Leadership Corner


30-07-2008 08:42:24

In this thread, Jedi Hunters will be prepared in their leadership knowledge and wisdom before they ascend to Knight level. Problem solving cases, decision and discussion of leadership, in character and out of character will be presented. Real time case will be challenged in the channel (#tridens), for their House Trial, if they have completed their master's trial.

Knights and above, current leaders (member of Tridens) and invited elders are expected to share their wisdom here. The purpose of learning the wisdom is not limited to Jedi Hunters only but all parties involved might be taking the benefit.


02-10-2008 07:08:18

For all the Hunters of Tridens : Hunter Elols, Hunter Marr, Hunter Guadalupe, Hunter Palermo, Hunter Telnos and Hunter Starfire, we will start a discussion here. And the first topic is


How do you regard your house mates, your clan mates and general DB members? And why do you choose the way(s)? Try to support your opinion with any possible ways of views.

Let's get the heat.


02-10-2008 21:50:53

I see that no one else has answered, so I shall be the first.

My actions toward fellow DB members vary greatly. With some I talk mainly IC, and with others I treat them as a best friend in real life. I see advantages to each way.

IC discussions - As far as fiction goes, it is definately not my strong point. I have a decent imagination, but I am lacking, mainly because of lack of practice. By having full blown conversations with other members, strictly IC, it almost forces you to do better, so that the convorsation does not get boring to yourself, or the others participating. This also helps for fictional development, and getting in the hang of the general sense of a RO (you don't control every aspect, you just choose which direction you want to go when it's your choice.

OOC discussions - I think that the benifits to OOC discussions are just as valuable as IC discussions for several reasons. First, this helps to create bonds with others that cannot be made by only talking as a dark jedi. You learn about people, and what they are like, so that IC you will be able to know a little better how to portray them. Also, I feel that many people don't want to just have a character, and that be that. The informal communication helps to show people that you are a real person, not just someone that has devoted their life to a fictional character. That you are someone just like them, wanting to have fun, and spend time creating things with other people.

Just my two cents :P

Kira Starr

06-10-2008 15:00:39

Since joining Tarentum and the DB I have made several close friends and many members have been there as friends but only on IRC or through e-mail. It is important to be able to talk to members in case there are questions or you need help with training, many have more experience and can guide fellow members, and personally I have had need for guidance finding several equites and elders who I can talk to. What started out as a basic conversation about a DB related matter has turned into a friendship. Over the past weeks most communication has been taking place outside the DB and clan IRC channels, on other chats and emails, which again has helped in creating long lasting friendships with people I can truly call friends, though only over internet communication.

Some conversations are OOC but most are about characters or DB related. By knowing these people we have created fictions and an RO as well as working on gaining some ACC experience. Sometimes it can help by knowing people who would be up for a challenge, this helps them as well by giving them experience. Agreeing with Elols it is important to have OOC conversations by getting to know the people behind the Dark Jedi character. Also, MS friendships, though masters teach their students and students learn from their masters I feel a lasting friendship forms, no matter if it is just IC discussions or OOC, when it comes time for the student to become a master, their former master can be a great help in guiding their fellow student, even it is just moving up the ranks or with leadership positions.

That is what I can say about my experience with DB and clan friendships, it is important, but they come naturally when members are always i communication with fellow clan, house, and club members.