Dark Jedi Bannerhood


01-09-2005 04:03:51

**Edit: opps very soory, typo in the topic description, its meant to be 'Co=operation between Windos and Ylith'**

Greetings everyone,

:P The Great Banner Wars are over, and as a result Ylith and I will be working together on banners instead of competing with each other.

I will be making banners for Tridens, except for Yu. And Ylith will be making banners for Gladius, except the Keepers of the Night.

If anyone of Tridens needs (or wants) a Banner, just e-mail me with a descirption of what you desire. We are working on a joint catalogue for you to get some ideas from but for now you can check out my work at http://winport.50webs.com and http://winport.50webs.com/sigcat.html.


01-09-2005 13:35:52

as i said in yliths thread, its good to see you guys working together, not against each other, we are the same clan, brothers, lets be a family


01-09-2005 14:01:22

Not sure why there should even be a problem...I assume you each have your own "style" as many other banner-makers do, so people can always just choose which style they prefer. *shrug*

Either way, you guys have a lot more graphical talent than I could ever hope for.


01-09-2005 14:20:59

Just remember banners need to be no more the 500x100 (wxh)


01-09-2005 14:44:07

Yes Headmaster, Im currently redoing my old ones for people using my old, larger, ones.

Halyon, It was just some friendly banter really, problems arose with the speed at which we flooded this place ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

01-09-2005 15:02:24

True, and you're right that we both have a different style.

But the website Windos will be making (thanks Win ;) )

There will be 3 pages, 1 with my work for Gladius/Yu
1 for Tridens/KotN
And one for Congratulations, to grant a specially Deluxe high
quality banner to those who want to, it will be a mixed page
with both my and Windos' work. Sound fair enough does it? ;)

Thats the plan, we'll let you know if were doing some expansions

(planning something with Avatars, but I'll have to discuss it with
Windos himself and first of all get the banner thing off the ground)

In Darkness



12-12-2005 02:04:04

:S Who do i talk to to get a banner????i'm only a novice, do u have to have a certain rank to get a banner?? i just passed my ACC proving ground so...

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2005 00:54:33

lol, nah its nothin, you either ask me or Windos just by mailing.

be sure to include what you want though