Tridens Report #07


26-03-2005 03:37:10

*General Information:*

1. Acolyte Rax_Joris has decided to leave the House of Tridens to go back to Rouge.

2. Dark Side Adept Pyralis has decided also to leave House of Tridens to go to Taldryan

3. Merlance has also decided to leave the House of Tridens to go to Rouge.

4. Nit’Chu is running The Circle of Yu from 3/19 to 3/26, and Vardar is running Yu from 3/26 to April 2^st . This is there chance to get the Commander of Yu.

5. Zekk is back home to us…congrats on a swift return

6. Pyralis is back also from his vacation…congrats on your swift return

7. Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir is awarded House Summit of Tridens, and also received Praetor to the Headmaster of Shadow Academy.

8. Gaming nights are: Tuesday all day in #gmrg, Thursday all day in #gmrg, Saturday is ICTE in #outerrim, and Sunday’s Bi-Weekly Tournament is April 3^rd in #gmrg and is all day as well.

9. Our Pro-consul has been chosen to Praetor of the Krath High Priestess, congratulations on that.

10. More comps will soon follow that will be different than we have been use to, the name scramble turned out ok, but the crossword puzzle didn’t fare as well as I hoped.

11. I’m considering an ACC pairing or a run-on for the entire clan or maybe just the house if enough people are interested.

12. Unfortunately Oberst’s writing course has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

*Sunday's Tourney Points for Tarentum:*
Smoke20 (183) -0 =*(183 Points)*
Shimas (10) -0 =*(10 Points)*
X-Pilot (26) -0 =*(26 Points)*
NitChu (18) -0 =*(18 Points)*
Frosty (93) -0 =*(93 Points)*
Zekk (32) -0 =*(32 Points)*
Vardar (32) -0 =*(32 Points)*
Anshar (20) -0 =*(20 Points)*
Welshman (20) -0 =*(20 Points)*
Thomas Fene (20) -0 =*(20 Points)*
Windos (26) -0 =*(26 Points)*
Ivillius (20) -0 =*(20 Points)*
Tavin (2) -0 =*(2 Points)*
Rax Joris (3) -0 =*(3 Points)*
Source (3) -0 =*(3 Points)*
Rekio (6) -0 =*(6 Points)*
Ice Wolf (9) -0 =*(9 Points)*
Dranik (21) -0 =*(21 Points)*
Dox (61) -0 =*(61 Points)*

House Comps:

*“Funny Picture”*

Congrats to X-Pilot for 1^st Place, and Cannabisia for 2^nd place.

*“Tridens Name Scramble”*

Congrats to Merlance for 1^st Place, and Shimas for 2^nd Place

*“Tridens Crossword Puzzle”*

One submission Shimas

*“Yu Motto Comp”*

Congrats to Vardar for 1^st Place, and X-Pilot for 2^nd Place

*“Yu Writing Comp”*

*-Detail how your character came to the DJB.*

2 submissions so far Ma’ar and Vardar.

*Dark Jedi Brotherhood Comps:*

*“Ship Abandoned”*

*“Surprise Part of Lannie”*

*“MT: A Jedi’s Journey (Fictional Story)”*

*“MT: Morning has broken (Poetry)*

*Gaming Activity:*

Vardar: 1 match on 3/1, 1 match 3/3, 7 matches on 3/20, 1 match on 3/22

Ma’ar: 4 matches on 3/1, 32 matches on 3/6, 13 matches on 3/8, 10 matches on 3/17, 24 matches on 3/20, 3 matches on 3/22, 8 matches on 3/24

Zekk: 2 matches on 3/3

X-Pilot: 9 matches on 3/3, 5 matches on 3/6, 6 matches on 3/8, 2 matches on 3/22

Nit`Chu: 11 matches on 3/17

(Note: I was unable to get ICTE spreadsheets for all of March)

*General Activity:*

Ma’ar: AED report, Envoy work, House comps, Yu comp, Yu report, various emails for House and Yu, Merlances Activity reports.

Merlance: Activity reports, 1^st place Tridens Name Scramble.

Shimas: 2^nd place Tridens Name Scramble, Crossword submission

Nit`Chu: Running Yu for me for a week, Yu report.

Vardar: Yu writing submission, Yu motto comp submission.

Kibitoshin: SA exam “Conflict Meditation”

Sephiroth Storm: SA exam “Conflict Meditation”, various envoy work

*Medals and Promotions:*

Kibitoshin: Promoted to Novice

Ma’ar-Tyrius: Promoted to AED of Tridens, Praetor to the Headmaster, Steel Cross, Cluster of Fires,

Cannabisia: Star of Antei, Crescent with Topaz Star, Legion of Scholar

X-Pilot: Cluster of Fires, Crescent with Emerald Star

Nit Chu: Cluster of Fires

Oberst: Legion of Scholar

Merlance: Legion of Scholar

Sephiroth Storm: Dark Cross

*DJK Ma'ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir (Krath)/P:HM-AED/Tridens of Tarentum [GMRG: G:HM] [KSOE: CCE] [ACC: SKR]
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