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16-10-2008 13:39:52

October Competitions :

1. Tarentum Gaming Bonanza **
Specifics: With approval from the PCON and Tridens QUA, House Tridens has thrown down the gauntlet, and challenges the rest of Tarentum to a dualTridens -vs- Cestus/Gladius. In preparation for the GJW, this competition is for activity, and getting those ready for the war in the future. Futher details about the scoring, will be emailed to the clan via google groups.

End Date: 11/20/2008
Unit in Competition: Clan Tarentum
Platforms: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Battlefront series, and Empire at War
Awards: 4th Level Crescents for the top three winners based upon the total score at the end of the event and with a possibility of Land Grants and or Titles within the Clan (This
is solely up to the Clan Summit)
Submit all entries to

Details :

What: This is Tridens -vs- Gladius/Cestus match up. Tridens may only play against Cestus and Gladius..and vice in house playing will be allowed at this time. This competition is being used to get those that plan on gaming for the Great Jedi War to become active once again....this will also reflect your recc's for promotion and rewards as well.
How: Submit your matches to me directly..not through the database, since this is a Tarentum only event. all ROC's will be enforced. a max of 6 games per person per day (ie: Smoke vs Windos can only play six games of any combination, unless a team match is thrown in that has other players then it will be allowed) Look to the Rights of Combat (ROC) for details:
Scoring will be as such:

JA - JO Bryars(1v1): 3pt winner - 1pt loser per match
JA - JO CTF(Capture the flag): 3pt winner (per person on team) - 1pt loser (per person on team)
JA - JO Saber(1v1): 1pt winner - 1/3(.33)pt loser
JA - JO Saber(TFFA): 1pt winner(per person on team) - 1/3(.33)pt loser(per person on team)

Battlefront series: (No matter what configuration) 2pt winner - 1/2(.5)pt loser
Empire at War: (Not matter what configuration) 2pt winner - 1/2(.5)pt loser

Remeber to email me at with you gaming submissions.

Platform Abbv.: JA-CTF, JA-BRY, JA-TFFA, JA-S, JO-CTF, JO-BRY, JO-S, JO-TFFA, BF, EaW (please if you would place these in front of your submissions)

1v1 submissions: (Example)
JO-S #4334 Smoke 5 vs #3206 Welshman 3

Team submissions: (Example)
JA-CTF #4334 Smoke, #4359 5 vs #3206 Welshman, #756 Bloodfyre 4

The MAA has signed off on the event, so all goes as planned.....Enjoy the competition Tarentum

Since we also have a few members that are not in houses, and including the clan summit as well: here is the ruling that should be fair.
Clan Summit: Will be allowed to take part, just email me with your choice of House.
Non-Housed members: Will be allowed to take part, just email me with your choice of House

2. My Master **
Specifics: Master and Apprentice have a unique bond, a unique story. In Star Wars Universe this bond is shown as the center of interest of Jedi advancement and so in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood realm.

For DJK+
Write your style of your own mastership (in order to guide your apprentice), and how your master tutelage affect it.

For PRT to JH (who already have a master)
Write your bond with your master, how you earn and regard the bond and your wish to have from your apprenticeship.

For APP to JH (who haven't had a master)
Write what kind of a master you wish to have (deepest inside your heart wish), what things you want to learn from him/her in your way ahead to your Knighthood.

One page minimum * in character * story, TNR 12.

End Date: 10/30/2008
Unit in Competition: House Tridens
Platforms: Any writing Platform Awards: Fourth Level Crescent
Comments: Doc writing, placed in the DB forum, Tridens Acceleration Sub Forum for PRT+, meanwhile APP-ACO send the submission to Odin and Elols. Will be graded and given feedback by the Clan proofreader.

3. Make a Motivational Poster

Specifics: Approved by the Quaestor of the House of Tridens of Clan Tarentum."Star Wars related Motivational Poster" May submit up to three posters Criteria for Judging: Wit, Humor, and funny. Judging will be done by the following: Smoke20, Odin Vaaj, and Elols. With the final say going to the House Summit.
End Date: 10/31/2008
Any graphics platform
Awards: 5th Level Crescent for the top 3 placers (each criterion)
Comments: Submit all entries CC to: and
Example :

4. Tridens' Marksman *

Specifics:The skill of a marksman is one that is parishable. Without upkeep, it will fade away. To help train ourselves, and to see who is the best, we will be using this game (
Winner will recieve a crescent and title of 'Tridens Marksman.'

End Date: 11/1/2008
Platforms: Flash Player/Computer
Awards: 5th Level Cresents
Comments: Send Elols ( a screenshot of your highscore.
Highest score wins.

5. Name the Battle Teams *

Requested by: SW Odin Vaaj
Specifics: There are two reorganized battle teams in Tridens besides the current JA Dojo, one is Training Cadre, the other is the Elite Team. With your contemplation, help Tridens to find the name of both Teams, the Cadre and Elite ones, preferred names if they are related to Sentinel work or Necromancy. Send me any names combination that you think best.
End Date: 10/30/2008
Comments: House Loyalty Points are awarded too, cool other names (that aren't selected, will be used for adjacent tokens) Send the names in Tridens Acceleration Sub Forum

6. Tridens Happenings
Requested by: JH Bieten Macht Elols
Specifics: Day after day passes, and we treat them all the same. Write a short story (1 page, 12 pt Times New Roman) about a day in Tridens. Can be anything from telling about a day where you just walked throughout the castle, or where you took a short journey somewhere else. Be creative, as well as realistic.
Start Date: 10/9/2008
End Date: 10/23/2008
Platforms: Preferably Word or Works
Awards: 4th Level Crescents
Comments: Scoring will be based on... 1) Creativity... 2) Realism... 3) Overall Story Quality
Send all submissions to Elols, and Elols only (

7. Tridens Trivia Series 1 *
Requested by: GRD Cypha
Specifics: Once a month, I will include a bunch of trivia questions regarding our house or clan in my Rollmaster reports. Email all the answers back to the house summit. Accuracy counts, speed counts. The first Trivia quiz is presented at the end of this email.
End Date: 10/31/2008
Awards: Top three impressive submission will get LSs.

The Tridens Trivia Series (Part 1)
This month, I picked relatively easy ones. Please please answer all ten questions, and email back to me ( and the house summit ( and Please don't send the answers to the mailing list.

1. Who is the first Quaester of house Tridens?

2. In what year, house Tridens was founded?

3. Name this Tridenian. His mother is Kali' Ray.

4. Name this Tridenian. The blind human from a famous family, Quaester emeritus and one of Tarentae.

5. Name this Tridenian. This guy is 5029 years old.

6. Name this Tridenian. Who is this human who has scars on his right arm from his early days of lab life?

7. Name this Tridenian. A lady born in the planet, Shili, hates needles and spiders.

8. Name this Tridenian. He used to be a Jedi Knight known as Krys-Tyen Sinclaire, survivor of the Clone Wars.

9. Which two individual have served more than once for the Consul of Tarentum?

10. What is the name of this necromantic power?
This power supposedly draws on the life of a Keeper to infect another victim. The victim is infected with the horrid disease within a few hours, which eats away at the flesh and body slowly. Only a deliberate Force treatment by a team of strong Force users can rid a victim of this disease.

8. Fiction Tribune Competition (DB Wide) : Unredeemable
Specifics: Darth Vader. Forgiven for so much, so easily. When Vader's end came it was his son that rendered a judgment of mercy to one who was unmerciful. We should be so fortunate. When our time comes, we will not have the leniency of a relation to absolve us of our sins. We will face the judgment of the sword or the mob. But if even Vader was redeemable, are we? Could we take the light back into ourselves and atone as he did? Or have we stepped too far from the path. Are we unredeemable? OOC: In-character, or not, explore the possibility of redemption for your character. Could it still be attained or is it a foregone conclusion?
End Date: 10/31/2008
Platforms: Word or Rich Text Format in 12pt standard font. Single-spaced. Three page minimum.
Awards: 2nd level Crescents for First, Second, & Third place.
Comments: Email submissions to Please put [Fiction] in the subject line of your email. Include basic ID Line and PIN in the document file name or the submission cannot be counted.

Note : For "My Master" Competition, Submission for PRT+ should be placed in their files thread. Enjoy those competitions, and make sure to have your heat. Conquer them all! Yippy!