Tridens QUA Report #05


27-02-2005 06:06:35

Tridens QUA Report #05

House Tridens of Clan Tarentum
Quaestor — DA Pyralis (
Rollmaster — DJK MERLANCE (

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pyralis raced through the tunnels, the cylindrical pathways led down down down, crumbling with a brown dust from the sand-cracking erosion of timeless millennia. Running as fast as an Iluvian Flosk through the empty tendrils, he could smell the moist air and hear the angry howl of the biting wind as it scratched at his robes. The dry cracking of the floor echoed through the dark catacombs as his boots came to thrash the pristine mosaic of silt and shale that had come to rest on the floor from occasional flooding.. His lightsaber ignited, he reached toward the end of this madness. The crimson light ran ablaze, dancing on the walls, casting his shadow in a flurry of sharp folds on the walls behind him – the illumination fading to blackness. The Adept ran feverishly through maze toward the resolution of his inner conflict. “The answers… The answers,” he thought… “WHERE DO THEY LIVE?!” He had done this thousands of times before. He could remember it without fail just like the day of Exodus. The path to the core was clear. Why did it evade him now?

Lightning crashed into the forest. A shock wave of terrifying sound blasted the air. Wind rushed between the trunks of the Yinowew, tearing at that debris which was not fortunate enough to be connected in a more permanent position, carried away like at the whim of an angry monster.

His eyes opened. Laying on the floor of the forest, he stared up into the canopy darkness as a torrential rain pummeled the ground, huge drops splashing the basin of mud at the bank of the rushing black river. A cacophony of sounds filled the air as a storm raged on – more lightning striking again. He stood, his robes drenched with mud. He felt the weight more now than ever as we walked along the banks, once more toward the Acropolis. It would be a long journey. He had run far into the darkness once the mists of time had approached the evening’s dusk.

He thought back to earlier in the day when Guardian Vardar had interrupted his meditation… Then, it was the same dizzying vision of futility, running in circles leading nowhere. Vardar could not begin to understand what gravity of the situation. So much was at stake – so much had to be discovered yet. There was not enough time. Soon, it would end, and what then? Would he find the answer? Or would it remain hidden for an eternity more?

He climbed the steps once more. No. He would not be rejected this time, he thought. He had nothing to lose now. All had been stripped of him. He approached only with the curiosity of a simple man whose destiny lay locked within the temple… The pain of loss plagued him as he ascended.

The storm raged on, wind and rain rolling away from the temple as it lost in the battle against the Acropolis. Much could not defeat it. Above, the clouds ran across from horizon to horizon, fleeing from an unseen beast. The lightning within illuminated their passage above toward a darker unknown. Pyralis reached the top and rested against the stone entranceway. There he closed his eyes and meditated…

He raced through the tunnels, running down down down. The eroded sediments surrounded him. He ignited his saber as the darkness entered, obscuring his path. He cut through the thick air, running towards the end. “The answers…the answers” he thought. Suddenly he stopped. From beneath the hood, a band of crimson cast a glow on his silvery hair. The scar of ages tore across his left cheek. He squinted, staring into the abyss. Pyralis listened as the howling wind rushed through his robes, carrying a new smell. It was a smell of fate.

End Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005 (23:59:59 EST) (one week from now)

Crescent w/ Sapphire Star: 1st place
Crescent w/ Emerald Star: 2nd place
Crescent w/ Topaz Star: 3rd place

Goal: You, as a member of House Tridens, are to investigate the cause behind DA Pyralis’s recent delirium. Investigate the Acropolis. What is it? Why do you think it is important?

1) Determine the answers to what Pyralis has lost and what you believe is responsible for Pyralis’s strange behavior. What information can you gather from the Acropolis?

2) While writing, you may move away from the reality of the DB or use real events and politics of Tarentum as a starting point.

3) While writing, you must use the scene of the Acropolis. You may communicate with Pyralis directly (on IRC for example) to help add content to your story. The Acropolis is located on Yridia IV ( It is in the Orkast River Valley along dense rainforest. You may describe anything near the Acropolis, or describe the Acropolis itself while completing your goal.

4) Length Requirements: You must write 2 or more pages in length, normal sized font, normal margins.


End Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005 (23:59:59 EST) (one week from now)

Crescent w/ Emerald Star: 1st place
Crescent w/ Topaz Star: 2nd place
Crescent w/ Quartz Star: 3rd place

Goal: Take screenshots in Single Player or Multiplayer combat in games like TIE, XvT, XWA, JK, JO, JA, BF, Allegiance, etc. Write a brief description of how your screenshot pertains to the events of Yridia IV and the Acropolis. You might detail where the screenshot was taken along your journey to meet Pyralis in the Orkast River Valley.

SUBMIT ENTRIES (compressed please) TO: DA Pyralis (

House Website
In less than 12 hours, I have designed, laid out, and created a website for House Tridens. I’ve never done one that quickly. :P Thanks to Spears Tarentae for his AWESOME background of the Spears Estate, located on Yridia IV. I spoke with Jac and acquired our own subdomain from the domain. :) Check it out here: Everything you really need to know about is contained in that site! :)

House News
1. Prelate Zekk has resigned from the position of AED due to time-restraints and other commitments in real life. We’re sorry to see him go. :( Zekk will be sticking around in Tridens, though. Yay!! :)
2. AED will not be open for applications for the time being.
3. If you don’t use IRC yet, I suggest you learn how to here: If you have questions, let me know!
4. You should play in the two house competitions we have going on. We’ve got the existing DAWN OF SILENCE competition which plays off of the fiction I’ve written in this report and the report from last week. We also have the MISTS OF YRIDIA IV competition which lets you take screenshots in ANY of the DB’s formerly supported or currently supported Star Wars Games and describe how your screenshots pertain to the DAWN OF SILENCE. You don’t have to participate in one competition to submit for the other. You will find this report and last week’s report useful for understanding the background for these competitions. Get those by going to the report section of our website:

Awards and Promotions
1. Congratulations Vardar on his promotion to Jedi Hunter! He’s been a rising figure in House Tridens, lately, having played consistently in the DB gaming events, and writing for the Rite of Supremacy, Yu Competition, and lately the Acropolis competition! Vardar is an example for many to follow! Nice work, JH Vardar.
2. Congrats to Yemmer on Protector! It’s been a while since her last promotion. But ever since she got her computer back, she’s been having full killing - or getting killed ;) – in Jedi Academy! YAY PRT Yemmer.
3. And, Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir has received a Dark Cross for his exemplary service to me as both First Lord of Yu, an example gamer of Tarentum, and a leader of House Tridens itself. Ma’ar-Tyrius is quickly on his way to bigger and better things. You are an asset to Tridens and an asset to the Quaestor, Smoke. Keep it up.
4. Congratulations Acolyte Xanath. Xanath was recently promoted for passing 4 more SA courses – IRC Basics (100%), Conflict Meditation (90%), MSN Messenger (93%), Sith CORE (97%). Nice work! You should try replying to some of my emails! :P
5. Congrats to APP Ferrik Drakken on his promotion to Novice for passing Sith Core with a 97%!
6. Congrats to APP Duriel on his promotion to Novice for completing his history! Good work Sephiroth for letting me know about it.

Future Projects
1. Journeyman’s Guide – Resource for new members. What do I need to know as a new member of the House Tridens in the Dark Brotherhood?

Regular Competitions (that you should know about)
1. Tuesday Gaming on IRC in #GMRG, it lasts for 24 hours, Tuesday, February 22, 2005.
2. Thursday Gaming on IRC in #GMRG, it lasts for 24 hours, Thursday, February 24, 2005.
3. Interclub Training Event (ICTE) on IRC in #outerrim (when Pyralis wakes up until people stop playing games (1:00pm – 12:00am EST, Saturday, February 26, 2005).

Good websites:
House Tridens Website:
Guide to mIRC:
Tridens Forum:
Dark Brotherhood:

House Tridens Activity (for 2/13/2005 through 2/26/2005):

DA Pyralis: 2 matches 2/15 Tuesday, 4 matches 2/19 ICTE, 3 matches 2/26 ICTE, IRC Guide, Tridens Website, QUA Report 04, QUA Report 05, Clan/Order Powers Revisions
OP X-Pilot: 4 matches 2/26 ICTE
DJK Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: 20 matches 2/19 ICTE, 12 matches 2/20 Sunday, 3 matches 2/24 Thursday, 3 matches 2/26 ICTE, 6 matches for fun (Dark Hunter, Frosty), Yu Report
DJK MERLANCE: Activity Reports
DJK Blazer Mortis: Gaming for Fun, Tuesday 2/15
JH Nit’Chu Tetsuo: 6 matches 2/19 ICTE, 4 matches 2/20 Sunday, 9 matches 2/26 ICTE
JH Vardar: 4 matches 2/19 ICTE, 4 matches 2/20 Sunday, 2 matches 2/22 Tuesday, 1 match 2/26 ICTE,
PRT Yemmer: 7 matches 2/15 Tuesday, 3 matches 2/19 ICTE
ACO Xanath: SA IRC Basics, SA Conflict Mediation, SA MSN Messenger, SA Sith CORE
NOV Ferrik Draken: SA Sith CORE
NOV Duriel: Completed History

Tridens Statistics:
11 out of 35 participating (31.4% activity)
Down 1.90% from 2/13/2005

Yu Circle: 6 out of 7 participating (85.7% activity)
Up 5.7% from 2/13/2005

In darkness, unity...
DA Pyralis (Sith)/M:GM-QUA-EP-ICTE/Tridens of Tarentum
One of the Seven; Yu Long, Apprentice of Lord Chi Long
House Tridens: