10/12/05 Yu report


13-10-2005 05:25:43

Ok im starting a routine now, every Wednesday their will be a report. Celebrate! we have stuff to talk about.


Sith Commander- PRT Rage

Sith Flight Leader- OP X-Pilot

Sith Flight Leader- PRT Rax Joris

Sith Flight Member- JH Vardar Fen'Amar Ordo


We have only one comp right now

Gfx Comp


The Yu motto one is over and i got NO submissions...oh well who gives a S***t anyway? :P

SA Exams, Awards, and Medals

We have two medal but that is it(Who can complain?)

Rage-Star of Antei

X-pilot-Steel Cross

Rax- None

Vardar-None (Duh)


13-10-2005 05:30:24

Yeah...oh well, I guess you'll have to re-run the motto comp when the BT is more active...it seems X-Pilot is about to go on a LoA cuz of his Real Life...don't we all have one? Oh wait...I guess some of the DB don't....hm.....

By the way, I'm pretty sure he meant "Who gives a Sith?", guys ^^

Well, Rage, just keep it together till I get back... you're doing a nice job so far, but I want to be able to say: "That kid is doing a bang-up job! Horay for Rage!". Get me? ;)



13-10-2005 05:32:35

Yeah Vardy thats what i ment Sith...k