Tridens AED report 8/22/2005


05-09-2005 03:53:38

I forgot to post this here when I put it up, but simply for completeness sake...

Aedile Report, August 22 2005

MERLANCE's corner

Alright, its been a while since I have engaged in sending out a weekly report, mainly due to in-house politics and posturing by other summit members. Regardless, here is one for this week, and I hope that it does not go too far to disappoint.

Anyhow, Ive been pretty inactive lately, that is to say busy, with stuff. Yes, stuff. Schoolwork, for one. And Ive gone through varying games that Ive played before again, Temple of Elemental Evil, Star Wars Rebellion, Rome Total War, and even old Romance of the Three Kingdoms on my NES.

DB news

Shad is making a bunch of silly new rules, Kaek is making up a bunch of silly new rules. See the news page for details.

Obelisk Rite of Supremacy is still coming. I expect it some time around whenever Rebirth is finally done.


Another simple list, until Tyrus makes up a new system for activity reports. Its from the 1st of the month, so some of it has been mentioned before.


Archean: 91 clusters of fire, steel cross, crescent with emerald star

Vardar: 3 clusters of fire, star of antei

Tyrus: 7 clusters of fire, steel cross, dark cross, crescent with topaz star

Zekk: 2 clusters of fire, star of antei

Rax Joris: 10 clusters of fire, star of antei

Merlance: crescent with amethyst star, legion of the scholar, steel cross, 14 clusters of fire, crescent with quartz star

Smoke (Ma’ar): Crescent with sapphire star(2), crescent with emerald star, crescent with sapphire star, crescent with topaz star, 63 clusters of fire

Rayf Bynne: star of antei, 2 clusters of fire

Horus Garm Matt: Legion of the scholar

Zero Tarentae: star of antei

Oberst Tarentae: steel cross

Vharcil: Star of Antei

Ghost Shadow: Star of Antei, 2 clusters of fires

Kessian: steel cross

X-pilot: steel cross

Minaith: dark cross, crescent with sapphire star

Alistair: dark cross

Diablos: dark cross, crescent with emerald star

Askimiss: dark cross

Leviathan: dark cross

Rage: 4 clusters of fire


Kire: NOV to ACO


Theres a bunch of house comps going on right now, I still intend to start one soon. See smokes email for details

And I guess that, as they say, is that.