Tridens QUA Report #04


27-02-2005 06:03:24

Tridens QUA Report #04

House Tridens of Clan Tarentum
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Rollmaster — Dark Jedi Knight MERLANCE (

Monday, February 21, 2005

Pyralis gazed through the transparent octylalluminate he had installed on all of the TIE Advanced fighters from Eos. There was never any glare, and even now he felt as though he could pass right through this TIE’s hull and swim in the great, cold void of space. He engaged his throttle to full as he exited hyperspace, and nosed his craft past the communications outpost nearest to Yridia IV. Yridia IV was only fifteen minutes away from that point. An orbital outpost hid in its shadow, escaping the irradiance of the Yridian Sun, Alpha Yridiae. His TIE Advanced approached Yridia IV from the dark side of the planet, the huge sphere eclipsing more and more of Alpha Yridiae as he approached. In the distance, the vast mountain ranges of Thol’cinis were barely visible as they crossed the terminator, and their rocky icecaps were illuminated again, for another 15.5 hours. This had become home to Pyralis, the planets were like orbs, fulfilling the great design of the Keepers that had once built this system.

Pyralis spun the Gravimetric stabilizer to the left, quickly causing his fighter to lose altitude as it was caught in the gravity well of Yridia IV. At last, he fell deep into the darkness, letting his instincts guide his craft down through the exosphere, further down to its troposphere where we finally could sense at least some familiarity with his home. But something was terribly wrong. Quickly, Pyralis landed the craft in a clearing next to the abandoned Acropolis of the ancients. He jumped down, landing softly on the dark stone, barely illuminated by the Yu-Sun Rift. Just as suddenly as he touched the stone, he collapsed upon it. It was as though a great hole inside him had been torn open. The last time he felt like this was when his mentor Lord Xenoplhaen was slain. The intense pang of depression, turmoil, and desperation overcame him, uncontrollably. He ran toward the forest, away from this remnant of civilization, running faster and faster until he could no longer see the edge of his oblivion. He felt safer here, within the dark shadows of the forest. The canopy was thick, and all that could been seen were the phosphorescent mosses growing along the thick vines and trunks of the Yinowew.

Throwing himself to the ground, Pyralis hugged the moist Earth. Unmoving, he tried to gather the force within the rainforests to strengthen his will to face the prophecy of annihilation he had experienced at the Acropolis. But the forest was unyielding. It was as if a great veil had been placed between Pyralis and the powers of the forest. Even now, he continued to see the grim images which were not often revealed to an Adept. Even fewer would foretell of a great apocalypse descending upon the Brotherhood. Pyralis saw terror, betrayal, possession, destruction, fury, greed, and resolution all within the images that burned through his mind with a feverish pace. Nothing FIRE he could MALESTROM do could stop OBLITERATION it, and just DISORDER as suddenly TREACHERY, it was all gone again. The voices were silenced, the images ceased.

And still, the ground was quiet, ungiving.

Pyralis was alone, and for the first time in his life, he felt the silent tone of fear creep into his empty soul.

As the storm brewed ahead, a great temerity descended upon the rainforest. It rained for seven days straight, the clouds never parted, and the stars never shone. Lightning and thunder were about, causing havoc among the lower life-forms and floods raced through the mountain passes. It never became light during the day, and the darkness of night reigned strongly for those seven days…

End Date: Saturday, March 5, 2005 (23:59:59 EST)
A House Tridens Competition...

Goal: You, as a member of House Tridens, are to investigate the cause behind DA Pyralis’s recent delirium. What exactly has Pyralis “lost?” What do you believe is responsible for Pyralis’s behavior?

1) You may be as fictitious as you want, or try to include very real events, discussions, house/clan/DB politics
2) While writing, you must use the scene of the Acropolis and communicate with Pyralis and interact with the environment surrounding you. If there is something about the scene you are unsure about, create it and describe it in your own words. Remember, this is Yridia IV, a limited description is found here: We are currently located near the Orkast Valley around the temperate zone of the planet. You may make references to other parts of the planet if you want.
3) You may come to Pyralis (in character) on mIRC, MSN, or AIM to ask questions and interact with him to help aid your story’s progress. You may directly include these conversations with the Quaestor in your story.
4) Requirements: 2 or more pages in length, normal sized font, normal margins.

House News
1. Just when I thought my exams were finished, I had a surprise exam that I spent most of last week studying for. Ick. Anyhow, that’s over and there are no more exams schedule (at least any I know about) for two weeks. Hopefully I don’t jinx myself. At least I’m getting over the flu I had all of last week.
2. Welcome Drykk to Tridens! Drykk has already made it to Novice and has established a strong IRC presence. He’s also got the old-skool version of Wolfenstein 3D – I remember having that game before I joined the DB! hah. Automatic brownie points for this Novice. Woohoo!
3. The IRC manual has been created. Check it out here: If you haven’t used IRC yet, you would do very well to check this out...
4. Another welcome e-mail has been drafted for new members of House Tridens.

Yu Writing Competition Results
Four people participated: Nit’Chu, Ma’ar Tyrius, Vardar, and Pyralis. That’s 3 of Yu Circles members. Not bad, for our first writing competition!

First Place, Crescent w/ Sapphire Star, GRD Vardar (Cyrus imprisoned, random killing of nameless, numbered stormtroopers! Haha)

Second Place, Crescent w/ Emerald Star, DJK Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir (with the evil CON and PCON performing nasty tests on Cyrus)

Third Place, Crescent w/ Topaz Star, JH Nit’Chu Tetsuo (awesome violence, decapitations, sith holocrons, Cyrus’s head wrapped in a robe? Damn...)

Future Projects
1. I still haven’t had a chance to start a skeleton website for House Tridens. There has been some progress on the Clan website though. I want to try and get a makeshift site started sometime this week.
2. Journeyman’s Guide – Another resource for new members, the guide will describe how new members can get promoted, earn awards, etc. It will lay out basic information about gaming, writing, and other activities to participate in. It will also lay out some basic structure of House Tridens and a few expectations in our House. I have written about a page so far. I don’t expect this to be done until mid/early-March – but who knows what time I’ll have.

Assignments / Competitions / Events
1. Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir (Smoke20) and I have made a pact this past weekend. We must each recruit one person to House Tridens by the end of next weekend. If Smoke fails, I’ve informed him that we’ll have no choice but to demote him to Apprentice again. If I fail? Well... I NEVER fail! Muahaha.
3. Tuesday Gaming on IRC in #GMRG, it lasts for 24 hours, tomorrow, February 22, 2005.
4. Thursday Gaming on IRC in #GMRG, it lasts for 24 hours, Thursday, February 24, 2005.
5. Interclub Training Event (ICTE) on IRC in #outerrim (when Pyralis wakes up until people stop playing games (1:00pm – 12:00am EST, Saturday, February 26, 2005).

Good websites:
Tridens Forum:
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Dark Brotherhood:
Guide to mIRC:

In darkness, unity...
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