Tridens Report #06


16-03-2005 09:03:05

House of Tridens and Circle of Yu Report:
By: Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

General News:
1. House Comps: A new one called “Funny Picture”, well in a nut shell edit the picture in any shape or form that isn’t derogatory, or offensive, but I’m pretty thick skinned so offending me is pretty hard to do. But here is the Link for the comp:
2. Pyralis LoA: As you might have seen he’s gone for Two weeks, I’m unsure when he is actually returning, but with his leave I was placed as Interim Aedile. So please forward all the information normally that would go to Pyralis to me, at
3. New members: Lets all welcome Viper1990 to the House of Tridens. He came from Rouges so if you see him around say hello.
4. Promotions: Gryffon got Exarch, Congrats!
5. Medals( of worth notation):
Zekk: Grand Cross, Seal of Retribution
Ma’ar: Seal of Retribution, Silver Nova, Crescent with Emerald star
Merlance: Seal of Retribution, Silver Nova,
Pyralis: Seal of Retribution, Silver Nova,
Vardar: Seal of Retribution, Crescent with Sapphire star
X-Pilot: Seal of Retribution
Cannabisia: Crescent with Emerald star
6. Other Medals: A lot of Cluster of Fire’s were handed out so Congrats to those who got them.
7. Don’t forget our House webpage is up, for those who don’t remember the link here it is:
8. Message board is also up and running here is the link:
9. Clan Trivia: Is currently running, and will end at Midnight on the 14th of March, the topic is “Tarentum History” I will send out the answers when the trivia has ended, as everyone should know, the hard work the elders of the clan have done.
10. Gaming Nights: Always on Tuesday all day on #gmrg, Thursday all day on #gmrg, Inter Club training event sometime after the DJB meeting every Saturday on #outerrim, and Sunday’s Bi-Weekly Tournament on #gmrg all day (This is back this coming weekend)
11. Next Tournament: The newest tournament is being held on this coming Saturday for Republican Commando. Another good way to earn a rather big Medal.
12. Allegiance and Battlefront: These platforms will be highly used during the Sith War, and Bloodfyre will also be throwing a Tournament together for Allegiance in the near future.
13. Clan Comps: There in the works as we speak, but nothing currently unless you want to count Trivia. The next one will be out within 2 weeks from the 14th. But I need some Ideas and answers from anyone willing to help out, you will also be rewarded for them with a Legion of Scholar.

House of Tridens Activity:
• X-Pilot: 9 matches ICTE 3/5, 5 matches Sun.Tour 3/6, 6 matches Tues 3/8, house comp submission
• Ma’ar: 4 matches Tues. 3/1, 1 match ICTE 3/5, 34 matches Sun.Tour. 3/6, 13 matches Tues. 3/8, 1 AED/YU report, Email for new member, House comp, various emailings.
• Vardar: 1 match Tues. 3/1, 1 match Thurs. 3/3
• Zekk: 2 matches Thurs. 3/3
• Merlance: Activity report, trivia submission
• Cannabisia: House comp submission

Previous House Comps:
Acropolis: Dawn of Silence: 1st place Jedi Hunter Vardar
4th level Crescent with Sapphire Star (Cr-1s)

2nd place Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
4th level Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-1e)

Acropolis: Mists of Yridia IV: 1st place Warmaster Cannabisia Tarentae
5th level Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-1e)

Current Roster for Battle Team Yu:
1st Lord of Yu: Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
2nd Hand of Yu: Jedi Hunter Nit Chu Tetsuo
Dark Jedi Knight Merlance
Jedi Hunter Vardar
Protector Yemmer
Acolyte Tavin Longspear

Current Roster count for House of Tridens:
35 members

Quaestor of Tridens: Dark Side Adept Yu-Long (aka Pyralis)

Adeile of Tridens: TBA
Email: TBA

Rollmaster of Tridens: Dark Jedi Knight Merlance

Final Thoughts: Sorry for the lateness of this, I’ve been busy with work and gaming, and needed to sit down in some peace and quietness to do this, it’s not the same way Pyralis does his, but I’m not Pyralis. So please bear with me. Looked good for the House this last few weeks, and if anyone needs me for anything feel free to ask me
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IRC: Smoke20

Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir(Krath)M:HM-CMDR/House of Tridens of Tarentum
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