Tridens Aedile Report


04-10-2005 14:57:40

House Tridens Aedile Report, October 2nd 2005


Super short report this week as there is so little to report.

ORoS is over. Yay. Now you don't have to worry about me coercing you to play anymore. Muhuhahaha.

It seems very clear that we got 2nd place in the OROS, the best we could reasonably expect.

I haven't done anything AEDish lately, so no real news here.

In other news...

A bunch of old time people were promoted, all the order leaders got some sort of reward. Pyr gives up on being ICTE manager. Not much news lately.

Awards and stuff

Silent Jay promoted to Guardian and was awarded a Dark Cross
Des Kelmic promoted to Novice
Lilith Fair promoted to Novice
smoke20 got a Legion of the Scholar
Archeagn got two Legions of the Scholar

A ton of people got a ton of CFs, far too many for me to reasonably look them up and count them all again. Good work all around.


OROS is Over.

Tarentum Fiction Challenge

Battle team thing coming soon...

End Transmission