Yu Report 27/8/05


27-08-2005 10:14:37

Yu Report


As I mentioned in my last report, Rayf left us. But for every door that closes another opens. We now welcome to our Battle Team Protector Rage.
I hope you all will get along with our new member, so let’s have a round of applause, and welcome him if you meet him on IRC.

Oh, and also, when Rage joined he was still an Acolyte, congratulations on your promotion to Protector. I see good things in your future.


Vardar Fen’Amar Ordo – Nothing this week…
Rage – Crescent with Emerald Star (1), Clusters of Fire (6),
Rax Joris – Cluster of Fire (3)
X-Pilot – Clusters of Fire (5), Scroll of Indoctrination (1)
Alistair – Nothing this week…

I see good gaming from everyone except Alistair and…well…myself. Keep up the god work you guys. Please excuse me I’ve been active on IRC, but my gaming is currently at a low state.


The GFX competition I requested is still running until tomorrow, I only have one submission, still, what with us being a gaming Battle Team, I will overlook the small level of participation.

If anyone has a last minute submission you’d better do it until midnight tonight GMT. Yes, use Greenwich Time because you’re time is messed up in your country. Hehe, just kidding. The biggest time difference between here and the US is 7 hours I believe, so I will await submissions until it turns 7 a.m. here

Battle Team Top

This is a little appreciation topic I created so that I may congratulate the person that has been most active since the last report.

This week, our star is, drum roll please… Rage!

Since you arrived, you’ve been active on IRC, done much gaming, and have gained recognition. Congratulations.


Commander Jedi Fen’Amar Ordo
Flight Member – X-Pilot
Flight Member – Rage
Flight Leader – Rax Joris
Flight Member – Alistair

Glory is fleeting, but darkness is forever,


JH Vardar (Sith)/CMDR/Tridens of Tarentum
SC / StA / DC-KC / Cr-2S-2E / CF-BlF-RF-GF / LSS / SI / S:-1R


28-08-2005 03:56:06

thank you


31-08-2005 05:16:23

Indeed, yay Rage :P

And dont forget to email this out next time Vardar :D