Yu Report


27-09-2005 06:54:10

Hey Guys im your new BT leader Rage this is my first Offical Report(The Last one was saying Hi)
This is our current Roster(Try to recruit more people)
Commander Protector Rage
Prelate X-Pilot
Protector Rax Joris
Jedi Hunter Vardar Fen'Amar Ordo
Ok....ORoS time this is a list of matches for ORoS for 8/31 thru 9/24
Rage: 5 matches
X-Pilot: 11 matches
Rax Joris: None that i could find....
Vardar: 8 matches
SA Exams, Medals, and Promotions
Rage: Cluster of Fire
Vardar:Cluster of Fire
Rax Joris:None
(For September)
Rage:None(School Work)
X-Pilot: 8 matches
Rax Joris:None
Vardar:9 matches
When i hear about the Yu vs. Rei vs. Gi Comp i'll tell you more all i know so far is that 4 events
and you will get a 4th level Crescant if you get one of the three top spots and will determine who is Top Dog(Like we need a comp for that :P)

Well im Rage signing off
P.S. (Why dont you get some of the new kids to join?)