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The files of Cypha. Submissions to competitions, MSP, or free writings, poems, drawings (for drawings as links to photobucket or deviantarts), for beneficial enhancement.


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Here is my MSP task dated in September 21st, finished on Sep 26.

> You are to describe a hallucination, supernatural encounter or a chance
> meeting with a legendary Dark Jedi of your choice (a la Darth Vader, Revan,
> Maul, Palpatine etc.). How does it occur? Is it a vision? If so what is that
> vision telling you? Do you battle with the legendary master of the Dark
> Side? How do you survive?

* Before reading the story below, you may want to know the background story of Cypha described below.


“Finally… Time to go home. Master couldn’t wait any longer...”
As he punched in the calculation for the hyperspace jump to head back to Yridia, Cypha murmured by himself in the cockpit of his ship right above the orbit of the planet Iridonia. He just finished a diplomatic mission on the planet, which was none other than a series of boring long conversations. Outside, the stars looked like scattered tiny pinholes on a black velvet sheet called space, spreading eternally in all directions. As Cypha pushed a button and pulled the throttle, the pinholes tore the velvet from center to outward. Then, for a moment, the world went white out, and the front window of the ship finally displayed some streaming abstract patterns.

Home… Closing his eyes, Cypha remembered Arkania, his real home, where he is about to pass by in a few hours. Although it was a cold icy planet, it also reminded him some warmth as well as all kinds of emotions, the memories in the days before the Brotherhood and before everything started... Gradually, his thought was sinking down almost to the meditative state, and right at the moment that he thought he discovered something deep in the bottom of his memory, he heard a beep of the alarm system.
“Alert! Emergency stop will be executed. Reason: Unknown.”
The main control screen gave him useless information, but it looked like engine was intact. Maybe his hyperspace jump calculation contained a mistake… The abstract pattern outside disappeared immediately, and the black velvet with pinholes came back outside the window. But, Cypha also saw something else outside the window. Soon, he realized it was an asteroid, as a matter of fact, many asteroids were drifting all around the ship.
“Where is this?”
As he checked the coordinates, the screen gave him back the answer.
“Malachor system? Is this still in the Outer Rim? Wait… I sense the Dark Side!”
As soon as he looked out the space, all of sudden, a big quake fell on the cockpit! Cypha’s body was thrown out of the seat, and ended up hitting his head hard to a corner of a wall to make him faint away.


A voice echoed few times in Cypha’s head to pull him back from unconsciousness. As he opened his eyes, the darkness spread up above appeared into his sight. The ceiling was too high to be seen, but he noticed that he was lying on a floor, a circle shape stage glowing in red surrounded by several curved pointy gray poles just like a Rancor’s fangs. As he tried to stand up, he murmured to nobody.
“Where am I? Who was that?”
At surprise, a voice immediately flew in from one side of the room in more realistic tone than before.
“Where you are or who I am is not the question. What are you?”
As Cypha turned to the direction where the voice came from, he saw a human old lady in a dark robe slowly walking into the stage. Her figure was mostly covered under the black robe, and its hood concealed upper half of her face hiding her eyes, with her braided gray hair hanging out from both side of her face. However, besides her mysterious appearance, what brought him quickly back to sanity was the strong presence of the Dark Side. The place itself somehow held a strong Dark Side power within. But regardless, he had never felt that strong presence of the Force from a person. It was an overwhelming amount of the Dark Side of the Force oozing out of this small old figure.
“A Sith?”
As Cypha questioned with standing up on his knee, a green blade of lightsaber slowly came out under the right side sleeve of the old woman’s dark robe.
“A Jedi?”
“What do you wish to hear? That I once believed in the code of the Jedi? That I felt the call of the Sith, That for every good work that I did, I brought equal harm upon the galaxy? That perhaps the greatest of the Sith Lords knew of evil, they learned from me?”
As questioning back to the questions, she approached toward Cypha, who stood up and slowly stepped back trying not to get too close to the enigmatic opponent.
“Greatest Sith Lords learned from you?”
Without giving Cypha any more time to think, her green blade abruptly started dancing in the air and flying toward him. He rolled down to the side to dodge, and took his lightsaber to ignite his red blade immediately in a low position.

There was a slight moment of silence, but as Cypha thought he saw a hint of smile in the old woman’s lips, the green blade rushed against him one more time. Her single-handed style of lightsaber skill was more than excellent, very smooth and swift, yet unpredictable and unorthodox, and it surely contained strength in it. The two energy blades crashed each other several times in the air, but the green one moved forward, and the red one was slowly pushed away from the stage…
“You are strong in the Force, but you are not a Sith, nor a Jedi yet.”
The old woman almost whispered and stopped attacking, then continued in a louder voice with an anger expression.
“Use your anger, otherwise, you will not be able to leave here alive. Focus!”
This time, before the old lady moved, Cypha rushed into her with an abnormal fast speed accelerated by a push of the Force. With all his power on his both hands, he swung down his lightsaber on her head! However, as easily blocked the red blade by the single-handed green blade right above her dark hood, she uttered a word like throwing a garbage.
After two blades pushed each other for a moment, as the old lady gave a slight gesture of pushing over the lightsabers, Cypha was flown away few meters backwards to the edge of the stage. Then, the old woman turned off her lightsaber as if suddenly it got useless.

Somewhere in his memory, Cypha recalled a history of a woman as sarcastic, cocky and confusing as the one he saw now. He had heard of some ancient record about a Sith. But, before he reached the exact part of his memory, the old woman’s calm but irritating voice interfered his thought again.
“I am wondering what made you brought here.”
The old woman spoke calmly as if talking to herself, but Cypha could sense a little frustration from her.
“You are so rough, crude, and immature, all of which made you so useless. What are you?”
Instead of answering, Cypha sprang up from the edge of the stage to throw his lightsaber thrusts. But before making his second step, all of sudden, a blue lightening run through the air out of the old woman’s right hand straight to Cypha with a cracking noise and burning smell! His body was immediately lifted up in the air captured in the prison of the Force lightening. Suffering from intolerable pain, he tried to get out of the grasp, but his body was paralyzed and weakened, and moved randomly like a broken puppet in the air. Struggling in merciless agony, his mind gradually ceased to work and started whiting out. At the moment Cypha had barely kept his consciousness, as he reached up almost twice as high as his height, the lightening was disappeared as sudden as it started, and he fell down to the ground helplessly to hit himself hard to force him back to the reality.
“Who…. are…. you?”
In moaning from his severe pain still remained all over his body, Cypha was rolling on the floor and look up the darkness above. By this time, he gradually understood that this old woman was testing him or trying to teach him something. But why? Why did he have to take this test or lesson, something dangerous enough to death? As if she did not know he is suffering, the old woman continued her strange questions.
“Your spirit, as diseased as it is, refuses to allow you to reveal your true power. What makes you holding back? Perhaps… let me see…”
Then, she stretched her right arms to Cypha.
“Perhaps your past. You cling to your past… too much… too obsessive… too stubborn… Yes… I can see…”
At that point, she walked by Cypha lying on the floor, and slowly but sternly, the sole of her left foot was put on his head to pin him down.
“Ah, you accepted the Dark Side long time ago because of… a betrayal. Yes, the betrayal made you so insane and also caused… even the worse accident… I see. The betrayal was the start… That is also the very reason that brought you here…Surely it is…”
She now clearly showed her smile on her lower face.
“In case you have not acknowledged, I… was once called as the Lord of Betrayal, Darth… Traya. And, you came here to learn, to learn the truths, to learn the true nature of the Force… This is your destiny…”
From straight down, now he could see her strange black eyes, in which he felt a complete darkness, darker than any darkness he knew, as if it represented her inner darkness.
“You are right, I can not see lights any more. However, I can see the world much more clearly through the Force, and more importantly for you, I can see the past and future. Yes, I can see the truths hidden behind your story.”
He heard of the name, the ancient Sith Lord who trained other famous Sith Lords. But, he could not think any more than that. Her weight kept pushing down on Cypha’s head as if the asteroid placed on his head and giving him a pain like a vise screwing his head up. Besides, all what she was speaking so far did not make much sense or too complicated for him to understand. But slowly, deep inside, he started sensing something. He felt that there might be something he should listen to or he should believe in.

“So, what did you feel when you found out your love was cheating, young boy?”
Darth Traya continued her disturbing questions in the softest and gentlest voice as if a grandmother talked to her baby. As opposed to Cypha’s confusion and irritation to her, her questions penetrated deep into the heart of his mind. He still clearly remembered the moment many years ago, the moment all the dark emotions suddenly fired up in his heart and the moment something uncontrollable had woken up inside him. But as soon as Cypha decided to open his mouth, she asked another questions, again, softly and gently, yet disturbingly.
“And, what did you exactly feel when you killed her in your hand?”
Now, he recalled that another monster had woken up in him since then… He felt pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction… It was like an instinct, he killed his love without thinking, in pleasure and thrill.
“Had you really loved her ever, young one? Or, did you just want to pretend that you knew a love?”
Again, he somehow could not ignore her insulting and disgusting questions. Of course, he loved her, he always had. But, why did he feel that amount of pleasure to kill his love? Because she betrayed him? He was supposed to feel anger or embarrassment, but why pleasure? After a moment, he could finally manage to find an excuse to answer.
“The Anzat instinct and the Dark Side. I could not stop them. I really loved her, but they took me over at that moment and drove me to kill her.”
“Is it really? Or, it was your truth that only thing you wanted was to kill and eat her from the beginning. Perhaps, you didn’t love her at all, and just waited for the time to terminate her at the climax of your stupid game titled love. Pretending you loved her was necessary to add some dramatic emotional effect on its end. Yes, white scam, you were cheating yourself.”
“What? What are you trying to say?”
Now, still under Darth Traya’s foot, Cypha started feeling a flame of anger growing up in him. The place filled with infinite Dark Side energy helped pouring it into him to make him stronger. He started trying to focus on his rage, but did not notice that his emotions were manipulated to stir up and it was getting intense.

“Or… did you know this truth? Did you know your mother didn’t want children at all? She gave a birth of you merely because the Arkanian government forced it. She was forced to love you… or at least to pretend to love you. What do you think? Did she really love you?”
Cypha’s anger was about to explode at the limit of his control. He could not tolerate this old woman’s way of speaking. It was so confusing yet so disturbing with full of lies and insults without any proofs.
“Of course, she did! She died for me, she died to save me!”
Making a contrast to his shouting back from underneath, Traya was still calm and soft on his face.
“Did she really? Why do you think the government force found you so easily while you two hid like rats in a ditch of a basement? Don’t you think somebody leaked the information where you were? Your mother has been betraying you all the time, young one. She used you just like an experimental animal. Did you recognize the guy with whom your girl was cheating when you ate her memory? Did you know your mother was the one who introduce him to the girl?”
Cypha’s anger was focused enough to spring out under ancient Sith Lord’s foot. Feeling the enormous amount of Dark Side energy going through his body, he lit the lightsaber again and swung to cut the old woman’s ankles. It did not hit anything, but at least made him escape from her disgraceful custody. As he stood up to face her in a few meters away, Darth Traya’s voice was raised with some intensity as her speech went by.
“To add insult to injury, the worst, the Arkanian government! who created you, but wanted to eliminate you when they thought something went wrong. They betrayed both you and your mother merely because of their cowardice. How do you feel if I say the government went there to terminate both of you? Yes, they shot your mother on purpose! Poor little white boy, you don’t know the consequence of the project after you left, do you?”
She posed suddenly, and with a smile spreading on her face, she started again in a softer tone as if a baby finally found her best toy.
“Ah… Right… You shall have to see it yourself. You have to end their plans and end your past by your own hands. That is the only way for you to be free from your own chain! That is your destiny…”
As her speech came to its end, slowly three lightsaber hilts slipped out of the sleeves of Darth Traya’s dark robe, made a triangle between the two figures up in the air, and were ignited with a orchestration of hiss noises to show their purple blades.
“Shut up! You don’t know nothing about me or my mother!”

Cypha shouted loud with rage, but could not commence even one step forward from where he was. Although he was in his intense rage that kept him from thinking logically, his instinct already knew that he could not match with this ancient Sith Lord of Betrayal. On the other hand, without any more words, the old Sith Lord brought up her both arms to the chest height, and swung them as if she conducted a group of musicians. Swiftly, three purple lightsaber got alive and moved towards Cypha to give thrusts from three other directions. Cypha was again, rolling to the side to dodge the blades. He managed to avoid the first attack though, the three sabers made random turns in front of Cypha with a lightening speed, and aimed the second attack to him. He could parry one of them, but other two made curves in the air quick enough to go through his guard, and gave him the deep cut on his left abdomen and upper right arm to make him drop his lightsaber. To conclude, the three purple blades immediately gathered back to point their tips right to the neck of bleeding Cypha, who ended up with kneeling down in front of the old figure. After all, all the sequence looked like a short puppet play beautifully designed and orchestrated by Darth Traya, followed by her calm but cold closing remarks.
“To have fallen so far and learned nothing… that is your failing. You don’t even know true anger yet. Nor do you fear. It is only through interaction, through decision and choice, through confrontation, physical or mental, that the Force can grow within you. I could teach you fear this time. But you need more training. You must go to Arkania to confront the truths I revealed! Then, perhaps we shall meet again… For now, you must die!”

As soon as she finished, she brought up her right hand high above. Suddenly, Cypha saw an orange beam of energy was drained out right on his chest toward Traya’s right hand. He could not move at all, stunned and slightly shaken his body with his eyes opened wide. He tried to focus and resist in some ways, but all his effort was in vain. He could not do anything except for feeling or thinking in front of the intense ancient power of the Dark Side. In seconds, he came to notice that he was losing his vitality, all the power, the Force, consciousness, blood, temperature, breath and everything without being allowed to resist in any ways. Although he still did not want to admit, instinctively he started realizing that this was the end, end of everything. His life was about to be terminated permanently… In another few seconds, one could see even his anger started diminishing in his eyes, knowing he had to accept that he sensed the death right by his side. The anger in his eyes was gradually replaced by sorrow, despair, and… fear. He realized all he had experienced, all of joy, fun, pleasure, anger, fear and everything was about to become nothing. All he wanted, all he aimed, and all he cared was soon to become nonsense. It was fear. He was scared, he was afraid of losing all he had…
“I don’t want to die….”
At the next moment, as if a star blew up its brightness at its termination, all his memories from birth to now suddenly ran through his brain quickly. He felt a strong remorse and urge to survive once and for all!
“I don’t want to die!!”
He did not know how long it kept shining, but eventually he felt the world is getting cold… dark… thin…. and silent… As he realized there were only few seconds left, he clearly felt chilling fear, fear to death, fear to lose control on everything in his life, and fear to be dissolved in eternal nothingness. Then, at the very end, he felt he was absorbed into a complete darkness, just as dark as the eyes of Darth Traya...


First thing he felt was the familiar ham noises of his ship.
“What happened? Am I… dead?”
As he stood up by the control console, he was disturbed by a terrible headache though, recognized no wound in his abdomen, arm or anywhere else. The black velvet spread outside of the front window with the countless number of pinholes twinkling silently as if nothing had happened.

With a serious confusion on his face, Cypha sat down on a cockpit and quickly checked the coordinates again. The ship was still slowly moving forward in the Malachor system, but without asteroids. He shook his head and wondered.
“Was that a dream? Was it how the death would be felt like?”
The creepy voice of the old woman had still been stuck in his head. He could clearly recall the nightmare second by second. Darth Traya, the incarnation of the infinite energy of the Dark Side, the ancient Sith Lord of betrayal… the mentor of Darth Revan, Sion and Nihilus, and a death, who sentenced and executed his life… the dark, cold and yet so quiet experience… Cypha suddenly attacked by a chill from nowhere, and could not hide his body starting shaking, unconsciously in the beginning, but uncontrollably spreading all his body at the end. It lasted for few minutes until he could found another thing to focus in his mind.

Home… The dream also left an enigmatic doubt in his mind. Of his past and the family… Cypha felt a strong urge to stop by on Arkania, which was just few hours away. However, as soon as he decided to calculate the course for the hyperspace jump, he had to make a small jump in his seat being surprised by a beeping of incoming call.
“Apprentice, where are you?”
He saw the holograph of the familiar tall human figure.
“Master, very… glad to see you… I am somehow drifting in the outer rim.”
“Listen Cypha, I’m in Coruscant now, and need you to be here ASAP. How long do you think it takes?”
“In few hours, master…”
Reluctantly though, he set the coordinates of Coruscant and jumped into the hyperspace. As he recognized the repetitive abstract pattern through the window, he closed his eyes and thought about Arkania once more. This time, he did not feel anything warm any more, but only nervousness and a chill… now he could clearly feel that there was something going on in the icy tundra world.
“It was not a dream…”
He opened his eyes and gazed at the front screen without seeing anything…


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This is a poem I wrote on August 25 as a house comp.

You are bored. Yes. Write a simple 4 lines poem to express your boredom. Rhimed, freestyle, whatever. Scream your boredom to us. (Unacceptable : Bored, bored, bored, bored... That's mine :P, think something else). The poem will be judged by creativity and vivid expression. The one who can make me read with my mouth agape will be a plus ;)

Like a dead earthworm on asphalt, left on a couch with looking at nothing.
Like a Pavloc's dog in starving, opening a bottle of beer but taste nothing.
Like an old lady with dementia, opening my laptop but clicking or typing nothing.
Like thousand times as I did, taking an iPhone and started Minesweepers.


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This was a competition run by JH Kyra Starfire. Sent August 14.

Tridens Relics Hunts
Details : House Tridens is in need of special Relics that embodies the spirit of the house and its members, and one that would benefit Tridens in the future.Your task is to describe the relic and how your character obtained it (and where : especially in Yridian II). Be creative and there is no limit to what the relic can do, i.e. special powers, size and what it can be made of. Inclusion of a graphic will be worth extra points.

(OOC) Actually, it also included some pictures and drawings, which are omitted here. I didn't polish up this submission in a pretty good shape, since I didn't have time at this moment. It could have been better.... Sorry, Kyra!

Tridens Relic Hunt

GRD Cypha (Sith)/FM/Tridens of Tarentum #10035

Cypha found this stone like strange relic in the heart of Galaxy, on planet Tython during his search of Sith artifacts. First, he went to the ruin of Belia Darzu’s temple where he found nothing important. But spending few days in the peripheral villages with the guidance of the Force, he happened to hear a folklore telling a story that Bogan people run from the fight with Ashla people hid and resided in a mountainside of the planet called Mucamooca thousands of years ago. He went to Mucamooca, and investigated in the mountains for a few days, and finally found a cave hid behind huge rocks as if the entrance was concealed on purpose, in the middle of Mt. Moocaboguae. Inside the cave was a complete darkness consisted of long and winding empty corridors with some Tuk’atas and Shyracks. At the end of the cave, however, there was a huge hall like structure with a kind of stage. Now, the stage was used as the nest by a large pack of Tuk’atas, which is where he sensed subtle but unusual type of the Force. After killing all those animals, he searched the nest, and found a bunch of shiny black stones with a size of his fist. When he took them out from the floor, he could not feel any Force from the stones. But instead, he noticed that the strange Force power was now coming from the ceiling very clearly. The small stones were probably some kind of devices to hide the relic. He climbed up on the rocky surface of the wall to the ceiling, and recognized a circle shape black stone with 1 meter diameter was embedded there that emitted a slight Force power, the Dark Side of the Force in particular, which made Cypha interested in. The stone was half buried. While he carefully break the rock and soil around it, and the stone fell down by itself.

It was actually not as heavy as it looks. Cypha could carry it with one hand as if it was made of wood, although the surface was smooth and cold just like a stone. Its bottom was a smooth round shape though, the top was hollowed and that made it looked like a big bowl. He could not figure out not only what it is made of, but also what it was for or how it works. It didn’t show any response to fire, water, physical forces, any energy bolts, or even to any kind of Force powers that Cypha could imagine.

But one day, few months after he retrieved it from Tython, when he got really tired of his practice on the day in Dathomir, he tried to sit on it and started meditating. Then, the relic finally responded to him and revealed what it is for. As he closed his eyes and focused his senses to emptiness, suddenly but slowly, the relic started deforming as to envelope Cypha’s whole body. At first, the shape change surprised Cypha and made his eyes open. But once he stopped meditating, the relic went back to its original shape as if nothing had happened. So, he had to be patient to see how it really works and it took time to figure out what was really happening.

First, it spread horizontally to change its shape from a bowl to a dish like shape, and then four corner of the dish like shape started extending up to the ceiling as his meditation state went deeper, then finally the extended arm got together on the top, right above Cypha’s head, and melting into each other which eventually made a complete sphere shape with Cypha trapped inside. It is a meditation device to help you meditate in the way of the Dark Side. When Cypha uses this device, it usually takes a couple of minute to start deforming, and takes like 15 minutes to make a complete sphere. Once it makes a complete sphere with a person meditating inside, not only the person can be perfectly isolated from outside, but also he/she starts hearing a weird sound like a bunch of drums coming from somewhere. It is not clear that this is an actual sound or a voice through the Force, but its starts very faintly, and gradually gets louder. In Cypha’s theory, the pace of the drums go along with the person’s heartbeat speed, so that it can drive the person into deeper state of meditation. As the drumming goes, the person’s mind synchronized with it, and sinks deeper and deeper into a higher meditation state. Once the person reached to the next level of meditation state, it starts projecting some abstract images on the backside of his/her eyelid, which is probably supposed to induce him/her to a even deeper meditation state. Then, once the person is stabilized in the deepest state of meditation, now it starts emitting the Dark Side of the Force to the person to absorb, which is the most interesting part of this device.

Whenever Cypha uses this, the relic makes his mind so clear and fresh. But at the same time, he always felt like he can’t help himself holding a strong urge to kill somebody or destroy something. One day, he was in this device for like 24 hours to meditate in a small village in planet Ambria, as soon as he woke up from the meditation, he destroyed the building with blasters completely, ran into the city, and killed 38 people on the street without any reasons...

He concluded it was a meditation device that Bogan people used thousands of years ago right before their fight to their enemies, and probably the hall like space at the end of the cave where the relic was found was the place where the ancient warriors practiced and meditated. He called this relic as Mocamooca Stone.


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This is a comp run by Oberst submitted on August 13.

Fiction : Officer Creation

Details : Create a personnel file of a non-Force using officer in Tarentum's military. Due to the needs of the clan, please only create regular Army and Navy officers for this event. Include all basic information such as name, race, homeworld, honors, etc. as well as an outline of their careers. You may submit up to three entries for this event, though you can only place once (but with three opportunities). Those entries selected by Oberst will be incorporated into the clan military fiction. You do not have to place in order to have your submission considered for integration into the clan military.

Requirements : The personnel files can be presented as either a dossier or a resume. You may combine your three submissions into one document.

As soon as I sent out this submission, I regret that I didn't mention that this guy is a gay.

Officer Creation
GRD Cypha (Sith)/FM/Tridens of Tarentum #10035

Name: Quinj Sarrtus
Race: Nagai
Born: 06.19, 1BBY in Nagi
Height: 1.93 m Weight: 98 kg
Skin Color: Pale White Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Gray

Professional Experience

24 ABY – present The Anzat Army, 2nd Special Force Division
Highest Rank, Colonel. Other than general battles, many assassination and sabotage missions in many places in the Galaxy. Honor of the year 25 ABY, and 27 ABY.

21 ABY – 23 ABY Nagi National Army, 112 region of 21st division.
Served as Captain to command and operate the mission in the field.
Achieved 1st Gai’tk Medal (3), 3rd Gai’tk Medal (5), and Honor of Gunthai (2) as well as various small awards.


23 ABY – 24 ABY House #6 of Gkkos Anzat Temple
Acquired special skills in assassination, sabotage and intelligence techniques and knowledge. Also he learned flying small vessels.

17ABY – 21 ABY Pre-Army Training Course in N’Gai national army school
General knowledge and skills in combat such as melee weapon, blasters, martial arts, computer science, and war tactics courses. Achieved honor of N’Gathai, won the first place in World Championship of Tehk’la Blade Competition (20 ABY).


Close range combat: Especially knife combat skills.
Knowledge for all kinds of weapons in the filed battle such as Blasters, Rifles, Grenades.

Recommendation Letter from General Togar of Nagi National Army

Quinj Sarrtus was served me as a captain 6 years ago. He was an excellent officer, and showed remarkable and outstanding skills in close range combats in any battlefields he engaged. Especially, his knife skills were the best in the military, and nobody could beat him in the practice sessions. He is known to be a taciturn person and don’t talk about himself very much, but once he speaks up something he will never break the words. Also he likes to fight and combat in the field rather than sit back and command or making a strategies for the battle. Because of his integrity and pure faith to the fight, other officers including his superiors trusted him very much in the field. Once he sets his mind for your team, I am sure he will be the best asset for your battles.

Recommendation Letter from General A’gren of The Anzat Army

He is a man of sure. He is a man of knife. He is a man of reliable. He is a man of action. You no need to worry about his skills. Once he entered into the battle, no need to worry about the consequence. He will do the job.

One thing I have to say is he doesn’t like Jedi. I guess because he believes in training, learning, and taking actions, he doesn’t like fact that somebody is better than him just because they have the special talent since they were born. He doesn’t believe in talent by nature. Talent should come from training. He does not like men who don’t train themselves. So, you may encounter some arguments. But I know he have one Jedi friend whom he met here. He can be friend with you.

But he always wanted bigger scale of battle, more battle, and more. As long as he can get battles, I believe his integrity and faith to the Tarentum military is stronger than anything else. Then, everybody including his superior Jedi will trust and rely on him very much.

Recommendation Letter from Colonel Fif of N’Gai national army school

He was the best student in my life, a born soldier with a beautiful nice body. He allegedly started learning many kinds of martial arts when he was a young. Especially, he was pretty good at close range combats, and won the World Championship of Tehk’la Blade Competition at the age of 20. He did not hesitate to make any kinds of efforts to achieve his goals, that is why I like him so much though, and the results were always awarded to him in tremendous amount of times. He didn’t speak much, but he was smart and nice to people. Everybody soon came to know his talent and faith to fighting or combat. But he didn’t boast or become snobby, and was cool about everything to anyone all the time. Everyone trusted and depended on him. He was so cool! He is the best! best! best!


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This is a DB wide comp held by Raken, submitted on June 25.

"Meditation on the Force"

The philosophies attempting to describe the Force through the millennia are at once convoluted, contradictory, and unfulfilling. Less important than what belief most correctly defines the truth of the Force may be what belief most correctly defines it for the individual. One being’s piety is another’s heresy.

Describe for us what philosophy it is that guides your understanding of the Force. Is it the illusory nature of the White Current, or the purported absence of evil of the Potentium? Light, Dark, Gray…who is to say what the Force is? Who indeed?

OOC: In-character, or not, describe the philosophy guiding your character or fitting your personal belief of what the Force is. The most compelling submission will be the winner.


Meditation on the Force
PRT Cypha (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum, Dossier #10035
June 25, 2008

Cypha's current point of view to the Force is summarized below with some key quotes from other Sith Lords. Not only how he sees the Force, but also why he does so are explained below in order to understand his view to the Force in detail.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. "
- Code of the Sith

At the age of fifteen, Cypha somehow knew the presence of the Force, but has never trained in or intentionally used the way of the Force. It was this time that this tragic incident that has totally changed Cypha's points of view happened. In the intensive rage against the fact his first girlfriend cheated on him, he killed her with his Anzat mind control ability and the dark side of the Force. To add insult to injury, he had to lose his mother by accident on his way of running from Arkania police, then he ended up fully engaging in the dark side of the Force in his terrible despair, fear, and anger, without knowing what it was.

Basically, this incident triggered him to start understanding what the Force is and how powerful or useful it is, and soon he came to believe that his Force power should be driven from deep inside of his emotion to utilize its maximum potential. Since this happened in his sensitive age in a very tragic way, he was traumatize with this idea that emotions, especially the dark ones, are the key to utilize the Force. But he called these dark emotions as “passion” at this time, since he felt it as a positive tool to fuel a massive energy in him as if it lit up an intensive flame inside him.

"These fools have never faced their anger, and thus have no idea whether they have truly overcome it or not. True calm is only achieved through testing the limits of one's anger and passing through unscathed."
- Darth Sidious

Since the escape from Arkania, Cypha had encountered so many dangerous situations, and always used this passion to push him up to his maximum level in the Force, and it was most of the time, anger. Anger is the first emotion he learned as a very useful tool. Once he noticed the utility of anger and analyzed more about this power, he came to think that anger is somehow unique and different from other emotions. Not only it gave him focus and power, but also he felt almost all kind of dark emotions could be turned into anger when he really dig into them. Namely, he noticed that he could sublime these emotions such as hatred, fear or sorrow into anger instantly to get necessary power to fight. Later, when he had a chance to read "The Book of Anger", he learned that it was a basic technique in the way of the Sith, and completely agreed with Darth Sidious way of teaching: "When anger and will joined together, one can get the greatest power." This aggressive emotion was just a necessity for him to survive his youth life, and he unconsciously learned the first step of the way of the Sith at this time.

"Fear. Fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally."
- Darth Maul

Another emotion he had to deal with in a fight was his fear. At first, he tried to deny that he felt fears, but soon he noticed that it was just a lie. The fear is always there more or less, whenever one faces a serious danger. To know and analyze the fear in his own mind is the first step he had to take. Once he noticed it is there, he could see his mind more clearly, and that eventually made him learned how to control his fear not to make him passive, negative or too nervous. At the same time, he came to learn the fear also has positive aspects. The fear could make him more cautious and make his mind and body ready to fight. Without fear, he noticed he sometimes underestimated the enemy or the situation, and this could have led to a fatal mistake. Or, in more critical situation, he can even turns the fear directory into anger to fuel him up. He concluded that the most important thing is to see where the fear is, face it and don’t walk away from it, and control it to take the positive part and cut the negative part out.

"Any apprentice of mine needs to be the master of his emotions, not a slave to them. "
- Darth Caedus

Eventually, he started paying more attentions to his other emotions too. He thought, not only fear, also anger, despair, jealousy, pleasure, love etc.. all kind of emotions should have both negative and positive aspects. He must see his emotions in his mind first, then analyze, and use it in a positive way leaving the negative part aside. For instance, the pleasure, a positive emotion everyone experiences, he saw so many people were addicted to a pleasure like gamble or drugs, and lost control of their situations or even their whole life. It is the same thing in the art of fighting or in the Force. If you depend on the emotion simply because it is so powerful, it will dominate all of your activity, and you end up losing the fight, which could be a death. Emotions are strong. He cannot let the emotions control over him, or he cannot fear and steps away from these emotions either. What he has to do is to recognize and control all emotions for his purpose. Once you get the control of your emotions, you will be able to use them as your powerful energy source to be invincible in the Force.

"The Jedi shackle themselves in chains of obedience: obedience to the Jedi Council; obedience to their Masters; obedience to the Republic. Those who follow the light side even believe they must submit themselves to the Force. They are merely instruments of its will, slaves to a greater good."
- Darth Bane

Later, in the quest for power as a Sith, he had a chance to study the way of light side in literature. He wanted to know all the aspects of the Force, and was actually interested in learning new ways of the Force.

But he just couldn't agree with the teachings of Jedi at all. From his experiences as mentioned above, he could not accept the idea that power lies in peace and serenity as described in the Jedi Code. Emotions are always there. Even in the Jedi history, every single Jedi had emotions and struggled with them. You cannot just ignore it or go around it as Jedi Code denotes. You cannot deny it. If you do, it is just a lie. The emotion, passion, death, they are there, not to leave it but to overcome. If you didn’t face and control them, you would be just a coward to leave and hide the problems. Besides, with the proper control, emotions could be a strong asset to achieve one's goal (or even other people’s goal to bring a better society or to bring peace). It is just like a lightsaber, the Jedi's dangerous weapon. Jedi will train themselves for years to control it. Why can't they do the same thing over something inside their minds? Cypha felt Jedi are so stubbornly stuck in a dogmatic teaching that does not make sense, and he could not understand why he had to suppress it or ignore emotions. Passion definitely gives him powers, and all the emotions, with the control, can be very strong tools in the way of the Force just like a lightsaber.

"If you are to truly understand, then you will need the contrast, not adherence to a single ideal."
- Darth Traya

But in the days of training in assassination techniques in an Anzat temple, he could come to see the efficacy or virtue of peace or serenity. Basically he concluded it is the same meaning as he calls "the control of emotions". In combats, sometimes emotions, especially fears, can make ones move restricted. Or, even in one's daily life, once some kind of emotions dominates your mind and control over your mind, your perspective will be one-sided and dogmatic. If you did that in a fight, the result could be fatal. You have to see all the surroundings and circumstances regardless of your emotions, and take all the possibility into account to make a decision. It is true emotions can interfere, limit or cloud this process. In this way, you should set your emotion aside, and keep your mind clear like pure water. More precisely, in Anzat philosophy, he learned that he has to clear his mind as if there is nothing in it, and that can make him see anything coming into the nothingness and make him taking spontaneous actions to it. He eventually learned the necessity of setting aside the emotions, not in the way to ignore or stay away from it as Jedi do, but to positively control and overcome it.

Taken that aspect into account, he started trying to utilize two different kind of mindset at a time. One is nothingness mentioned above, which makes him focuses any changes to be happening in his surrounding. But also at the same time, he focuses on his raw emotions deep inside him, which gives him incredibly large amount of energy to make him powerful and indestructibly strong will to achieve his task at hand. He thought the concept of utilizing two different mindsets was self-contradicted and almost impossible at first, but he gradually got used to deal with different mindsets at a time, as he got more experienced. Again, it was a necessity for him to do so, in order to survive this evil and cruel world.

"Everything I tell you is a lie" "Everything I tell you is the truth"
- Vergere

At this point, Cypha learned that everything has some different aspects in it. Just as emotions have advantages and disadvantages, almost all things in the universe have two or even more different aspects, such as good or bad, or positive or negative... Sometimes these aspects even look opposite, but they might not. They look different because you just look at one thing from different points of view. From one side, it could be seen as a lie, but from another side, it could be a truth. Both aspects are right, and at the same time they are wrong. Nothing is absolute. He believes that one just has to see all the aspects to understand everything. If you were to stick to one side, that would lead you to a dead-end, and you would end up in nowhere.

For example, the dark side and the light side of the Force, these could be just two different aspects of one thing, or in other words, you should use both ways at a time. As a matter of fact, his conclusion that he needed to have serenity and passion at the same time in a fight is utilization of both the dark and light side. For him, it does not even matter if the Force has these two sides. Still the both sides should have advantages and disadvantages. You can use the dark side for a good purpose regardless the Force itself is dark or not. What matters is how you deal with it. The only important thing is that you have to see and control the Force.

At first, that idea led him to think that the Force has many similarities in comparison to emotions. The Force is always there either if you feel it or not. You have to face and control it. The Force could be a strong asset for your purpose with control, but also it can destroy you by controlling you without control, just like the emotions. But eventually, he realized that it is not that they are similar, but that it looks similar because emotions are the key to control the Force. It is not the Force doing something good or bad, but it is a person who misuse or make use of the Force. And, to control the Force, you need to control your emotions first, and the use it to obtain the power to wield the Force.

As a result of those considerations, he eventually came to think that there is no inherent light or dark side in the Force, but rather, it depends on the state of mind of the Force wielder that the Force looks light or dark. This is similar to the Potentium view. However, what makes different from the most of Potentium followers is that Cypha believes that "so-called" dark side is the true nature of the force, instead of believing the light side is the nature. He believes it is just the nature itself and ones who cannot step into "the dark side" are cowards with weak wills or with bent ideas by surroundings.

"Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core. There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you."
- Darth Traya

Later, he also traveled many planets like Dathomir, Korriban, Ziost..etc to learn some other aspects of the Force that people call “secret teachings”, in other words, to see various outcomes that the Force can do. Some of those "secrets" were creative, unique, and different, but some were practiced in a similar way in different names and places. Seeing these so many “secrets” only made his belief solider. What makes it look different is not the nature of the Force, but the method how one uses it. And, what really makes one strong is how strong you are in the Force. Many Force users thought there were “secret teachings”, but in his eyes, again, it was seeing different aspects of one thing, the Force. It is not the matter of right or wrong, good or bad, or, strong or weak. The Force is the Force. It is some kind of entity or energy around or within all of life forms. It doesn't have characters like good or bad naturally, but it will have a character when a Force user wields it in a characteristic way. And, it works strong when a Force use is strong in the Force, and it is not that the particular Force power is strong or weak.

This concept eventually led Cypha to believe the idea that there is no "Will of the Force" or there is no predetermined destiny. Those are just convenient excuses for losers who could not be responsible of their own lives. The destiny has to be decided by you. Even if the Force could affect the destiny, one should be able to change it and make a new destiny by his/her own will. There is no way the Force itself acts on you in some ways. That concept is a selfish excuse for losers who cannot face their own problems. The Force is just a mystical energy, and it has to be him, who control the Force and utilize in the way he wants.

"Who I am is not the question. Those are titles, words you cling to as the darkness falls around you. "Sith" is a title, yes, but like you, the title is not who I am. It is not what I believe."
- Darth Traya

So, basically he believes the stronger connection with the Force he got, the stronger he will be. The light side or dark side, Sith or Jedi, is just a name somebody called for their own conveniences along with their beliefs. He has to be strong in the Force from hard disciplines in the first place, and once he gets strong enough, he can learn more various methods to use the Force. But at the end, it is only him and has to be him, who has to work hard to make his goal possible.

Now, he chose the way of the Sith at the Brotherhood for the place to commit himself to hard disciplines to make him strong in the Force.


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This is the third phase of the Clan competition "To the Core", submitted on June 25.

Now that the Clan team has gotten into the facility, it must search it. However, those soldiers assigned to protect the facility (who have been out of touch with the galaxy at large) are not going down without a fight. Describe any conflict, and the resolution of that conflict, that you have. What, if anything, does the clan manage to walk away with?

Minimum of 2 pages in MS Word, 12 pt font (TNR, Arial, or Courier). Max length of four pages.

More details are at:

Running through the power plant room, few Dark Jedi reached the door of the control room of the plant, which Deatharoc's lightsaber immediately slashed open. Although blaster fires welcomed them, they were all reflected by the crimson blade precisely back to the forehead of the people who shot, except for only one shot didn't went through an engineer's head but his shoulder.

"Surrender, or you prefer continue?"

Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc marched straight forward enjoying his speech. A human engineer of the power plant slowly threw his blaster on the floor, and resignedly came out from the back of a huge console with his left hand covered his wound right shoulder.

"Now, show me the map of the facility. Don't try to make fool of us. If you don’t behave, we have an Anzat to read your mind with a sacrifice of your life… We don't have time.. Do it now!"

The Arkanian-Anzat Protector Cypha, with his eyes turned into bloody red contrasted with completely white skin, walked to the engineer with his two Anzat tentacles stretched out from both side of his cheek like two snakes dancing. The engineer, who was obviously helpless and terrified, stepped up to the main console.

"Here is the ma, ma, map...."

A red 3D-holograph showed up in front of them. The facility had 8 stories structure holding the power plant in the first floor. As usual, Deatharoc's decision was really quick this time.

"Elols, put this map into your Datapad, and bring Kyra, Qauntis, and Cypha to search whatever items in this building. I will contact Anshar to tell him the way to go. Odin's unit is in the plant and coming up soon. Don't worry about me, now! go!"

Behind the holograph, through a huge transparisteel window, they could see the whole power plant underneath, and Cypha acknowledged few Dark Jedi was fighting there, especially Odin's red lightsaber dancing with blaster fires outstood in the dark hall.

A Bothan Jedi Hunter, Bieten Macht Elols and three other Tridens ran into the elevator shaft and headed up to the 8th floor, which was supposed to hold some laboratories according to the map. When the four black robe figures came out of the elevator shaft, red lights were blinking and the alarm was screaming in the empty hallway. It looked like everybody had already been evacuated...most of the rooms were empty, just some machines were left destroyed, and looked like nothing interesting to be found. But in a minute, Guardian Kyra Starfire, a human female from Dathomir, found a slide door at the end of the hallway.

"Somebody's in there..."

"I sense it too."

A Zabrak Dark Jedi, Protector Qauntis replied. Elols kneeled down in the hallway and focused in the Force, and at the next moment, gave a hand sign to go! Quantis and Cypha smashed the door and rolled into the room.

Inside, about 50 people in the military uniform were working in a huge bright hall with many desks and screens, as if they didn't even know that there were the intruders. But as soon as they heard the noise of the door broken, all took out their blaster and started shooting to the door. The two Dark Jedi had to run out of the room under the rain of the blaster bolt, and immediately went back behind the door where Elols and Kyra stood by.

"There were like 50 people there! Surprised we didn’t get hit! Still in a serious trouble though…"

Cypha sighed… but the Rollmaster could not agree with the idea.

"Something is wrong, I only sense three people in there… It can’t be that many. "

"Right….. It looked so many though, why they don't come out and get us yet?"

Quantis added.

"Is it possible that it could be some kind of illusion? Yeah, maybe this is what we are looking for…"

As soon as Kyra seemed to make a point, they heard some small explosion sounds inside the room.

"OK, Kyra and I are going in, Cypha, Quantis, cover us!"

Behind the same door, what they saw was a small room with three computers just exploded this time. Then, Kyra saw a couple of people running out of a door on the other side of the room. At the same time, Elols noticed that only one computer alive, which showed a small number on screen, which was decreasing in order, 7, 6, 5…

"It's a trap! Get out of here, now! Back to the hallway!"

The Bothan Dark Jedi screamed as loud as possible. In addition, his scream in the Force was so compelling that everybody rushed out the door with the speed that normal human cannot exhibit. Right after Elols got out of the door at the end, a huge explosion was detonated in the room.

"They got some nice tricks…. Anyway, it’s completely different room from what we saw a second ago!"

Cypha made sure everyone was all right, and expressed his confusion.

"Maybe, this is the Star Vision technology or a similar one."

Kyra restated her theory again, and Elols concluded it.

"And maybe, they are running with the program in their hands now."

The four Dark Jedi ran through the room, where still dusts drifted like a fog, to the other door. They could not see the fugitives, but definitely felt in the Force three people running upset. After few minutes of running, finally they ended up in a big hall with ceiling and walls made of rocks. There was a small air shuttle sat in the middle and a big steel door in front of it. Three of human engineers who were almost at the shuttle looked back and noticed the chasers, and one of them ordered other two.

"You, open the cage, and you go to the shuttle and prepare to take off!"

One of them ran into the shuttle, and another ran to a wall. Suddenly, a huge door right next to the door they just came in opened slowly, and they heard ominous sounds rushed out, which were steps of some big creature that Cypha was familiar with.

"A Rancor….but…"

It was a Rancor, huge aggressive dangerous beast originally from Dathomir. But this one was extremely large, probably twice as large as usual ones, and had a green skin color with many horns on its head and some blade like structures in its forearms, and the fangs looked lager than usual too.

"Mutant ones… poor baby…"

Kyra frowned on her tattooed face, and continued.

"Rancors are my specialties, Roll Master. Let me handle this.. Can we do Lehon Kahmurra formation?"

Lehon Kahmurra formation. It was a traditional attack formation taught in Tridens that they had been practicing for months in Yridia II, where usually four people attack simultaneously from four different directions to one opponent. It is usually effective against a physically big opponent.

"I'll do the kite, Elols, could you do the anchor?"

“Okay, Kyra!… Cypha, give me your blaster. Quantis, you are the bait, Cypha will be the shadow. All right guys! Remember, the timing is the key! Formation!”

As soon as Elols ordered, all of them took their robes off and faced the Rancor to set the formation, which Elols in the center, and Cypha left and Quantis right forming one line side by side and Kyra positioned right behind Elols. The straight line made up with Cypha, Elols, and Quantis slowly approached the Rancor and Kyra remained still. The giant green Rancor didn’t move much and was growling deep watching four small figures, and roared finally as if the huge beast could not wait to see what they could do.


Suddenly, Elols made a noise at the distance few steps before the Rancor's reach, and kneeled down to the floor aiming the blaster to the Rancor’s eye. At the same time, Cypha and Quantis spread to both sides with their vibroswords ready in their hand. Then, the first action was taken by “the bait”, Quantis. The Zabrak rushed straight into the Rancor’s left ankle, and when the Rancor’s left hand flew to parry him away, he just jumped and swayed back to avoid a hit from it. Quantis heard a sound of the air screaming as the Rancor’s claws tore the air up right in font of him. The role of “the bait” is not the attack, but just to draw the attention of the opponent.

One second later, when the Rancor’s head lowered down because of its first move, Kyra running from the back and jumped on Elols's shoulder, then suddenly leaped high up with a help of the Force into right in front of the Rancor's face! “The kite” is the most dangerous role in this attack formation because her attack is on the air where she can’t make a sudden change of her course toward the opponent.

But for a trick, she could have been easily destroyed by the Rancor’s second shot. But, there were few tricks going on with the attack of “the kite”. At the same time Kyra flew up, Cypha, “the shadow”, rushed into the Rancor from the left side with his vibrosword, and Elols started shooting the blaster fire into the Rancor’s eyes. So, the Rancor had to be defensive at the moment, with its left arm covers the face from the blaster shot, and the right arm swung in the air around Cypha. Just as “the bait” did, his role here was to keep the opponent’s attention on him for a second, and to get around the opponent’s back whenever he had a chance. Cypha didn’t have to try hard to make damages on the Rancor, and just swayed and ducked to avoid a critical hit from the green claws.

But still, the Rancor saw Kyra was jumping right in front, gave a threatening roar, and decided to smash her down by its left hand at the next moment. Then, the last and biggest trick was sprung by “the anchor”, Elols. As he saw the Rancor’s claws started swinging towards Kyra, he dropped the blaster and released the full Force power stored in him to push “the kite” forward to avoid the hit. In Rancor’s mind, it thought the claws could easily catch Kyra with its perfect blow. But at the very next moment, she move forward unusually quick so that the Rancor have even lost her in its sight. Kyra ended up landing on the Rancor's forehead and the Rancor’s claws swung in the air again. “The anchor” is the most important and the key role in this formation. The timing of the trick, the Force push, had to be not too fast but not too late. This requires the experience along with the trust between “the kite” and “the anchor”. Elols had been concentrating on his Force until this one critical moment, and released it in the perfect way.

Kyra was quickly climbed up the green forehead of the frustrated Rancor, moved around to the back of its neck, which was where the claws could not reach easily, and standing there with holding one of its mutated horn. Now, it was supposed for everyone to attack the Rancor to get down.

“Hold the attack!”

Cypha, Quantis and Elols heard Kyra sharply and clearly in the Force, and she continued in a softer tone.

“I think I can handle this baby….”

Kyra kneeled down onto the neck, put her left hand on the back of the Rancor’s head, and started meditating to speak to the Rancor through the Force. She was originally one of the Dathomir Witches, who are known to ride Rancors as their transportation and to know how to speak with Rancors. But, this one was mutated and somehow its mind was so twisted by the dark side power of Inquitorious. The Rancor was just insane and mindless, filled with hatred, rage, grief and despair, and she felt like she could not find a place to start talking. The Rancor roared again, and started twisting its upper body to swing off Kyra.

“Help me, Cypha!”

Kyra’s shouted. As a matter of fact, Cypha also had spent few years in Dathomir, and knew some ways to speak to Rancors. Understanding what she was doing, Cypa also jumped up onto the Rancor’s green neck and helped her to suppress the Rancor’s rage through the Force. As he focused and injecting some Force energy from his hand, finally the Rancor seemed to stop moving around and gradually looked settled down. Then, Kyra started talking to the Rancor in a very soft soothing voice.

“Nothing to fear anymore. We could be good friends. You were just misguided by an evil mind….”

Eventually, the Rancor lowered down its head almost to the ground, which shows his obedience to Kyra. At last, when Kyra climbed down to the front of the Rancor’s face, it looked like tears blurred up in the Rancor’s eyes.

At that time, the leader of three engineers of this facility, who was just looking at the Dark Jedi expecting to be terminated, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Well done, people! I don’t know who you guys are, but I am the inquisitor Gorfott, and pleased to meet you. But unfortunately, I have to leave. Enjoy the rest of the facility!”

Everyone stood still in silent for a second, but Quantis took the first move without a sign. He quickly attacked the enemy by the door of the Rancor cage and sliced him by his sword. At the same time, Cypha jumped off and started running towards Gorfott with Elols.

On the other hand, the smell of the blood triggered something in the Rancor’s mind. He, the mutated giant Rancor, noticed someone he knew had died and another one he knew was here…. The Rancor slowly brought his green head up, look to the right, and recognized Gorfott… and suddenly felt uncontrollable rage came up in his mind. He didn’t know why, but could not stop the raw emotion, a simple but strong desire that he had to destroy this person. As he stepped one closer to Gorfott, the memory of tortures that he went through came up in his mind, and with another step, he remembered the ugly smile of Gorfott along with the memory of pains….. The third step was a rush, and the fourth was a jump! The Rancor almost flew in the air, landed by Gorfott, and grabbed him with the right claws perfectly and firmly…..

The move was really fast even for the Dark Jedi’s eyes. Elols could not even predict and Kyra even could not stop that it was happening. The Rancor suddenly jumped a long distance to the Inquisitor, and grabbed him in its right hand so quickly like a thunderbolt.

When the Dark Jedi noticed, the Inquisitor was already dying in the Rancor’s hand. His bones throughout his body were destroyed and fractured, and some of his blood dripped down from the bottom of the Rancor’s right hand. Gorfott was glaring at the Rancor for seconds, but faced back to the Dark Jedi and squeezed out his last words from his bloody throat.

"You….. think you….ve won today…. But our brother….l destroy….. yo … the descend…. of Yaa'thei. They….. know….. all……happened….. GithYaa’ri, ……the… name…of your death…."

Then, his head dropped down, and a datapad fell out of his hand to the ground…. The Rancor released the power of his grasp, brought the corpse to its mouth, and Gorfott was minced with disturbing sounds.

Another engineer came out of the shuttle holding his hands up with Cypha putting the sword on his neck. At the same time, Elols picked up the datapad of Gorfott on the floor, and murmured.

“I hope this contains a lead to the Star Vision technology. Or, he can explain something to us…”

He glanced at the only one engineer left, and looked back to the green monster.

“So, Kyra, what’s up with our new friend?”

The tattooed female was petting the Rancor on a meal, and answered back with a cynical smile.

“Maybe he is still hungry. Let’s get down to the 7th floor!”


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This is the second phase of the Clan competition "To the Core", submitted on June 13.

Write a short story that tells about your part in obtaining entrance to the secret facility. How does the clan team, or your part of it, get inside, and what role do you play in it?

Judging will be based on realism as well as your overall story. Make certain to read Part 2 fiction carefully for some details about the facility. Minimum length is 1.5 pages in MS Word, 12 pt font (TNR, Arial, or Courier). Max length of 4 pages.

More details are at:

"Master, can I join you this time?"

Protector Cypha, 1.7 m tall Arkanian-Anzat hybrid with his absolute white skin and hair making a dramatic contrast with his black robe, just stepped into Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc's compartment. Deatharoc, almost 2 meter tall muscular shape human in a custom made battle suit with a black robe, threw back his voice from the middle of a black leather sofa.

"The Asonel Cave is huge, this is not going to be an easy mission… Are you ready, apprentice?"

The master stood up, and continued as he saw his apprentice nodding with a strong will in his eyes.

"The mission has two objectives. The first one is the most important, and we must complete at any cost. It is to find out the hidden entrance of the target facility and secure it until midnight when our main assault force coming in. The second is to sneak in the facility, and get any information inside that can make the main force attack and their search easier. If we have time, we can look for the valuable items. We will enter there from outside of the mountains, and other scout units are also supposed to look for the entrance in the caves. Got it? But remember, our main mission is to secure and guide the main attack force, not for the search of treasures!"

One hour later, Cypha and the master were wandering a junkyard near a big star port in Prak City, a big plateau surrounded by numerous pointy mountains in all directions. The sun was just touching between two mountains on the city border, which projected the pointy shadows on the plateau as if they tried to eat the city.

"Drold W3-XT11, this one should fit perfectly well for our purpose. We’ll take him."

Said Deatharoc, looking down at a dusty silver-gray human shaped droid.

"Master, can’t we get a bigger and better transport? This speeder will take us forever to go over the mountain!"

Cypha was little frustrated, but his master just shut it down with a reasonable explanation.

"The facility must have a huge power plant to do the experiments on the technologies such as Star Vision or the cloaking devise, and our plan is to detect the leaking energy emission from the plant through the air ventilation shaft. We roughly know the location though, we have to carefully and slowly go along the ground because the energy signal should be very subtle and the shape of the terrain can make the signals jammed if you go high. For that reason, we need a small speeder just like this. Trust me!"

Under the usual orange shaded cloudy sky of Prak City sunset, the speeder with the two Dark Jedi and the droid took off the ground and headed to one side of the city border, where the pointy mountains made a beautiful skyscraper, where the Asonel Caves and the hidden facility have supposedly kept hidden, to be revealed.

As one of the brown mountains approaches right in front, the Dark Jedi Knight threw a stern order.

"All right, the caves are under these mountains! Program the devices and start the energy scans! I believe usually those power plants produce type φ2 or φ3 emission!"

As Cypha tried to open his mouth, the droid cut in abruptly.

"To my knowledge, I assume detectable level of φ2 emission is expected along with Julala radiation, however expecting φ3 emission is completely nonsen…."

"Do whatever [Expletive Deleted] you think it's right! Just let us know the damn location of the radiation source!"

As Deatharoc shouted out, the droid didn't continue anymore. Both two Dark Jedi took it as a sign of acknowledgement. Then, finally Cypha got a chance to talk.

"Master, I thought.... in those air ventilation shafts, they also should have some kind of security alert system against intruders, shouldn’t they? Do those security systems also radiate some kind of energy?"

Deatharoc gave a sharp glance at the dusty droid, who added his analytical statement emotionlessly.

"Yes, most of the security systems cause various kind of emissions. As a matter of fact, that is how it works. Luckily to us, these emissions usually cause Kaaley-Mank’ht interference pattern with φ2 emission. In other words, with those two emission sources taken into account, we should be able to observe more distinguished wave patterns against the background noise than either one alone."

"Good call, Cypha!”

In the next few hours, the dark brown rocky surface of the mountain looked all the same, and the signals the droid was looking at is so noisy that they were completely meaningless to Cypha. Although he didn’t quite understand how, the droid claimed several times that it detected something. However, all of them ended up just dry brown rocks and sands when Cypha examined. He almost doubted that the droid had fun mocking them.

As the sun almost disappeared in the edge of the mountains, and the darkness veiled the sky above, W3 spoke up his “cliché of the day” once more as in the same mechanical manner as he did many times today.

"Sir, I might have observed a slight radiation source."

Without a word, frowned Deatharoc turned the steer and flew back slowly the exact way they just came.

"Right here, Sir. I see Kaaley-Mank’ht interference pattern, which possibly indicates an interference between φ2 emission with Api'nkcaah wave, which suggests the presence of a SDS motion detect system."

As the master stopped the speeder, Cypha stepped down to the ground with his obvious reluctance and said.

“Begin the damn hologram interference protocol, W3!”

As the droid turned on a gigantic device on the speeder, with its low ham noise, something was happening in their sight. Under a huge rock, the sight is somehow blinking in a second, and it went all clear again. Then, a lid like net structure suddenly appeared there, on which small rocks, stones and sands were deliberately attached. It was an artistic masterpiece, but now they could recognize a circle hole underneath with 2 m in diameter.

"That's it, Cypha! I'll send the coordinates to Anshar."

Deatharoc quickly punched out on his consol to send the code to the ship high above in the orbital, and in a minute, he got a reply.

"OK, it looks like the other units have discovered the entrances to the facility as well. We still have two hours to midnight. We should go in and take a look inside. W3, disable all those sensors in the shaft!"

As Deatharoc ordered and stepping out of the speeder, the droid set a machine by the shaft and made it alive.

“REM scramble wave has commenced.”

The Dark Jedi Knight quickly took out his crimson blade lightsaber and cut out the entrance, and the ventilation shaft curving down underneath showed up. Although they could not see how deep it would be, the two Dark Jedi and the droid jumped into the dark hole without hesitation. After several ten seconds of fun slide, they ended up flying out into an open space, almost 10 m high from the floor. They, with a little help of the Force, managed to land successfully on the floor of a huge dark hall with many loud ambient noises mixed around. There were four tall big cylinder shaped power generators standing next to each other taking almost all the space of the hall, and behind them, some lights and people could be faintly seen on the other side of the room.

"So far, so good….."

As Deatharoc whispered, it didn't look like anybody noticed their visit. Then, he pointed out a door on the left side with a sign [Level 7 Security, Authorized Personnel Only, Biohazard].

"W3, open that door for us. Let’s explore this facility!"

As soon as the droid unlocked it, the two black cape figures quietly moved and disappeared behind the door, which was a dark hallway, with very few lights and with no signs of guards or anybody. In Cypha’s eyes, it looks so empty or isolated as if people avoided being there for some reasons. As the two Dark Jedi proceed to the left and took a left turn as the hallway turned, they found five doors on the right side of the wall. Suddenly, in front of one of those doors, Cypha sensed something remote and elusive, but somehow familiar.

"Master, I'd like to look into this room for a second. I'll catch you up."

"What? I don’t sense anything though… OK, take a look at the rooms, and wait for me here! I sense some other Tarentum units are close by, I'll check it and be coming right back."

Again with the droid’s help, Cypha entered the room, which was small with no windows and cold like a refrigerator. He didn't sense any life forms, but strong smell of some chemicals drifting. As he turned the light on, he could see many glass tubes with 0.5 m in diameter and 1 m in height placed on four tables. Each of those tubes was filled up with some sort of fluid, and held a biological tissue of various species, such as a naked brain, an arm with a few blades implanted, or a dead human head with four eyes. As he walked and looked around one by one, he came to understand that those specimens were offspring of some insane biological experiments. All the time Cypha saw those experiments he always felt so disgusted, even though Cypha himself was a product of those experiment. Or, maybe that is the reason why he hated it… But anyway, he looked around the room and specimens for a while. Then, suddenly, he sensed something strange from a corner of the room. As he stepped closer, he noticed the back of a blue Twi'lek head with its lekku cut at the half of its height, with numerous wires, codes and pipes attached in the cut neck and lekku, floated in one of those glass tubes. As he came around and saw the face, he finally understood what was bothering him since he came to this room….. It was Sleurn, a high inquisitor in Arlleira's memory soup from the investigation in Prak City few days ago. Sleurn was older now, probably 80's in age, but still the tattoo on his blue face could not be mistaken.

Cypha carefully observed the head, but didn't find any further information, and decided to move to the next room. However! It was right at the moment he turned around that he sensed a sharp chill in his back. He looked back slowly and cautiously to the old Twi'lek’s head, and saw Sleurn's eyes suddenly widely opened up!

"Nnnn… Yooou are looking for Yaa'thei stone…."

With a weird groan and accent, the Twi'lek head actually talked very slowly to Cypha in a very low voice. No, it was not talking, the tube was filled with the liquid and the lips didn't move… This must be some kind of telepathy. As soon as Cypha thought so, Sleurn's mouth spread wide and smiled. Cypha unconsciously stepped back, then hit the table, and several glass tubes fell and broke into the ground with a loud noise. But Sleurn's voice echoed again in Cypha's head as if nothing could bother him.

"Are you a Jedi? .. No, you are too daaark, .. a Sith? Nnnnguaaann, No. But definitely you are a dark sider."

Cypha couldn't hide his surprise and a little fear on his face, but managed to speak.

"I am a Sith, from Tridens of Tarentum."

"Whaaaat? nnnnn dyu know Vergere? Or, you are under Xoxaan's teachhhing?.. nnnhuuunn. Tarentum? Oooooohhhh I see, probably you are the Okemi's follower…. I heard the rumor, the Brrrotherhood…. nnhuah"

"You read my head, don't you?"

Cypha was trying to think logically to wash off all the fear in him.

"Excelleeent. I sssee your mind, yes. I know who you are, why you are here, and what is your weakness…"

His voice sounded arrogant yet creepy.

"Well… allow me to explainnn. Several years ago, myyy entire experiment team have betrayed me, captured me and sliced me into this miserable shape, put me in this cell, and even experimented on me…. nnn Why? Because I grew too strong with the power of Yaa'thei. They were afraid of me… just as you are now…"

Cypha could see Sleurn's eyes emitted an evil glow, and Dark Side energy was filling the room.

"Yaa'thei was an ancient Sith, and she spent all her life to put all her power into a stone. I don't know the true potential, but once this stone recognize you as its owner, you can absorb dark side energy or radiate the energy through this stone at your will. Imagine if you used it to your enemy or your superior, you would be able to obtain their whole power into your hand. Or imagine if you used it against a whole planet…. The powerrr is so strrroong! Look at me, I still have those powers I obtained years ago. Huaaan nnnn guah! But the stone is not here any mooore…. The trraitors took it away and left me here alone. They headed to Tython more than 5 years ago to learn Belia Darzu's knowledge, which is not far from here though."

"Why are you telling this to me…"

The floating head didn't answer to Cypha's question, but asked back a question with a cynical smile.

"Why did you fall into the Dark Side?"

Cypha was little confused, but gave him back few words.

"I don't think I fell. This is just a natural way for me."

Sleurn continued with another question, as his smile got even bigger and more cynical.

"Why were you so afraid when your first girl friend betrayed you? cheating on you?"

For a moment, Cypha could not understand what Sleurn was talking about. But few seconds later, he could respond with his anger.

"I was not afraid, just hated it! Stop looking into my mind! Don't play around with my memory!"

The bodyless old Twi'lek continued with his sinister smile on his face.

"Oh, how many times did you play around with somebody's memory? How many memories did you eat from your prey, or even from the ones you loved? Now you condemn me?"

Cypha clearly felt his rage inside growing up. He even felt something was pushing his rage up to the maximum, to the range he could not control. With his final reason, he managed to groan with glaring at Sleurn.

"What do you want?….. Why are you doing this to me…."

But Sleurn didn't stop and just kept adding questions with the sarcastic and provocative attitude.

"What about the girl friend? Yes… your first girl friend. Tell me how her memory taste like when you suck it up? How did you feel when you terminated the love of your life? Tasty? Was that the word? Or, how about this one? How did you feel to see her making love with …"

When Sleurn reached there, Cypha could not stand it anymore.

"Stop it!"

Cypha shouted out in his rage, and moved quickly without thinking. He stepped in and took out his vibrosword at the same time, and swung it with his maximum power in a perfect form with a perfect stance. The glass tube was cut in half through Sleurn's head……


At the same time he cut Sleurn's head into half, a Bothan Dark Jedi ran into the room. It was Bieten Macht Elols, one of his mentor and a good friend.

"Roll Master Elols! What?… What was?…. What’s happening?"

"Are you all right? I sensed the tremendous amount of the Dark Side from this room."

Cypha was paused, looking at the cut wrinkled Twi'lek head on the floor, which looked like smiling still. Then, he thought about what just happened a few seconds ago. He killed Sleurn in his anger. “Why? Why didn’t I stop?” He was not supposed to do so. The old crippled Twi’lek had no weapon, didn't have to be killed. He could have brought Sleurn to his superior to get more information…. There was something weird, something unnatural pushing him to the rage and made him take the action without him thinking.

"Come on, Cypha! Deatharoc sent me here to pick you up! We’re in trouble... They found us and we engaged in the fight! We have to go and secure the entrances before the main assault force will come in. Come on, your master is waiting for you."

Outside the room, all the lights up, many alarms beeping, blasters, grenades and lightsabers, all kind of sound in battle could be heard, which he had not noticed since the room was completely isolated. It felt like he spent a whole day in the room. On his way running after the Roll Master, Cypha still asked many questions to himself, and started understanding what it was, little by little… It was Sleurn… He used Cypha and his Dark Side power to kill himself. He chose to die rather than being brought to another interrogation or experiment. He didn't want anybody to bother his life anymore. He didn't want to live the miserable life in the cell. He just desperately wished to die. That was all what he wanted, all he was waiting for in the glass tube for years. Cypha just happened to be there, and dexterously isolated, trapped, and manipulated by him as a tool for his suicide.


Cypha stopped and stood still in front of the power plant door. He got disappointed and angry at his own stupidity and weakness… He ruined the clue to the infinite power for the Brotherhood and for himself! How could he not see this coming in the first place! But after a while, on the second thought, he also realized that Sleurn had another wish. He also desperately wanted to have revenge against his crew who betrayed and tortured him. Maybe that was the reason why he told the whole story to Cypha. He wanted Cypha to hunt down and destroy them…. As a matter of fact, Cypha could deeply understand his anger and remorse as a disciple of Dark Side. At the end, Cypha accepted Sleurn's anger soaking into his body and mind, which eventually merged with his own darkness.

"Yes…. I still have a clue. I now know Yaa'thei artifact exists for sure. Tython…I have to see…"

He stopped thinking about it for now, and tried to focus on the mission at hand. As he stepped in the plant and saw his master’s figure fighting, the darkness in his heart was sublimating into the Dark Side energy and filled with whole his body to fight with the enemies in front….


02-10-2008 14:57:05

This is the first phase of the Clan competition "To the Core", submitted on June 4.

You have been assigned to research and submit an intelligence brief on one of the following topics:

• Prakith
• Foga Brill
• Prak City
• Red Police

Use whatever canon information you can find, but feel free to stretch a few things in the gray areas. For example, there are very few details on the Prakith campaign and the make up of any New Republic forces that might be on the planet.

**Max** of 1 page on the submission. 12 pt font (TNR, Arial, or Courier) in MS Word. Judging will be based on the amount and quality of information presented. Submissions are due to Anshar by June 5.

More details are at:

Mission on Prak City on Planet Prakith PRT Cypha (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum


Disguise as a Republic intelligence agent, search and make an investigation on the people in Prak City, who worked at the Citadel Inquisitorius, in order to find any useful sources for our warfare purpose, such as machines, weapons, technologies, knowledge, or anything.


Accessed databases of Red Police headquarter and the Prak City Republic base-7, and found 9 former employees of the Citadel Inquisitorius in Prak City. Watched their daily life, inquired, or interrogated if needed. They were all low class employees, and did not give us any useful information directly. But I acknowledged a rumor about a high inquisitor named Sleurn, who was in charge of experiments to discover new Force power in Jedi 20 years ago, a mid-60s Rutian Twi’lek with a facial tattoo. He seemed to wield some Force power, to know torturing techniques, and to have practiced in medicine. He disappeared 1 month before the dismantle of the Inquisitorius, allegedly stole some artifacts of the Dark Side from the Inquisitorius, and resided into the Asonel Caves, which was a huge network of caverns located through the mountains just outside of Prak City.

Managed to locate and contact a prostitute who used to visit Sleurn in Prak City. She, Arlleira, was a late-40s Lethan Twi’lek, and worked for a local escort service agency. For this object, I used my Anzat proboscises to obtain information directly from her brain since I needed complete details. Although I tried to make her alive, she ended up with death since the most important part of her memory regarding Sleurn was planted in the core of her brain.

A part of her memory caught my attention, which was a sort of “isolated and locked” deep inside her memory. She used to see him like twice a week, and he was generally calm and nice except for one time he really got angry with her. On the night, as she entered the room, he stood facing back in a black robe with a huge golden bracelet with a big black gemstone with a size of a fist on his left wrist. Then, she heard his conversation on a phone. Her memory was incomplete and I could only retrieve a partial conversation here.

“…. found.. Ja'ce Yiaso was ……. Be…Darzu …experiment. …. Karness ……Verge.. would….”

As soon as he noticed her presence, he started yelling at her in a rage, and hold up his bracelet with this big black stone right on top of her forehead.

“Obey me! Forget what you heard and saw!”

She suddenly noticed that she could not move and felt dizzy, then the dizziness turned into a severe headache as soon as she tried to think something. Finally, a sharp pain went through her entire body as if she was hit by a thunderbolt, and she fell to the ground. As fainting, she heard Sleurn’s remote voice.

“You can never resist against the power of Yaa’thei stone. With this beautiful amulet, one can gather, store or emit the dark side power whenever and wherever at your will. Let me see how dark your mind is….”

I believe that she has never remembered this until today, since the memory was locked in her brain. But Arlleira today was heavily addicted to Deathsticks. So, the possibility that this was a product of her hallucination cannot be denied. No more information was obtained regarding Sleurn and the Yaa’thei stone or bracelet, from Red Police and Republic database as well as the Asonel Caves. In the caves, I could find some places I saw in Arlleira’s memory, but no further information. It looked like he left this planet several years ago for unknown reasons.

Suggested Future Action

I would like to request to research in the Asonel Caves again. I will visualize Sleurn and the Yaa’thei bracelet kept in my memory to put into database, and analyze the information in detail, especially to decode Sleurn’s words. Also, I suggest sending this report to analyze in our database on Antei as well as our fellows in the Inquisitorius search group and Asonel Caves search group.


02-10-2008 15:00:31

This is a MSP task from my master. assigned on May 18, and submitted on May 30 while I was Acolyte.

I would like you first to write a story (1 and a half pages minimum) about your first mission with me. Try to be creative and description, realism is a plus too. I'd like this story to be of high quality so you don't have to send it to me till the 31st of May.

Ambria was originally known as a small desert planet, but now have some big cities like the one Cypha just has landed. His new master, Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc, just programmed ten units of black spherical probe droids, which immediately spread and disappeared into the crowds of the beautiful sunset city…. Few days ago, a day before they departed the Yridia system, Cypha was informed to have an honor to get the master from House of Gladius, along with this mysterious first mission. The council was contacted by one of their agent, a scavenger named Volodor, and he allegedly discovered an ancient Sith artifact in a cave on Ambria and requested to discuss this matter over a dinner at his mansion. The mission was to confirm what it really was and to retrieve it to the Brotherhood if true.

As three of the four moons rose up in the sky, the two Dark Jedi stepped out of the hotel. The bigger figure is Deatharoc. A human with almost 2-meter height, and with tailor-made black suit with fur on his collar perfectly fitting in his muscular figure impressed almost every single person who passed by. The smaller one, still athletic built though, in a simple black no-sleeve shirt and black pants that contrasted with his white skin and hair, had also strong presence. But on top of everything, the contrast between two, a huge, elegant, gorgeous figure and a small figure with simple animal-like sharp instinct made it a strange combination and distinguished them from the crowd.

In few minutes, tall golden steel doors welcomed them. Inside, the bar was decorated in mostly gold with some accent of black, and more than a hundred people dressed up in trendy clothes are enjoying their escapes from daily life. Both Dark Jedi felt that the place was full of dark emotions like deception, vanity, jealousy, and various secret desires. The master took it as an indication of a nice bar, but the apprentice took it as an indication of boring times to come. As soon as they found seats by the counter, Cypha noticed that two Zeltron girls who just got a sofa on the wall smiled and winked at him. At least he thought it was him, but a huge black figure interfered his sight, and moved towards the sofa. On its way, the figure turned around and threw words to Cypha.

“Bring us some drinks, apprentice!”

When Cypha joined them just a minute later, the conversation has been already ripen up.

"Cypha, this is Leishaa and Xelia, and this is my apprentice, Cypha."

"Wow, apprentice? What are you guys doing?"

Said Xelia, with her red skin in a purple dress matched elegantly with her purple curly hair long down to her waist. On the other hand, Leishaa in a black dress, had the same red color skin and blue straight hair tied up in the back with many gold accessories all over her body that made her look so exotic, who added a greeting.

“Nice to meet you, apprentice!”

In the next few hours, Cypha had to admit that he had a lot of fun with the two new attractive companions, and impressed by his master's smooth, witty and charming non-stop talk. Zeltron was known to use their pheromone to attract people, maybe those two exotic beauties added a little spice in the air... After all, Cypha found himself ended up talking to beautiful Xelia holding hands each other, and gorgeous Leishaa was giggling with laying her head on his master’s big chest. Soon, each couple decided to change the place from the sofa to the hotel rooms, as the conversation got less important and to experience the real power of Zeltron magic....

It was late afternoon on the next day when the apprentice knocked his master's room. The Dark Jedi Knight was looking at his datapad to analyze the information the probe droids delivered.

"Are you ready, apprentice? I spoke with Volodor, and we’ll be there in one hour. Nothing to prepare, just bring your vibrosword."

"Are we expecting a fight at the dinner, master?"

"Just in case."

Volodor's mansion was at the shore of the lake Natth. The sun was almost touching the edge of the mountains behind, and the shadow of the mountains covered half of the building, which was three stories huge house all made of stone with the high walls around it made it look like a fort.

"Something wrong in this place...."

Cypha almost murmured himself.

"Of course, nothing is right since we landed. This is going to be fun."

A slight sarcastic smile spread onto Deatharoc's mouth.

"Welcome to my place, gentlemen! We’ve been really looking forward your coming!"

The vigorous voice of the host greeted them. He, Volodor, was a dark skin human with a bold head and white beard around his mouth, probably at the age of early 50s, but still his trained muscles were easily recognized under his nice traditional black suit, and his brown eyes grow like the fire in the fireplace behind the seat he took, that clearly told them he was an active soldier. The dinning room was deep inside the building, dark, with no windows, but lit up by numerous candles from the wall to the table. In the center of the room, there was a black round table with a red square tablecloth on, a bunch of candles made a big chandelier in the center, and three dinner sets around it.

All of them were enjoying the traditional Ambira dinner and the conversations. Both Volodor and Deatharoc boasted interesting victorious stories of their fights in wars. But Cypha could not stop thinking of last night, or a girl he met last night, a beautiful smile, soft smooth skin, and its warmth…. He wished he could have brought Xelia here. It was when the dessert was served that his daydream was interfered. Volodor finally decided to start talking about his discovery.

"After five years of investigation, finally we found a peace of paper from more than a thousand years ago. And, it took even more months to put the pieces together to interpret what was written, I think they were extinct Sith language."

His tone was full of dignity, pride and confidence as most military people do, and sounded like enjoying giving his speech until Cypha intercepted.

"Sith language….. Were you able to figure out what they say?"

"It looks like a sort of Sith sorcery, a spell or something…. From all what we know, we guessed they were the spells that Freedon Nadd's holocron left for Darth Bane, which was eventually succeeded by his apprentice, Darth Zannah. We all know they had lived here, and this paper could be her memo, surprisingly still remains there only to find us."

Volodor continued with a louder tone, somewhat victorious.

"I think this discovery brought a lot of power to us, a lot more than you have possibly imagined. In other words, what I meant to tell you here is that we don't need your help anymore. We will live with this discovery, and just want you to stay away from us."

Until that point, Deatharoc had been playing around with his smooth charming conversation talent and skills, but now suddenly he changed and replied with demanding and stern attitude, which made even Cypha surprised.

"What the hell are you talking about? We hired you for this! We paid you to do this! We made you live in this gorgeous huge mansion! Whatever you found, they belong to us. I have to retrieve this paper, bring it back to Antei if what you've said is true."

Volodor was now upset, his eyes emitted an evil glow, and his voice rose up even louder.

"The power I got is beyond your imagination, gentlemen! I can rule the Galaxy with this. Have you ever encountered the true power of ancient Sith Lords?"

Volodor's voice was just getting louder and louder, and not only that, Cypha sensed something insane and uncontrollable growing inside Volodor, who stood up and continued.

"You don't understand this, do you? OK, I will make you understand. Yes, will you serve our bright future. We happened to need some Jedi bodies for further experiments, would you mind joining our research? That might require your life though…. Well, let me show you the power that rules the future!!"

Volodor shouted out, then suddenly calmed down, and started murmuring some strange words.

All of the five doors opened, and a bunch of creatures are rushed in. They looked like human, probably they used to be, but alternated by the Sith alchemy. They eyes turned yellow, their muscular long thick limbs and hunched back with rough brownish skin stank, also their canine and nails grown longer and sharper like animals. But they still seem to be intelligent enough to use the modern weapons. Some of them had swords or knives, and other had blasters, and all of them surrounded the two Dark Jedi, and slowly approached with the weapons ready. Deatharoc lit up his red lightsaber with a smile, and started showing his excellent saber skills by deflecting back the blaster shots or slicing down the creatures came close enough. Although Volodor was still reciting the ancient mantra, three of the creatures protected and pushed him back to the door behind. Cypha behind his master took care of a dozen of the creatures rushed in from the two back doors. The fight was actually not as hard as he thought. The creatures were faster and tougher than average human though, but not as strong as the Force users. Although, they were like 50 of them, it didn't take long to finish them off.

The two Dark Jedi soon went after Volodor to the back door, it was connected to stairs down to the basement, and a long dark hallway followed until they entered in a big altar hall with a size of small starship dock. It was a dark and almost empty room except for an stage in the back with a big open fire flaming up in the center. On the stage in front of the fire, Volodor was, now his eyes were glaring up in yellow, standing with holding two figures in front of him.

"Do you remember these two hookers?"

As Cypha gazed in, he recognized the two girls, one in blue and another in purple hair with both red skins, kneeling down and handcuffed with leashes coming out of it held by Volodor. It was Leishaa and Xelia, one of which was sleeping by his side with an angel like smile just few hours ago.


Cypha couldn’t help shouting. But on the contrary, Deatharoc replied emotionlessly.

"What? Did I forget to pay, Pimp?"

"Heh, heh, heh, we caught them this afternoon as soon as they came out of your hotel. You love them, don't you? No matter how strong you are, no guy can resist their seduction. Had fun last night? I am pretty sure.. Heh, heh…"

Volodor spoke with a typical vulgar laugh. But the next moment, his voice turned into firm and serious.

"Don't get closer, or I kill them… or, perhaps I'll change them into the ugly creatures by the spell!"

The Dark Jedi Knight still looked stern, and didn't stop walking toward them.

"Do you think that can make me stop or care about their lives? We are the disciples of the Dark Side. I will do what I must."

His crimson blade lightsaber lit up again with a hiss noise, leaving the low ham noise echoed throughout the room. His eyes were so demanding.


Suddenly, with apparent frustration and rage, Volodor screamed out insanely in a strangely high voice, and threw the two girls into the air towards the two Dark Jedi over ten meters in distance.

Cypha sensed, again, something was wrong as he saw Leishaa was thrown right into his master. Deatharoc caught her on his chest by his left arm, while Cypha was still at the door and could not reach any of them. Then, the next moment, Cypha was shocked seeing his master fell down to the ground as if a puppet suddenly lost its strings.


He saw a stun baton on Leishaa's left hand, and her handcuff was somehow dropped off on the ground. At the same time, Xelia has already landed a few meters in front of Cypha also handcuff taken off, and start reciting the unknown language… As soon as he tried to run close to his master, something weird was happening. He lost his sense of directions, and it looked like the whole world around him started distorting in a strange way, and all colors were disappearing. He could not step forward, or even could not figure out which way is forward or up, and eventually had to kneel down. A second later, tar-like black viscous liquid was gushing out from somewhere, moving slowly toward him as if it had a life, and forming up some shape in front of him. It was a shape of a human….. a woman….. a woman he knows.. As the shape was being clear, he noticed it was somewhat like his mother.


Now it looked completely like his mother, crawling towards him slowly. But at the next moment, all of her flesh melting down into black tar-like liquid again and skeletons were shown, and thousands of maggots breed and pouring out from her face or skull. But still, it could speak.

"Why did you leave me? You killed me!!"


Cypha screamed in fear and held his head with both of his hands. "What's going on?" He was trying to analyze the situation, tried to sort out things around. Then, he caught up with a question. "Mom was dead years ago, wasn't she?" She is not supposed to be here. "Something is wrong." That bothered him all day long today. “Yes, today… a mission, a dinner, what am I doing here?” He tried to focus on the moment before, a big dark hall, his master, and two girls attacked. Thanks to his training in Anzat, he knew how to focus on his inner voice and sharpen his senses. "This…. this must be an illusion. It was the spell!" As soon as he recognized it, he felt his sense coming back. He also started feeling a flame of anger inside him. He simply hated it, not the fact Xelia attacked him, but the fact she used his mother as a tool to fool him. “Why can't she just fight straight with me? How could she dare to bring my mother here? How dare she make me fear?” The anger in Cypha was now turning into a rage.


He ground his teeth unconsciously. She was so amazing last night, but that didn't matter any more. Or, perhaps because she was so sweet last night and knowing all that was a huge lie, this betrayal got more outrageous to Cypha. He focused on his growing rage even more, and felt the power of Dark Side fully fueling up in him. “She crossed the line that she never should! She made a fatal mistake! She deserved to die!” Now, his sight was gradually coming back to normal. He felt the color, the ghost of mother was fading away, and he could see Xelia reciting the sorcerer, and another, Leishaa was right by his side attacking him!

Leishaa was terrified to see how strong the spell was. The Dark Jedi was kneeling down with tremendous confusion, and she knew it could completely destroy his mind in a minute. But she could not wait, she had to finish him before the other big guy woke up. Slowly approaching him with her stun baton on her left hand, she raised it up as she reached the attacking range. But the next moment, she noticed that he somehow stood up already with his sword horizontally held by both hands. She stopped. No, she could not move. Suddenly, the world was tilted in her sight, and it looked like she fell to the ground by two female legs laying down there.

"My boots…."

A second later, she noticed that they were her own legs, and that was her last thought....

Cypha sensed Leishaa trying to attack him, and immediately took out his vibrosword and sliced her into two at her belly. His move was too fast for the Zeltron to see what happened. Now, it was his turn to show magic…. Xelia had stopped the spell as she saw Leishaa was sliced. She immediately took out her dagger from her belt, but then, she could not move anymore. Cypha used his Anzat mind control power with his Dark Side of the Force support. Xelia looked confused at first, but eventually her eyes started begging when she noticed there was no way to get out. Her right hand with a dagger slowly came up against her will, from the belt height. Sweat oozed out on her forehead, and tears were blurring upon her eyes, the begging look turned into fear. On the contrary, Cypha's face is emotionless, just cold and dark…. then, his eyes turned into bloody red, when the dagger finally reached her throat and started pushing her red skin deeper and deeper. Finally, as Cypha slid his right hand to side in the air, the dagger cut her throat quickly and sharply. Xelia's eyes with tears turned up with showing white, and the whole body fell down to the ground with her blood spouting out.

The insane Volodor looked surprised and confused. He didn't think that anybody could break the spell. But he did not come up with other ideas either, and started reciting a spell once again. When Cypha started his move to the mad opponent, suddenly his master leaping up from the floor, and the crimson blade lit up in the air sliced Volodor, vertically this time, into two pieces.

Deatharoc turned off the blade and said with a sarcastic smile as walking towards to Cypha.

"Well done, my apprentice… Honestly, I didn't think you would be able to beat these two Zeltrons when you started screaming 'Mom! Mom!'"

"You awaken?"

"Do you think that cheep stun baton can do anything to me? Who do you think I am? The probe doroids told me that he had very good two female assassins, and I was wondering where they were all the time at the dinner… I knew this was a trap…. and I knew it was a crap! He's been experimenting some kind of Sith magic, and might get some power over people here. But I am the Dark Jedi Knight, there is no way these pathetic ass holes could hurt, deceive or experiment on me!! I was just trying to get him in rage, I even pushed him further by the Force because I wanted to see all he got. I thought at least I could have fun, but so disappointing! Even cutting down those retarded creatures was boring cliché!”

Then, he lowered his voice a little bit, with a bigger smile.

“Then, I got an idea to have fun, I've changed my plan to test you…. to let you face them alone. If you were to be destroyed by them, that means you wouldn't deserve to be my apprentice in the first place. Also, I wanted to see your true potential. Well, I didn't know your other side… What a surprise! Was that the Anzat technique? That was impressive, so impressive! You passed the test, my apprentice."

Now, the master put his right hand on apprentice's shoulder and continued.

"I don't know if this one was the same one as Darth Zannah's sorcerer. But, there are so many spells like this reported and collected in the Brotherhood. If the normal human use it, not only it doesn't work strong enough, but also it just destroys the wielder's mind. Look at this poor guy, he was completely insane. He could have killed himself sooner or later even if we didn't. How pathetic! But if the Force user possessed it, that could be a tremendous threat to us. We have to erase all the evidence and clues here. Burn these bodies! Then, we’ll look upstairs and blow everything away! Hurry up, I would like to get some drink after!"

“Yes master.”

Cypha threw the bodies into the fire on the stage one by one with no hesitation. He did not feel any emotions to the bodies anymore, but had to admit that he felt some disappointment, regret and envy as he got to know that he could not see things in the ways his master do.


02-10-2008 15:05:49

This is my first writing dated May 16, 8 days after I joined and right after I got the master. I was Acolyte.

Write a story using my character.

Cypha was sitting by a table in the corner of a small dark bar in Dreshdae, a small city near the Valley of the Dark Lords in Korriban. Not many, but not few, patrons were around. The room was loud enough to make him feel as if a big veil of noises isolated him from others.

Except for his built up chest in a pale white color making a contrast, his hooded black robe covers entire body of Cypha, who was trying to wash out all the frustration and weariness from that exhausting day, with a little adventure in the valley. Playing around with Tuk'ata and Hssiss, was not much fun…

As a waiter served his third shot, he took his hood off and his white haired pale face appeared. Right after, a Rodian just walked in, and looked around the room. As soon as he recognized the black and white figure, he walked straight to the table and dumped in the chair in front of Cypha.

"Looks like just got out of a Sarlacc, buddy? What's up?"

As the green skin Rodian started talking as if they were good friends for years, with looking down on the floor, Cypha grumbled in a low voice without letting the Rodian hear him.


Cypha should have known he would come across somebody here. He should not have come here, just should have stayed in his compartment alone and relax…. He sensed something is wrong.

"Hey, do you have more death sticks? My friend reeeaally loved your special formulation."

As the small green guy continued, Cypha was trying to lower down his company's high pitch voice.

"Chewtus, not here! I mean I don't sell it here. I can hook you up later if you want. How many….."

But the conversation was cut off there, by a much louder voice come behind the Rodian.

"So, you are the infamous Arkanian [Expletive Deleted], huh, a doctor or something? Would you care for a second to chat outside? I needa little explanation about your business."

Cypha's eyes were fixed on Chewtus for a moment, and with a big sigh, looked up at the two big figures there, a Devaronian and a Gamorrean, with a stone cold attitude and a slight hint of sadistic smile on their faces.


Cypha thought. He had encountered many of these types before, and knew it was not a good idea to mess up the bar. It would be much easier to deal with them, once getting out of the bar. After all, he had spent enough time at the bar...

Having these two big thugs both sides of him, Cypha looked helpless in 1.7m high and his Arkanian-like pale skin. Three of them peacefully walked out the bar, and disappeared in the back of the building. Although the full moon is high up, the shadow of the building shrouded them from everything else.

"You know the rule here, doc? You know who's the boss?"

That was exactly what Cypha expected them to say. With tremendous fatigue throughout his body, Cypha really didn't feel like talking, and just ignored them looking at nowhere. He could let them speak whatever they want, then knock them down, and then walk away.

But the other two, of course, didn't like his attitude. The Devaronian started yelling in his rage.

"You hear me!! You! Son of Murglak! I hate when people…"

At this point, Cypha's mind was already floating on the memories of similar threats before, and fights, all the fun and pains….. Wait, pains? He suddenly noticed that he still had a pain on his left arm, the pain Hssiss' craw carved this afternoon. That was a tough fight! he was fighting against four of them surrounding him.

As the pain brought him back to the reality, he noticed it was right at the moment the Gamorrean attacked Cypha by his thogk, a stick like weapon famous in Gamorr. Cypha still thought he could avoid, but wrong!, it actually hit on the same part as Hssiss attacked few hours ago. He was forced to fall and lay down on the ground with an extreme pain.


He groaned. He knew the arrogance within him, and hates it. But he was, again, overconfident and underestimated the situation. A mantra that an Anzat teacher told him many times was flashing into his mind.

"Don't hold back anything anytime! Always do your best, or die!"

Now that, he understood there was no time to hesitate any more. While the two thugs were still kicking and scorning down on him, he called upon all his rage and the dark side power, and suddenly leaped up from the ground, flied over and landed on their back.

At the next moment, in the Devaronian's eyes, it looked like his Gamorrean friend was suddenly choked and fell down, when Cypha pointed at him. Surprised and confused for a second though, he could look back at Cypha before the next move, at least he thought. However, it was too late. He suddenly noticed that he couldn't move his body at all, seeing Cypha slowly approaching to him and grasping his head by both hands. The hands were extremely cold, so cold that remind him the hell…

In fact, Cypha threw a knife, which was hidden in his belt, into the Gamorrean's neck with a little Force push. Then, used his Anzat telepathic control over the Devaronian's mind to stun him.

Finally, Cypha spoke calmly without any emotional hint.

"I am not just an Arkanian... I didn't mean to finish you though, I need some information… and food."

Then, the Devaronian saw his opponents eyes turned into bloody red right in front of his eyes…. and tentacle like probes came out of both sides of the cheeks with a creapy sound. Moving like two snakes, they are trying to touch him.. Then, when they reached his nose, the Devaronian's mind got blank… and never came back again.

The Devaronian's "soup" told Cypha all the information he needed, and on top of that, it also gave him the vital energy. After all, there was still the pain though, he felts so much better than 10 minutes ago. There was no fatigue he could feel anymore.

"Still much to learn."

Slowly, he started walking home.


02-10-2008 15:16:02

Other than above, I did:

Wiki page for my character (Master's task for August):

ACC qualification battle with DA Erinyes (Master's task for July):

Two posts in Clan Run-on "of the Past" (page 3 & 4):

Run-on "A lesson in pain" with GRD Vampre and JH Kyra:

Making my emblem (on Powerpoint):

Tridens logo: update soon

A graphics for Tarentum Toilet: updated soon


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This is my submission to the house competition "My Master".

My Master **
Specifics: Master and Apprentice have a unique bond, a unique story. In Star Wars Universe this bond is shown as the center of interest of Jedi advancement and so in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood realm.
- For DJK+
Write your style of your own mastership (in order to guide your apprentice), and how your master tutelage affect it.
- For PRT to JH (who already have a master)
Write your bond with your master, how you earn and regard the bond and your wish to have from your apprenticeship.
- For APP to JH (who haven't had a master)
Write what kind of a master you wish to have (deepest inside your heart wish), what things you want to learn from him/her in your way ahead to your Knighthood.

One page minimum * in character * story, TNR 12.
End Date: 10/30/2008
Unit in Competition: House Tridens
Platforms: Any writing Platform Awards: Fourth Level Crescent
Comments: Doc writing, placed in the DB forum, Tridens Acceleration Sub Forum for PRT+, meanwhile APP-ACO send the submission to Odin and Elols. Will be graded and given feedback by the Clan proofreader.

My Master
October 30, 2008
GRD Cypha (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum #10035

Few hours past midnight deep into the dark sea of Yridia II, a black robe figure walked in a fast pace through the empty dark long corridor of the Castle Tarentum. As the echo of his footsteps left an impression of his dignity and confidence, his hooded dark robe danced elegantly on the floor giving a glimpse of his black greaves and boots. Abruptly, his arms with black gauntlets lifted up in the middle of the corridor, to reach his hood and to reveal his white skin and hair making a sharp contrast with the dark surroundings. As Guradian Cypha, the Rollmaster of the house Tridens, stopped in front of a door with his natural sharp look of his green eyes, the familiar voice was heard from inside before he knocked the door.
“Come in.”

Sith Warrior Odin Vaaj, the Quaester of Tridens, showing his back under his black robe, stood over his desk looking into the dark sea through the huge transparesteel window. He continued without turning back.
“Have a seat.”
The white skin Arkanian sat down on the couch in the center of his huge office, without hesitation but with a little confusion that had been bothering him.
“So, what the hell is going on, Odin? Why did you call me up in this early morning?”
The confusion was quickly changing into the frustration as usual to him. But the Quaester still showing his back continued in a calm tone as if he did not notice his Rollmaster’s concern.
“How is you training going on?”
His frustration immediately grew up exponentially with Odin’s seemingly irrelevant question. But, Cypha remembered his last training. Recently, the Guardian was to busy with his Rollmaster duties and other missions to have enough training, but the last training session was with his master Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc from house Gladius on Itaana Belt a month ago.


After a set of intensive lightsaber practices in the Gladius Dojo where the beautiful stars were piercing through the transparesteel ceiling, Cypha panting for his breath was sitting down on the combat mattress with many red burns and scars all over his white skin. The tall built-up human master in a black combat suits, Deatharoc, who just had deactivated his red blade, was looking down on him standing by his side to compliment his apprentice in his dignified stern voice.
“Cypha, you have definitely improved. I really enjoyed this session!”
Although Cypha was happy to hear it, that could not satisfy him at all. He knew he was getting much better, but he still could never made even a single hit on the Dark Jedi Knight. The master used a lot of complicated combination blows, but never taught or broken them down to Cypha. He always had to end up with being beaten up simply because there was no way to avoid them without knowing these combinations. The envy and anger, which had been cooking for a long time, finally boiled up and overflowed in his mind this time.
“Master, I feel my improvement too. But why don’t you teach those moves that you wield? It’s unfair! You have to teach me. I mean, I could have been advanced much faster if you did! I want to learn more! I can do it!”
As beaten apprentice almost yelled back, the human master showed a hint of smile on lips for a moment. But a second later, his tone was monotonous and as business-like as usual.
“Listen, I have to run now. I’ll let you know later the date of the next session. Until then, focus on your new job, the Rollmaster jobs in Tridens!”
“Yes master...”
Although the obvious irritation and defiance still remained in his tone and face, Cypha did not try to argue further since he knew that would be useless. Once again, he felt underestimated and ignored, or even mocked and insulted… After all, and as usual, only thing he recalled from this session was the frustration.


“Well, not much going on recently, I’ve been really busy for other…”
Before the young Guardian finished his sentence, Odin finally turned and walked by to put a bottle of Corellian whisky on the desk to slide it into Cypha’s white hand. The Arkanian Guardian caught it to take a look, and recognized the particular brand of whisky, Whyren's Reserve.
“Your master, Deatharoc sent it to me one week ago, as a greeting for his transfer to Tridens.”
Cypha took a moment to frown to swallow down what his Quaester just said.
“What? Is he in Tridens?”
“Yes, technically.”
As opposed to the pale skin human in a black robe gently sitting down on the couch on the other side of the table, Cypha could not hide his surprise and jumped up from the couch to continue to express his emotion.
“How could this happen? He didn’t tell anything about this to me.. Why did he want to move? When?”
“You seemed not happy to his joining our house, huh?”
As Odin smiled with an obvious mockery, Cypha could not help but making his voice louder.
“Well, of course, I am happy to have him here. Yeah, very happy! But I hate it when this happen, he never tell me what’s in his mind. He just do things. I mean he really don’t explain. I sometimes don’t understand what he wants.”
Odin looked down for a second and took a small sigh, then looked back to Cypha and continued.
“Is it what the teacher teaches or what the student learns?”
Searching for the words to answer the cliché, Cypha was staring at Odin, and finally noticed that the Quaester was also in his black armor and looked so serious and worried about something. The curiosity in his mind somehow suppressed the Guardian’s emotions, and made him sit down and open his mouth in a calmer tone.
“Anyway, why did you call me up in armor?”
The Quaester sighed one more time, and opened his mouth with a stare straight back into Cypha’s green eyes.
“Your master is missing… I lost contact with him on his way to Yridia II, when he was on Yridia IX.”
Silence caught on the air for a moment before the Quaester stood up and broke it with his voice.
“I am still super busy though, happened to have time now for 48 hours, and decided to travel there to look for him with you.”


Few hours later, under the sunlight coming up half onto the horizon, two black hooded figures were walking on the narrow hallway of a starport on Yridia IX, a small barren world, hub of traders, and the center of all kinds of nightlife.
“So, Cypha. Tell me about your master. What do you like about his mastership in these days?”

Cypha immediately recalled his first mission with the master, where the two beautiful female Zeltron assassins almost killed him with their Sith sorcery mind manipulation while he thought his master was knocked out. But at the end, as he slipped away from the death and managed to grab a victory, it turned out that his master was fully awake during the battle and just watched him fighting as a test to see if Cypha deserved his apprenticeship. Not only once, the next mission, and the next to the next one, many times, he had to get through those tests to death instead of being taught or learning new knowledge or abilities. Somewhere in Cypha’s mind, he started wondering if he had been being used or toyed just for his master’s sadistic amusement, or this master just wanted him to be killed, or he was just a lazy and lousy teacher who left student without giving proper trainings.

“Actually, I have not talked to him for a while. I was just wondering how he was doing recently.”
Cypha answered without looking back to Odin trying to hide his real thought. He even continued.
“Well, he is obviously a great Dark Jedi. His record tells a lot, you know? I am learning a lot from him…”
Odin made a bitter smile under the hood to hide his disappointment to hear the customary answer for a second. But abruptly, the smile disappeared from his face as soon as they were entering a big bright crowded hall at the end of the hallway. Odin felt in the Force that the young Guardian froze with a sudden, serious, and unusual confusion in his mind. He was clearly tensed and worried, and interestingly to Odin, along with some hope.
“Odin, I feel him…”
Cypha’s extremely serious voice in a low tone, almost a whisper, continued.
“Something is wrong. He is in struggle, in pain… But he is close…very close.”
Odin frowned and looked into Cypha’s face under the black hood.
“I don’t sense anything. Are you talking about your master?”
The Arkanian took off his hood to show his sharp eyes looking down on the floor without focus, but in the next moment, his gaze quickly moved to his side far away over Odin’s dark hair. The Quaester, without a clue of what is happening, also took off his hood and looked at the direction where Cypha was staring. He did not sense his new housemate, but clearly felt the Dark Side drifting in the air from that direction. Focusing on his dark power, Odin saw, among hundreds of people in his sight, there were four dark robe figures passing in the middle of the hall with some heavy-looking containers in a couple of hundreds meters away.
“Yeah, I sense…”
Before the sentence ended, the young apprentice could not stop himself rushing towards the enigmatic dark figures. Cypha ran desperately, as fast as possible, and that actually remind him a training session few months ago.


He was running through a cave of Korriban among those Sith magic influenced dangerous creatures as one of those tests to see if he was good enough to be an apprentice under Deatharoc. He thought he had never run as fast before in his life. Exhausted, frustrated, and desperate from running after running by himself for more than a couple of hours, he finally found the exit of the cave…

Seeing the master standing at the exit, Cypha in gasp started complaining immediately.
“How… how many times are you going to test me? Or, you just want me to be dead, don’t you?”
As soon as he finished the sentence, he ignited his lightsaber to attack his master with a full of rage and hatred. But with his exhaustion and immature skills, it took only few seconds to make his lightsaber flew away from his hand.
“I hate you!”
Cypha kneeling down on the rocky floor shouted with his intense glare. But the master just turned back and walked away with leaving his words.
“Remember apprentice, always focus on your goal. And once you start, don’t look back. Even if I died in a mission, do not hesitate even for a nano second to pursue your goal. If I died, it would be because of my weakness or it would have been my destiny. Same to you. If you died from this test, I wouldn’t care about it much. I have my own goal, and only thing I can do is just to go for it. We have to do whatever must be done first. No hesitation or mercy. This time, you did what you must though.”
Cypha only murmured to his master’s back one more time.
“I hate you…”


Approaching in few meters away from the enigmatic dark figures, Cypha suddenly sprang up in the air with a Force push, and made a turn in the air with igniting his lightsaber to make his best attack onto one of the dark figure’s shoulder in very front. From the other side, one second later, Odin had joined the battle with making his red blade alive. With their yellow glowing eyes under their dark hoods, the Tridenians instantly recognized that the dark robe figures were skilled in the Dark Side of the Force. While speaking each other in unknown language, all four figures showed their red blades of lightsabers from nowhere. Two of them in the bottom engaged in a fight with Odin, one with Cypha, and another moved to the side of their container.

Cypha was trying to find a clue to see who they were or where they came from. But before anything more to be noticed, a sudden intense Force scream from their container caught his attention. It was so vivid, painful, and yet familiar to Cypha. As his red blade and the enemy’s met once again between their faces to push each other intensively, another dark robe figure by the container opened it to reveal the missing human master lying in the bottom. Deatharoc’s face was clearly turned pale and his breath was weakened in the coffin like shaped container. At the next moment, seeing the enemy standing by Deatharoc brought up his red saber to kill the prisoner, Odin from the other side leaped up in the sky to stop it with his blade.

“Odin Vaaj… and you, Cypha…”
The tall human Dark Jedi Knight in a simple black shirt and pants slowly opened his eyes, and managed to murmur few words. On the other hand, his apprentice fought with the enemy, who was pacing up to add more furiousness to keep him being defensive.
“Cypha…. Feel… Don’t think. Use your instinct… Remember the practice.”
Deatharoc’s voice echoed through the Force one more time in Cypha’s mind. As Cypha saw his master closed his eyes to focus on something, a pause fell between the two lightsaber combatants taking a safe distance. For a slightest moment, as Cypha focused on his instinct and tried to remember what he felt on the Itaana Belt practice, all of sudden, everything around him got silent and blank as if he was in a complete nothingness… Then he saw a light, a red light swiftly danced through the complete darkness from down right to up left with a strange curve. At the next instant, without any thinking, as if the Force itself made him move, Cypha moved his blade with a lightning speed to trace where the light just passed through, to complete the unconventional complicated combination of his lightsaber attack. At his surprise, the Arkanian found his red blade had cut through his opponents arm to drop it on the floor at the next moment.

“Vxxakkosk phfsxzff!”
The opponent shouted in the hallway to the other three comrades, then he quickly picked up his arm, and ran away to their hanger bay.
“Excellent, apprentice!”
A smile, only good friends could make in between, came back on Deatharoc’s pale face, and it looked like his strength also came back into his eyes. For a second, Cypha’s surprised face was also relieved and turned into a partial smile as he saw his master was trying to get out of his prison box and to stand up on the floor... But at the next moment, Cypha was instantly stunned to see the two other dark robe figures suddenly leaped up in the air, one towards Cypha and another to his master.
Cypha did not remember what or why he did it, or he did not even think. But he just threw his lightsaber to his master at the same time as he was shouting as loud as he could!

The lightsaber was perfectly sliding into Deatharoc’s hand to meet the other red blade from up high right on his head. The master immediately ignited the lightsaber and parried the opponent’s blade with a loud crash sound and sparks. However, another opponent landed right in front of Cypha at the same time gave a slash from high above as well. Although he swayed as swift as possible, the tip of the blade mercilessly scooped his body to make a line on his chest in from his left shoulder to angle down to his right waist. Leaving a burning smell and sound in the air, Cypha’s body had to helplessly fall down on the floor. However, luckily to Cypha, all the three dark figures did not dare to stop to give a finishing blow, and just ran straight to disappear into their hanger bay.

Besides struggling in the pain, with enormous amount of bleeding, Cypha could not focus his mind, and Odin’s words were the last thing he remembered.
“Let’s move him to the Mystics Asylum quickly, before the security arrives! There, we can get proper treatments.”


Looking at Cypha with some black cables connected to his body drifting among the bacta fluid in a tall fat transparesteel tank, people were discussing the authority or purpose of the incident and the possibility of further attack in a small dark infirmary of the Mystics Asylum. There was no clue left, and Deatharoc himself could not give out much useful information about this unpredictable sneaky abduction on him. After a series of questions and answers, as all shared a silence moment as a sign of dismissal, Odin and Deatharoc were left with the wounded unconscious Arkanian floating in the healing tank.

“Welcome to Tridens by the way, Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc.”
Odin stretched his right hand to shake hands with still weakened Deatharoc in his dark robe, and continued.
“To tell the truth, I was very surprised to see the strong connection between you and your apprentice. When he noticed your presence in the starport, I could not sense anything at all. Only the bond between you two made us found you.”
On the contrary to Odin showing smile or even admiration, Deatharoc’s answer was a monotonous and emotionless one.
“We went through many things. I mean… not only hanging out together often or sharing many missions with a danger to death, but many arguments or conflicts made us almost killing each other. Hatred, anger, rage, fear, or whatever, we went though all kind of dark emotion between us. Ironically though, perhaps that made our connection strong. Or perhaps, that is the way of the Dark Side.”
Odin continued in a smile, once again looking up at his Rollmaster.
“I thought your relationship was a much drier one. He was always complaining, and it didn’t seem like he had much appreciation to your teachings. But, I guess I was wrong. He might not feel any kind of loyalty or faith though, he has a profound respect upon you and your skill or teaching deep inside his heart.”
Adding a little surprise to his tone, Odin continued and faced back to Deatharoc.
“And what was that? That Cypha’s combination in the lightsaber battle… That was amazing!”
Odin thought a slight hint of proud ran through Deatharoc face for a moment as he spoke.
“That was my move by which I beat him up many times. Through our connection to the Dark Side, we share some part of it. I used the Force to talk to his subconscious memory to remind him the move. With a help of this special Force technique, he could luckily utilize it this time. I had not taught any of high-level combination though, he unconsciously memorized those moves. Soon, he could wield those moves at his will, probably by the time he gets promoted to the Knight.”
Odin looked back to Cypha, and saw his new scar on his chest coming around, and added his praise one more time, in a considerate and serious tone.
“Also, that was not easy to do, throwing his lightsaber to you at that moment.”
Deatharoc finally turned his face to Odin to look into his eyes.
“The commitment, it is. It is not that he has special feeling to me. He has a goal, as all the Sith like you and I have, he wants to be strongest and best on top of everybody. And, he knows, to reach that goal, he has to go through me. He needs to learn much more from me and finish his training. That desire was the reason that made him move in that way, even though he, himself, might not have noticed. Believe me, in any occasion once he felt our training was over, he would kill me without hesitation. Yes, he has a faith and loyalty… but to himself, to his desire as a Sith. After all, our relationship is dry as you said, of course. It is just a business. Without me, he could not reach his goal. And for me, I need to train him to prove me as a complete Dark Jedi.”
Odin nodded and continued in a softer tone.
“You have taught your apprentice very well. He is learning your graceful yet merciless way of doing business.”
Deatharoc just smiled to show his satisfaction for a second, and looked back to the floating Arkanian.
“This white arrogant scam needs much more training, yet I don’t need many words to teach him things. He has a potential… all I need to do is to bring out his true nature hidden inside. You’ll see it pretty soon, now that I can watch and train him even more closely… and intensively.”
Deatharoc gave a stare to his new Quaester again for a moment, and turned to walk away.
“I’ll see you on Yridia II, Odin.”

Odin did not answer watching his new housemate walking away from the room with a slight sneer, and looked back into his Rollmaster for a while. Eventually, he turned and made himself moved to the other direction to walk away, leaving with a murmur.
“You definitely succeeded your master’s stubbornness, or perhaps that’s the reason you guys bonded very well...”
The Quaester of Tridens looked back to his unconscious friend one more time at the exit, and the heavy steel door of the dark infirmary was slowly closed to leave the room into the darkness.