s

*General News*
1. All is looking good for Tridens, Id also like to ask of the current members, that if your interested in being on a Battle team to please email me, I’m looking to start another Battle team for the House of Tridens, and also Nit`Chu the current Battle team leader of Yu, is also looking for members to join that one as well…so if there is anyone that is interested in that please email me and I will make sure that you get on one or the other. We will need 4 members to start another Battle team, and one of those will be a Battle team leader. I’m unsure of what the team will do solely if it’s just going to be gaming or writing or both….
2. Well the Activity reports are back up to snuff, and there was some medals handed out at the beginning of the week, more of that below.
3. We’ve had a new member added to our roster, lets all take a second and greet, Apprentice Yorkir
4. Our soon to be Proconsul has changed his email address: KPN Anshar Kahn Tarentae has changed emails to
5. Shadow Academy JA Server is: The IP is: and the password is: DJB.
6. As some of you have read, I’ve asked the entire clan for some gaming help for all who would like, I please to announce that: Frosty (JA/JO), Dox (JO), and Welshman (XWA) have stepped forward for help, also Pyralis (JA, JO, and XWA) has pledged his help, so I will get together with each of them, and find some suitable time for all to play. Id still like to see any who would like to help out, even if you have moderate skills, you still could be used for this, and would also be rewarded. Just remember that what I proposed is going to outweigh those Cluster of Fires, if it does take place during a gaming day feel free to submit them to the database for the CF’s.
7. Well I have also asked that we start another Battle team, and I have had one person step forward to join the group (one of four so far). This is a excellent opportunity for you to rise above all, and enter a good group and showcase your talents….the genre of this group is to be decided…but it will be one of the three. Writing, gaming or both.
8. For some of the younger members of the house, feel free to come and speak your mind to me, don’t be afraid that your new, I’m pretty open minded and am willing to work with all members whether your new or old…..the talent we have is great, and any suggestions you might have concerning whatever is well appreciated
9. Good to see Kibitoshin, and Duriel getting some Shadow Academy courses in here and there.
10. The competitions for the house are still under way; I do have one submission for the name scramble. But I don’t have any for the Poetry competition. The poetry comp is still running till April 20th, and the name scramble is still on till April 11th. Go to it Tridens….Get r Dun!!!!
11. A big fair warning to all who do play on the Shadow Academy Server for Jedi Academy, you might want to ask your opponent, if he is at the standard shield setting of 100/25, because there is some concern about that, Just make sure that if your opponent is grabbing extra shields do the same. It isn’t the easiest to beat someone with 100/100 if you’re under that……Spears is trying to fix this on the server and is having some difficulty with the settings.
12. Following Members of the House of Tridens are Qualified for Sundays Tournament on April 17th: Merlance, Smoke20, Vardar, and Yemmer,
13. A big congratulations goes out to two people; Anshar for being our new Proconsul, and Telona for being the new Krath High Priestess. Drinks are on them.
14. Nit`Chu is sort of away on personal business….hope he has a swift return, and all his stuff works out fine.
15. Also this goes out to the whole House, I will be doing another medal report for the Clan Summit very shortly, if you want your name on that list with a shiny…get busy!!!

• Zekk: 1match on 4/3(sun)
• Ma’ar: 18matches on 4/3(sun), 8matches on 4/7(thur), 25matches on 4/9(ICTE),
7matches for RG comp
• Kibitoshin: Sith:ISET-100%
• Duriel: Sith:Core-100%
• Sephiroth Storm: Envoy work, designing a writing comp
• Yemmer: 12matches on 4/9(ICTE)
• Vardar: 3matches on 4/9(ICTE)
• Merlance: 6matches on 4/9(ICTE)

Medals & Promotions: “Everyone loves them…”
• Ma’ar: Crescent with Amethyst Star, Promotion to Krath Priest, Star of Antei, 17CF’s
• Nit Chu: Legion of Scholar, 8 CF’s
• Sivart: Dark Cross
• Zekk: Legion of Scholar
• Merlance: Legion of Scholar, 6CF’s
• Yemmer: 7CF’s
• Vardar: 3CF’s