Quaestor Report 6/11


06-11-2005 08:32:32

House Tridens Quaestor report for November 1st to the 6th, 2005

Archeans News from the frontline

Greetings my friends. As you all should know I am now Quaestor of Tridens and this is my first report. I have to thank Maar for being a great Quaestor, he made our time enjoyable and fulfilling, sad to see you go, good luck with all that you do.

I have appointed 2 people for house summit positions:
Aedile is Demosthenes
Rollmistress is Yukika

In other news...

Gladius has appointed Windos the new Aedile. Congrats!
Sato is now a Dark Jedi Knight, YAY!
Karel is leader of Gi!
Rei has been reopened!

Awards and stuff

Merlance: none
X-Pilot: none
Zero: none
Smoke20: CFs, SB, LS
Archean: ECF, CFs, LS, CSS
Rage: CFs
Rayf: CFs
Ghost Shadow: none
Oberst: none
Vardar: none
Elric Keyes: none
Karel: CSS, CFs, LS
Silent Jay: none
Lilith Fair: CSS
Demos: none
Yukika: none
Kris: CES
Yemmer: CFs


The Clan wide run on is on the message board:

Rules and everything are there!

Maars comps are still going:

Tridens return of the poetry

Death Becomes Us

Tridens top dog

SA Exams:

Cain: ACC Initiates Course
Elric: Test of Wisdom
Odin: ICQ Studies, ACC Initiates Course, MSN Messenger,
Rage: Advanced Test of Wisdom

Well thats it from me. Remember to play some games, do the clan run on and other comps, play some matches for the game days, but above all else have some fun. If you need to speak to me for anything, email me, Ill usually mail you back in a day or catch me on IRC.

Have fun

JH Archean Bruth'Kothae (Sith)/QUA/Tridens of Tarentum [GMRG: IND] [KSOE: AENV] [ACC: SKR]
SC / DC / (GN) / (SN) / Cr-3S-3E / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF-SF / ECF / LSB / SI / S:-9C
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Quaestor of House Tridens
Apprentice to Sith Battlemaster Maar-Tyrius Ga-Tir