Gaming Tips


16-10-2008 13:20:23

Gaming Tips : Flights (XVT, XWA), Sabering (JA, JO), Strategies (EaW) and other games (WoW? :P)

Tips and Strategies only, if big, rar or zip attachment may work.

QA should go on it's specific threads.


17-10-2008 19:05:41

JO Bryars:

AIMING: its about leading the target when its much is based on ping from you to server and there ping vs server...its hard to show it, other than practice.

MOVEMENT: Also keep moving and watch your jumping....if you jump too high, your a sitting duck as you fall back down.

SHOOTING: Keep your finger and charge the bryar pistol before firing, it will charge and you wont have to release your finger it will fire on its own......however, at times it may be necessary to release the finger early to get that kill in. At full charge and at max health, it will take between two and three hits to kill the opponent.

SURROUNDINGS: Be aware of your surroundings, as they play important role in movement for the bespin map that is the standard one used for bryars, the main alley way in between the buildings is where the action takes place. Sometimes you can use them to your advantage to block a incoming shot.

FORCE SIGHT: Unless stated, you may use "Force Sight" after killing your opponent, just so your able to see where he is coming from, and to know when to get that first shot off of when he rounds a corner, or through a walkway.

ITS ALL FUN: As most know, as some of you that don't. Taldyran are masters at Bryars and yes while I have a small stint in there home. I came to love this aspect of JO. Still do no matter what anyone says. Yes its not easy to play, and most get disgusted with this way, but give it time and try and have fun with it....nothing like playing JO Bryars with 5 or 6 friends, talk about free for all with massive action. Don't think that you will be a ace shooter overnight...took me 2 years to finally beat Shadow, Chaosrain, and Duga. So practice and practice.


17-10-2008 19:18:50

JO Sabers:


Red: Slow with massive damage
Yellow: Medium speed, with good damage
Blue: Fastest speed, with ok damage

Combos or called DSF's:

Red: is a diving downward slash, will kill anything but you leave yourself open for a attack for a few seconds.
Red counter: normally its a blue stance uppercut (as explained below) from either the side, or if you can get to them before they drop down on you. Great to counter and easily leaves them open for a nice finish.

Yellow: is a flip with a upstroke , this will also leave you open for attacks for a few seconds
Yellow counter: same as above, or a offside attack, just remember that when the yellow combo is in progress that its the other side you want to attack from, or the backside...front and the saber side will take a lot of health if it hits right.

Blue: Not really a DSF but close enough: crouching uppercut, very quick and can catch someone off guard and possibly kill them in one hit
Blue counter: just about anything work really....even a blue DSF of your own.

Normally try and stay away from these combos or DSF....since you leave yourself open to other attacks as stated above....try and use them when it counts, otherwise you run the risk of either laming or losing all together.