Tridens Aedile Report


10-09-2005 22:36:19

House Tridens AED Report, Saturday September 10th 2004

MERLANCE's corner

Heeey out there in DB Land! It is I, your friendly neighborhood Aedile, and general Dark Lord of silly putty and so on and so forth.

Right. I got promoted. Yay! Battle Master MERLANCE! Bow before me and my awesome new Battle Master Might! Oh, the Quaestor was promoted to Battlemaster too... what was his name... Oh, right, smoke20! Hes still taking a break, and I still am in charge. Yes, fear my REAL ULTIMATE POWER!

Quaestor Welshman of Gladius was promoted to BattleLord. Yay for him. Yay.

I was assigned an apprentice this week, PRT Silent Jay. Hes a good pilot, so do with him what you can. Furthermore, he will be subjected to various humiliations and so forth, so come throw rotten fruit at him when I put him in the stocks next week.

X-Pilot made me a custom lightsabre, Ill try to get it on my dossier soon enough.

Special thanks to the most awesomest SHW, Bloodfyre, for promoting me; See, he said everyone who PM'ed Korras and told him that he sucked, then emailed him the log, would get a promotion. I did. Three days later, I got a promotion.

In Other News...

ORoS is still going on, Tarentum is in second place. Keep up the good work people, play as much as you can, specifically members of Taldryan.

The EH has alienated another subgroup, the bounty hunters guild. Be nice to them if you are able.

Medals and junk

Rax Joris: Dark Cross
Ghost Shadow: Dark Cross
Rage: Dark Cross
Oberst: Dark Cross
Silent Jay: a bunch of SA exams, promo to PRT
smoke20: CR-1S, promo to SBM
Turek Jaka: Promo to novice

On a side note, Vardar has begun his trials for knighthood. Play JO and JA with him if you are able.


The ORoS of course is still going on. Play in that if you can.

Krath Monthly Topics poetry and prose

Oh, and my caption contest is over. I graded by most amusing

1st Place is X-Pilot, who had an amusing picture he made
2nd place is Xanatos, with the classic "Dude, wheres my car?"
3rd place is Zero Tarentae, "Captain, Sedan off the port bow!"

By request, the others:
Silent Jay "Dude, I shoulda switched to Geico"
Terranusmir "Uh, where are we going again"
Vardar "And people laughed when I put this boat at our front door. Who's laughing now, huh?"
Archean ""Black men cant row" (in a non rascist way, akin to white men cant jump)
Elric "dude, this isn't where i parked my car!"
Rage "its good moms didnt buy that car"
Askimiss " Oh, crummy muffins. Nanna must of left the water running again."
Miniath "If you row your boat with a snow might be a redneck."
Donitzu "This isn't exactly what I thought the Styx looked like."
smoke also made a picture, which is difficult to translate to text

And thats all I have to say about that!