Raise Event 5. Warroom. The Insight Of Lehon.


22-11-2008 03:32:15


This is the place to discuss necessary plans, opinion, suggestions and ideas to drive the run-on fun and enjoyable. It's also preventing us to make major mistakes and discontinuity that can bother the smoothness of the story.

The story will begin in two settings, Yridia II (Castle Tarentum) and Sulon (Sulluth Moon). What happens next, let's flood the run-on with ideas, surprises, puzzles and of course : fights!

Any questions shall be placed here too. The run-on team will answer them as quickly as possible.

Have fun, Tridens!


28-11-2008 20:27:42

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if there's going to be more activity in the run-on. I hope so, since you've got a good start. If you need some help, post here and all of us will be glad to bounce ideas for you.

Jaron Kai

03-12-2008 22:39:59

I'm just tossing this out there if anyone from Tridens wants to have a little rivalry fun. Jaron is a bit unstable, oversure of herself and definitely of the opinion that Cestus is the top house in the clan, so if you want to have her pick a bit of a fight with your character (or you can pick the fight, whatever fits) and have it out, please feel free. It should add some early color to the story and let all of our characters learn a good lesson in the end.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes.