Battle Teams for Tridens


21-10-2005 13:06:37

Circle of Yu
Specialize's in: Gaming
Meaning: Courage
Supported Platforms: Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, Battle Front, Battle Front 2, Republic Commando, X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter, and Allegiance

This team was the House of Tridens first full fledge gaming battle team, brought forth by DA Pyralis, and has been a Sith Team for the begining. Members that join this team are a part of a larger thing, the friendship has been the main concern of this team, along with Gaming. Alot of History follows Yu, as the first Lord of Yu was Merlance holding the title for some time, then handing it over to Ma`ar-Tyrius Tarentae, both of theses members have gone on to House Summit positions, and have paid there dues to Tridens, with blood, sweat, and tears. Most members that join this team feel the same affects, as the history of this team is enough to over power anyone there. Members wishing to join this team will be focusing on First Person Shooters, and Flight Sims, Currently the Lordship of this team is under watch by the House Summit, until the Lord of Yu returns, those looking into the past of Yu, will see that when you join the effects consume you mind, body and soul.

Circle of Rei
Specialize's in: Writing
Meaning: Respect
Supported Platforms: Writing and Poetry

This team was broguht forth by Protector Sephiroth Storm, as he was willing and took the time to commet to having this team, recruited the first members, and is currently looking for fresh blood. There focus is with the writing aspects of the Dark Side. They keep the numbers small, under 6 people as to have a close knit friendship, and was Tridens very first Writing circle. This team is fairly new, there history hasnt been well writen yet. However the members wishing to enter this team will be focusing on Writing, and Poetry. The current Lord of Rei is still Sephiroth Storm, how took a small leave for other things, and Handed his spot over to Tyrus, as Tyrus was new to Tridens and Tarentum, he took the reins and went full force and created what we see today, after the Obelisk Right of Supremecy was over he handed the Lordship back to Sephiroth Storm who is taken command once again for the era of Rei to rise above all others.

Circle of Gi
Specialize's in: Gaming
Meaning: Justice
Supported Platforms: Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, Battle Front, Battle Front 2, Republic Commando

This team was brought forth by Protector Archean Bruth'Kothae, as he was willing to take time and establish the second gaming team for Tridens, and has kept the numbers very small to have a close knit team, the focus is on the First person shooter games for the Brotherhood, and also dabbles in the writing of the Dark Side. The Lordship is held still by Archean Bruth'Kothae and has held a very good activity since its begining. This Team hasnt begun to have the history that Yu has, but in due time we will see the future turn to the past, and a new begining for Tridens

Well what cane we say for Tridens, the circle are there for you to join, if you want the chance to shine, and be a part of the Circles, email the current commander of each team, and cc your House summit, and it will be reviewed and then processed.

Id also like to state that the teams are your begining to other areas if you wish to proceed, there is a good oppurtunity to get into a leadership aspect, your peers will see your activity and will be able to acknowledge your abilitys.


22-10-2005 01:23:54

arnt i the lord of YU right now?


22-10-2005 03:04:37

Hmm, for Lord of Yu it goes Pyr (for about two weeks) then me for about 6 then smoke20 for about 6 then Nit for 3 months or so, then Vardar for about 2 months then Rage for the last month or so...

Though for all practical purposes I was the first Lord of Yu...

Yu is a stepping stone for greatness. Yay Yu!


22-10-2005 05:07:52

Hey Merlnce you cant do that Ylith will ask to delete your post :P