House Tridens Aedile Report


05-09-2005 03:55:00

House Tridens Aedile Report, Monday September 5th 2005

MERLANCE's Corner (and DB news)

Hidey ho out there in Tridens land! Its your friendly neighborhood Aedile here with his wonderful House Report! Yay!

Well, its some good stuff this week. Obelisk Rite of Supremacy has started. We arent doing to bad, all things considered, though Taldryan is far and away in the lead. This can not discourage us! We must get up, get our Jedi Knight/Outcast/Academy disks and play play play! Even if you lose to Tal, you set us points ahead of the other inferior clans! Just wait until the Sith Rite of Supremacy, then we will show everyone who is boss! And that SROS will supposedly be coming early next year.

In other news, the Quaestor, Smoke20 Tarentae, has taken an indeterminate break from his position. Hopefully he will be back to full functionality in the near future, but until then I am in charge, Bwahahaha!

In other news, former Grand Master Kane Vader (the first Grand Master) has joined our clan. So... yay him!

On another note... last months medals and promo reccomendations are forthcoming, I had just been waiting for one thing to occur to submit them... and since it hasn't by now... I'll submit them.

In other news...

Silent Jay joined the clan. Also known as Vender in the Rebel Squadrons, he's a good pilot and is getting JO and JA.

Rekio continues to be the Consul. Anshar is still Proconsul. And Bloodfyre is still the AWESOMEST Sith High Warrior ever. And he owes me a promotion (see the log for the DB meeting on Saturday).

Tuesday and Thursday gaming nights, as well as the Sunday Tournament, are cancelled. ICTE still occurs on Saturday, but no crescents will be given.

The actor who played Admiral Ozzel in ESB died.

Medals and Stuff

Well, Tyrus is no longer our Roll Master, so... I guess you get the bare bones version this week. If anyone is interested in becoming Roll Master, please email me. You just have to be patient and have the ability to update spreadsheets on a weekly basis.

Oh, this is just the stuff awarded so far in September, I misplaced my August emails.

Archean: CF's
Zero: CR-2Q
Vardar: CF's
smoke20: CF's
Ghost Shadow: CR-1E
X-Pilot: CF's
Oberst: LoSx2
Cannabisia: LoS
Tyrus: CF's

And a few Shadow Academy exams, for Silent Jay, Askimiss and Elric Keyes


Welshmans necromancy trivia

Krath Monthly Topics poetry and prose

Palpatine thing

My EASY CAPTION CONTEST! (shameless self promotion)

ANd of course the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy... keep on eye on the DB news page for stuff regarding that.

So... thats it for this week kiddies! Tune in two weeks from now, same MERLANCE time, same MERLANCE channel!