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02-10-2008 07:30:46

The files of Kyra Starfire. Submissions to competitions, MSP, or free writings, poems, drawings (for drawings as links to photobucket or deviantarts), for beneficial enhancement.

Kira Starr

06-10-2008 14:23:39

MSP fiction on the first meeting of Kyra Starfire and her master Odin Vaaj

Through her two-year hiatus from the brotherhood, Kyra learned many new things about her past that brought closure, yet the events during those years had also a tremendous affect on her going deep into her very essence and searching for more answers. Now the devastation from the Yuuzhan Vong invasion has led her back to the Brotherhood, not knowing what had become of them. Even though the attacks came to her, rendering unexplained memory loss, she also sensed the trouble with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Aboard her ship The Phoenix, a modified T65 X-wing, she flew toward that sector of the galaxy the Guardian once called home. Piloting the ship closer Kyra began to sense something through the force, a clan was calling for dark Jedi to return, strength in numbers to fight a common enemy. One thing had troubled the young Dathomiri and Guardian, would her former clan, Plagueis, allow her to come back amid their ranks. That question was soon to be answered, as Kyra neared the systems of the Brotherhood and Antei. As she began to come near the Yridia System the disturbance became stronger. The force had seemed to guide the Guardian to this system, but why, for what purpose?

On the surface of Yridia II in Castle Tarentum an alert was made, a fighter had entered the system. A Sith Warrior and Aedile of House Tridens, Odin Vaaj Corsair, ran over to his Quaestor, Templar Raiju Corsair to halt any action on the ship. Looking at his Aedile with a questioning glance he asked why he wanted the ship to pass. Odin answered, “because that is one of our own”. A Dark Jedi piloted that ship, one with great potential and possibly a worthy addition to our ranks. Raiju acknowledged the Warrior and informed the Clan Summit that an unknown ship was landing on the planet and not to take hostile action. At that very moment a message was sent to the X-wing’s pilot to land on Aegis. Upon landing a robed man stood waiting in one of the hangers, waiting to escort the occupant to the surface of Yridia II. Kyra exited her ship and bowed before the Sith Warrior stating she was Guardian Kyra Starfire returning to the Brotherhood. Not sensing her a threat, and reading her sincerity he acknowledged the interesting young human female, and stated who he was. Kyra asked why she was called to Clan Tarentum. Odin explained the search for strong additions to the clan, and the disarray of the Brotherhood following the Vong attacks.

The Guardian was then taken to an underwater fortress, Castle Tarentum, to meet with the clan summit; they would be the final judges on the future of this Guardian. Kyra told the summit her story, reasons for leaving, and sincere desire to finish her training. The summit sensed the budding darkness in side, waiting a key moment to be unleashed. This one has potential Anshar and the rest of summit deliberated on. Following her judgment the young Dathomiri was offered acceptance into house Tridens and reinstated as Guardian in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It was an unsettling experience for the Dathomiri, she had just arrived back to the Brotherhood, welcomed into a new clan, but the story of the Yuuzhan Vong attack gave her no peace. She entered her new apartment, her new home, and fell into a state of seemingly uneasy meditation. Kyra found herself pondering her continual quest toward the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, however, she also pondered the reasons for leaving her first clan with such urgency, and if she had stayed would her skills have helped any with the Vong. Antei was lost, the clans in disarray, could she now give Tarentum an edge to any new battles. Her new purpose was clear, as an obelisk warrior the Guardian would serve Tarentum as a warrior, battle-ready and hardened by old and new training.

Several days passed since Kyra entered Castle Tarentum, days spent in silent meditation and personal training, she entered the halls looking for Warrior Odin Vaaj. Finding her Aedile, Kyra asked for an audience. Granted, the two walked along one of the walkways looking out at the ocean. The young guardian in her customary obelisk robes began to discuss her further training with the Sith Warrior. She asked if an apprentice was being sought by any of the Equites and Elders of the house. Kyra was eager to begin her training again, she had her intentions, but gaining power to better serve the clan was the most important. Odin had requested her to meet with the Clan summit with the presence of Queastor Raiju. Bowing before her Aedile, Kyra left, but before she did Odin had offered to be her master if approved by the Summit.

Dark Jedi Master Anshar was pleased with Kyra’s allegiance and her devotion to seeking power. He did not hesitate and the approval of Queastor Raiju officially recognized the newest master-student pairing. Kyra rushed back to her new master, again bowing to the Warrior, she gave her allegiance to him as her master and would not falter on her upcoming tasks and trials. Within her brief stay as guardian Kyra began to prove her worthiness to her master, earning recognition and positions among the Brotherhood. Following the completion of her first tasks and the honor of serving the Shadow Academy, Kyra was bestowed with the title of Jedi Hunter. Her master was now set to begin Kyra’s trials toward the rank of Dark Jedi knight. The young human was ready to begin the long and hard, potentially dangerous road toward that honor.

Kira Starr

20-10-2008 15:13:10

My Master

The Jedi Hunter looked over the data pad with a task she received a short while ago from her master Warrior Odin Vaaj.

“Master,” said Kyra bowing before the Tridens Quaestor. “Apprentice, I have a mission for you,” replied Odin as he handed Kyra a data pad, “I want you to tell me your thoughts on our master and student apprenticeship, reply on the data pad and hand it back when you are done.”

“Yes master,” kyra said as she left heading back to her quarters.

Now in meditation the Jedi Hunter thought of her master’s request, something she has not had the opportunity to do following the incident aboard the Renegade. Just thinking of that mission opened Kyra’s mind. It was the happenings aboard the derelict ship that brought the student closer to her master, a strong bond she shared, and pondered whether or not her master thought the same way. Her mind sank inward reliving the mission…

Back aboard the Renegade Kyra was tested in a way she never encountered before. At the constant side of her master she attempted to fight ghost and Tarentae alike, as the spirits possessed her closest allies within her house and clan. Fighting first with Guardian Cypha, ending bitterly, her master protected her, and then he became possessed. Thinking about that very moment Kyra took notice at how no matter how strong the will of the Duros spirit was to kill the seemingly helpless Jedi Hunter, Odin fought it. As she witnessed even when others came to fight Odin protecting the journeyman there was times when her life could have been extinguished by a swift cut of a lightsaber. Odin must have kept the spirit from harming his apprentice as he left her dashing down the corridor. Even through the possession, even when despite weakening and injury of the still possessed body the young woman stayed by her master’s side encouraging him to fight.

As the days passed she began to sense the stronger bond, during training and missions it became apparent. At the beginning she asked for Odin to be her master a bond in its infancy. At that moment Kyra thought of one word “unbreakable” to describe the bond between master and student. She knew after knighthood the Sith Warrior would be there with advice, and even though he is her elder by several ranks, he has become one of her few allies and close friends, something of a rarity during her life.

In the near future, the Jedi Hunter will come to her master more often as she closes the gap between Jedi Hunter and Dark Jedi Knight. During this time guidance more than anything will be sought as she is given tasks from clan summit and her master. One of her goals in the near future is to have her master show her the ways the necromancy powers of the clan. Again, on board the Renegade she had felt the power of the clan’s necromancy powers from the link they shared. It was an experience and one that had begun to manifest itself in her.

Kyra sits back and looks over the data pad, before submission to Odin. Knowing at this moment that her apprenticeship not only has meaning but in the future will gain her experience needed to take on her own apprentice. By then Odin, always her master, will be to her guide, and one day a mission may prove a strong student master bond the key to success or survival, as the Renegade was only the beginning.