Tridens Journeymen Battle Team


09-07-2009 13:56:10

Members of the "Journeymen" Battle Team can gather here, post questions and discuss about their battle Team.

Kira Starr

11-07-2009 10:28:05

Welcome everyone to the official Battle Team thread! the goal of this is to post your questions about training and to discuss topics relevant to journeymen of House Tridens. I would like to take this opportunity to begin the thread with a discussion on goals.

As Journeymen you are just beginning your path as Dark Jedi amongst wwithin the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. During your time here and as you move up the ranks you may find yourself in a leadership position, for some of you this may have already occured. Some may not be in a leadership position instead may go on to pursue one of the other areas of the DB, maybe as a staff member for one of the tribunes or an active participant in the ACC; becoming some day a trainer. There are many paths to choose. Journeymen at the beginning ranks may be more concerned about the next promotion, becoming active, and proving themselves to their leadership; making a place for themselves and finding their area of interest. Many are active gamers or active in fiction and RPG, but for some you move to other areas and get involved with more than one activity. To begin to understand yourself as a member of the DB, Clan Tarentum, and House Tridens I would like you to discuss your goals and why you have joined the DB.

Kira Starr

11-07-2009 10:57:04

I will begin:

I first joined the DB because I wanted to join an online club devoted to some aspect of Star Wars and that gave members more than just RPG to do. The idea of a club were members create Dark Jedi characters with histories, different orders and positions, and you could earn promotions from APP to DJK to DJM appealed to me and I joined. It was also the history and continual story line of this fictional Star Wars universe, and that members create the story. To get promoted I did many different activities to gain more skills, the Shadow Academy and fiction events became primary activities, then the ACC, as I pursued qualification I began to develop my fiction writing skills, which at this point were lacking. Eventually I qualified and still have an active interest in doing more ACC battles. Fiction writing is something I am always active in, and I was excited to participate in my first Run-on as part of the Clan competition.

Through fictions and RO stories I began to develop an extensive Character history as seen in my wiki article, again it also improved my character writing. Once reaching higher journeymen ranks leadership became a goal. Prior to leadership roles I was a staff member for the Wiki and an EP, these became goals when I felt that I have participated in these two areas enough to have an active interest in promoting the SA and Wiki, and help improve them any way I could by helping the Tribunes. As a Jedi Hunter, knowing when I reach DJK and above I would take on more leadership responsibilities I took the advantage of applying for Battle Team leader. Now as a leader my goals are clear, to be active in the training of journeymen and promoting the activities of the Clan/House and Brotherhood while keeping it fun and engaging. I want to see everyone reach their goals in the DB, but also to have fun and enjoy their time. The worst thing, in my opinion, is for a member to quit because they felt that the club did not offer anything for them and their time wasted.


12-07-2009 12:14:23

This is JH Cypha.

I first joined DB simply because I wanted to further my knowledge in the Dark Side (both in and out of character). I didn't know any RPG or gaming (as a group), and didn't care about the system of DB. So, right after my initiation, I really really enjoyed reading Codex and Compendium, and taking SA courses the most. Then, after few days from the initiation, DJK Deatharoc took me as an apprentice, and I began writing stories. I got nervous at first, but my master guided me very well to make me enjoying the writing. English is not my first language and it took a lot of time to write. But the more I write, the more I got hooked because I felt like I got to know more about the Dark Side. Also during the course of my journey, I got some friends from the clan members, and they, their effort, and their friendship helped me having fun here or even in RL too.

As a year went by, I still want to further my knowledge in the Dark Side. Right now, this Star Wars universe including DB universe plays a big roll in the philosophical aspect of me, and it is not an exaggeration to say it's like a religion. So, my goal is to know more about this Star Wars universe, and to interpret it in my own way, and to have a little more sophistication and deep understanding of the philosophical aspect of Star Wars universe.

DBwise, probably horning my writing skills and develop my character history will be the closest way to reach my goals. But I haven't tried anything in gaming (purchsed JA though), maybe I should give it a try.

I had an opportunity to be a Rollmaster, and it was fun. But I felt like I could not continue because of my RL schedule. Currently I am not interested in any leadership positions. In the future, probably I might go for BTL or RM position if I feel like.


15-09-2009 22:32:26

Hello all!

I was the lucky guy who took the mantle of Battle Team leader from under Kyra. Hoping i'll do a good job and help all of our journeymen promote fast! if you have any questions for me you can email me at, or post the questions here(email first though, i don't check this often...)

Little about me: I joined the DB almost 6 months ago searching for lore of the Dark Jedi(literally, like, RL) and i happened across the DB. i went searching through the wiki and the Shadow Academy and was intrigued by the history and fiction. so i joined, took a lot of tests, and now im here watching over you guys! im not much for fiction writing, but i do love to read them, and would be more than happy to proof read any submittions you might have. I do love gaming, but as of late i can't get my xbox live to register my new IP address. i do love lore as well, and you can often find me haunting the hall of the Shadow Academy reading old histories.

Hope to see you all around!
~Jagen Phoenix


24-09-2009 17:15:26

Hey everyone, I'm Maaz. I joined the DB because I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and my area of expertise is the Force and the Sith. So I figured, why not join a club that is all about those things? Anyway, my main goal in the DB is to get a position in the Shadow Academy and teach an advanced Force Philosophy course. Not an exam, but more like the Dark Sage Writing course. Anywho, that's a bit about me. My schedule is kinda full. I work full time, go to school 3 nights out of the week, and have a fiance who I spend every minute that we're not working or going to school with, so I'll probably not be on IRC all that often. The forums and e-mail are the best way to get ahold of me.