Gaming Vs Fiction Vs Rpg


09-07-2009 11:17:11

I will go first. :) I'm into gaming because I feel more relaxed when I play a game rather than writing pages of fiction. I'm not saying I don't like the other two but gaming is what I like most to do. To me it's the most relaxing thing.

I'm really into CoD 4 right now but I also play this game called Runes of Magic. Of course I also like playing JO/JA in the ICTE.

If you like gaming and you are a Tridens member, please post what games would you like to play with the rest of us or what games are you currently playing.

Kira Starr

09-07-2009 13:41:10

I am into gaming, especially Jedi Outcast and now EaW. I do like to write fiction too, but feel that gaming is just fun and reduces stress at the same time, though I am not that good and have just begun Multi-Player gaming, I feel the more I play the more I improve.
Games: Jedi Outcast, EaW, Battlefront, and Republic Commando.


13-07-2009 10:36:49

I voted for Fiction!

I don't know much about gaming, it might be more fun than I think now, and I didn't know that I would like to write. But I am actually having fun writing. I like ACC or Run-on too, but thought "Fiction" fits better to my taste simply because it has fewer rules (especially deadlines).

Adien Falaut

22-07-2009 15:10:15

me my obsession is gaming I've tried the fiction, and on the side i do RPG stuff here where I live in the game stores that run minitures and etc. but I still won't be statified till I have things back to normal and able to play EaW and etc... on a daily basis